Obama wins yeay!

Why do I support Barrack Obama?

  1. I always like dark, tall and handsome guy.
  2. He promises change and better healthcare.
  3. He has a fashionable wife.
  4. He used to live in Indonesia, and not a war prisoner. He’s not that tough like McCain and more human.
  5. He is a democrat. Yeay!
  6. He is the one who will change the world.

Minyak naik ek?

FYI, Malaysia is experiencing hefty fuel hike.

Apa lagi yang bakal naik?

  1. harga barang runcit
  2. bilangan mat rempit
  3. kadar jenayah
  4. kadar inflasi
  5. angin rakyat malaysia. (naik angin bermaksud marah mkay?)

Apa yang bakal turun?

  1. PL turun takhta


More info (click lah!): How can fuel price hike?

Haha. Pasal PL turun takhta tu, ramalan melawak je. Mane la tau beta hebat menjadi nujum.

Kata aritu tanak naik? Apa dah jadi dengan janji (23/04/2008)?

I would be pleased if Shahrir Samad can reply here.

IMHO, mostly, the Ayrabs (that’s how the orang putih pronounce it) are controlling the economic and political power. Not the US. If they don’t give up and fighting in the noble spirit, I know the fact that the world would be a better place and no more fuel hike. Yeay!! Just look at the graph, do we Malaysians have anything to do with it? We are the victims of situation (sangat direct translation neh).

Good news

Good news from MARJON!

Renowned directors and producers of enormously successful animated films such as Chicken Run and Curse of the Were Rabbit will be presented with honorary degrees from the University of Exeter at the graduation ceremony of University College Plymouth St Mark & St John. The ceremony takes place on Friday 16 November at the Plymouth Pavilions when over 500 graduates will be presented with their degrees. Read more.

Congraduation for Abang Amir and Kak Fiza.

Kak Fiza, selamat walimah ^_^

Proton-Muslim car

WARNING: I am not writing this to bash Proton, Muslims and their family. I am writing this because a reason, sensibility. No asked me to write and no one pay me to write, and I belong to no political organisation.

I discovered in BBC news of Proton’s ‘Muslim car’ on BBC, not in local Malaysian newspapers, last week. Then Azwan and I made fun of it. Imagining transformers and stuffs. No offence. We were just entertaining ourselves.



You can buy it from ebay for less than 20 pounds as well [click on pic].

I am not proud of Proton. Rarely I see Malaysian senior officers parade themselves in Proton. The Protons I saw here in Plymouth are nothing but a wreck running on wheels. Don’t get me started on the paintjob–it looked like it has been submerged in Clorox for days.

And then I discovered a car enthusiast’s forum website. What little pride I had for our Proton evaporated right there and then. The best comment I found is:

BY GREENVANMAN AT 11/11/07 07:46 PM

does it blow up occasionally?

Read the rest here.

Ainee: Thank you Proton. Now they have new idea for terrorist joke.

So tell me, this is not another white elephant project which will be self-destructed after some time, just like the RM4.5 millions Perak State Park Corporation administrative building.

Read: Dr. Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas “kereta islamik membawa keaiban

Sweet and expensive

Frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity III, New York.

The recipe can be found here.

  1. Serendipity: the lucky tendency to find interesting or valuable things by chance
  2. Luck: the force that causes things, especially good things, to happen to you by chance and not as a result of your own efforts or abilities.

Sami Yusuf in Wembley Arena

His voice is mesmerising. His lyrics are touching. His songs are breathtaking.

He is famous for ‘mother’ song. It is sung in Arabic, Turkish and English. View the video here.

First time I heard nasheed artist performing at Wembley arena. Cheapest ticket price? It is 15 pounds ladies and gentleman. Probably I can see his tiny dot from afar. T_T

Alongside, there are Outlandish (yeayy!!), A R Rahman, Kareem Salama, Hamza Robertson and The Sound of Reason.

When? This very 21st October.

More details about the concert can be found here.


So, who wants to transfer some quids to my piggy bank 😉

I tak terima duit raya or duit elaun from Facebook free gift application oke (baek hati sungguh ghie² kasik duit elaun virtual die kat aku, hahah).


Salam. Peace. Shalom. Recently Malaysia was shaken by the most tragic accident. 20 people died and 8 wounded. No wonder they barely survive. The bus looks like this when they get it out.


My goodness. Super Express bus is so super ah? Got 19 tickets for traffic misconduct some more. For full news you can browse Utusan, or just keep yourself up to date with TV3 news. Takziah, belasungkawa, condolences for the victims’ family. May Allah bless you all.