Harassing call

About 2 months ago, I was being disturbed by a 4am-call. At first I thought it was an emergency call.

“Hello? Hello?” said me with croaky voice.

“Haii…mengganggu ke…Watpe tu….”a low-tone of a person who is desperate for, you know what.

“Siapa ni? Kenapa telefon?”

“Ala…mengganggu ke….”, trying to be manja with me.


I immediately hung up. Then I tried to go back to sleep with a fast heart beat. My husband told me to ignore it but I was traumatised. So I can’t go back to sleep after that. I just wake up and do my work.

The next night, at 4am, he called me again. I just ignored. He stopped.

Last week, he called me during office hour. I didn’t save his number and thought he was one of my pupils’ parents who wanted to inform me about his child absence. I was wronged.

Him: Hi ainee. Tengah buat ape tu.

Me: Tengah kerja. Siapa ni.

Him: Ni ikram la.

Me: Ikram mana nie? Ada banyak ikram la.

Him: Alah. Sampai hati dah lupe kita.

Me: Ok lah. I ada kelas ni. GTG. Bye!

Hisy. Sape la prank call cenggini. Buat gigil je. Kalau lg sekali dia call memang nk kne sue la jawabnya.