Review: Robin Hood

Between Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood, I choose Robin Hood because it is historical (some say it’s mythical) but I believe it is partly true because Robin had lived in disguise.Robin Hood provokes issues and some thinking.

During my childhood, I watched Robin Hood and his merry men on TV. The story of a witty bandit robbing the rich to give the poor is heroic. This time around Ridley Scott brings a different version of Robin Hood. I thank Ridley Scott for making my grey matter gets going as I watch his movie.

*Warning: Spoiler*

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Movie that I’m addicted to

We believe in destiny because we met because of the destiny.

If you haven’t watch “Slumdog millionaire”, I highly recommend that movie for you. It was inspired by a novel (Q & A by Vikas Swarup), produced using low budget. The actors are using British accent (with some mixture of Indian accent as well) and they are not A-list actors and actresses, mind you. They are from slums and nobody. But the movie have become a phenomenon in any cinema worldwide. This movie is discussed widely, because of its’ religious issues, poverty, romanticism and all. This movie is worth to be watched many times and in case you want to buy the original DVD or Blue-ray disc. I give three thumbs up for this movie! Continue reading


Amma is much successful than Juan Mann (remember the guy who hugs people in Sydney? with a cool song from sickpuppies).She gave away 26 million hugs man! While Juan Mann’s campaign is banned, Amma is welcomed globally and thousands are willing to wait for hours just to get a hug from Amma. I think our society is lacking of family institution’s love. All these materialism makes us forget what’s important and makes us leave people who love us. We are lacking the essence of life. That is love and embracing loved ones. Oh BTW, Amma has a website as well. Well, what do you expect? She’s so successful in NY, and she’s now in London! Gosh. These orang putih are kekurangan kasih sayang la I rasa. Luckily I live in Islam and we stress the importance of family institution. I think it’s simple. Amma gives genuine love and doesn’t ask for requited one.

Useful articles for teachers

I stumbled these great articles and I would like to share it with teachers or teacher trainees.

  1. NQT (Newly qualified teacher) starting guide.
  2. Positive classroom management

All credits should be given to: Secondary teachers (September, 2007. No. 52)

More details on

PS: Uh oh, I’m taking note of this recipe. My name is honoured in her blog’s entry title.  

PMS (bukan program MSM)

I believe there are many medical notes about it. So, google it. Read it for the sake of world’s peace. So, the things that can help to reduce the symptoms are as such:


  • Eating a balanced and nutritious diet (cannot, sehari ada 3 open houses)
  • Eating smaller and more frequent meals (cannot! open houses means lotsa food)
  • Reducing the consumption of sugar and salt (cannot!! malaysian food got lotsa that)
  • Cutting out alcohol and caffeine (I just bought caffeine lipstick and drink teh tarik power root, so cannot)
  • Taking regular exercise (cannot lah! no time)
  • Supplementing the diet with vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and zinc (what’s that?)
  • Sleeping properly (lagi cannot!! dissertation means no proper sleep you know)

Then, how? Astaghfirullah. I don’t ask to be like this oke. It’s part and parcel of being a women. La taghdob. I know. But just can’t. Halp!!




Untuk maklumat mengenai PMS program MSM, sila lawat website ini.

Also, if it does not interest you enough, can read again my entry on it.

Sami Yusuf in Wembley Arena

His voice is mesmerising. His lyrics are touching. His songs are breathtaking.

He is famous for ‘mother’ song. It is sung in Arabic, Turkish and English. View the video here.

First time I heard nasheed artist performing at Wembley arena. Cheapest ticket price? It is 15 pounds ladies and gentleman. Probably I can see his tiny dot from afar. T_T

Alongside, there are Outlandish (yeayy!!), A R Rahman, Kareem Salama, Hamza Robertson and The Sound of Reason.

When? This very 21st October.

More details about the concert can be found here.


So, who wants to transfer some quids to my piggy bank 😉

I tak terima duit raya or duit elaun from Facebook free gift application oke (baek hati sungguh ghie² kasik duit elaun virtual die kat aku, hahah).

Parliamentary: UK versus Malaysia

Comparison of politics in United Kingdom and Malaysia:

Warning: You might find it’s distressing if you turn up the volume.

This is how Malaysian MPs’ works its parliament session.

This is how UK’s MP speaks, and this is how MPs’ in UK talks in the parliament.

Is there anyone shouting to express their disagreement? If yes, how they do it?

PS: Don’t forget to consider the content they are debating about.
PPS: I am sure you can do better choice next time.


Peluang menulis dan masa

Peace to be upon you. Lately, I received invitations to write, either on blog or for paper publication. Three invitations in one week. That sounds awesome innit? But hey, do I manage to do all that in one go? One asked me to explain about my religion, another is on my college, and the last is of racism in the UK. Whew. Does 3K words assignment is not enough?

Quite weird because before this, my writing in IPBA is not that brilliant. Well, people don’t notice me. My writing is invisible. I am the one who needs language support tutorial class with Dr. Asiah. In IPBA, there are plenty who write better than I do. Plus, their English is better than English people’s English (repetition is unintended). Well you tell me, is my writing that brilliant? So I’ll have confidence to be the next Shirley Geok Lim (?).

Oh iya, kawan-kawan saya juga telah menge’tag’ saya. Setakat ini 3 orang. Tahniah! Hutang mereka pun masih belum dilunas. Oh, saya mahu MacBook!

My assignment progress: headache. I don’t think they want to do reformation on Malaysian Education System after reading my piece. I bet!

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