of day out and punk music

Today, the rain poured heavily from the seventh heaven. It was chilly cold (pun is intended). Brrr. I returned from the city and was soaking wet. Don’t have any idea what to write today coz today’s trip is a bit off-side. Raining, and there’s a bit not-so-lucky part. We can’t register the phones. My feet sore (Harry’s fault for making us [me and Asmah] rushing from store to store to find handbags and stuffs, blame him!) Heheh, but then i found a pair of goody shoes (yup, yup, shoe is in my shopping list) and I kinda like it. It’s comfy and looks nice (I told you it’s goody and it’s not goddamn gorgeous) and i immediately wore it. haha. oyeah, bought a desperate housewife night wear =P sexy notee beauty me! (No, por favor, i don’t like to be bitchy like Nicole, so sick!).

huurm~coz I don’t write much this time, i did a blogthings stuff:
I’m a punk rocker =P hell yeay!!

You Are a Punk Rocker!

When it comes to rock, you don’t follow any rules
You know that rocking out is all about taking down the man
You’ve got an incredible stage presence and rock persona
You scare moms, make bad girls (or boys) swoon, and live life on the edge!
so the song “I wish I was a punk rocker” plays in my head. damn cool if I were a punk rocker. hell yeah. i just bought the kerrang!–smash it up CD and the songs are pretty cool (altho The Forces of Evils keeps on singin’ “fuck all you motherfuckers” for 10 times,like they are lack of idea for the lyrics. crap! do they need to repeat it that much?) Hmm, wonder when can I rock the crowd… or throw of anything from the stage~ thee hee hee =P

emo punk 2

What should I do when I feel that this time is one of the happiest moments in my life but people surround me are not so happy. You know what I mean. It’s like, the happiness doesn’t gel with the environment. It’s just not right. Dealing with tantrums and anger, lots of it, makes the happiness fades. Something is not right. Shall I be the entertainer? Shall I be happy? Shall I hide my happiness so that the anger will not be ruined by the cheery happiness? Or shall I have both? How can we described a feeling that is happy yet fiery? How is that?

lucky emo punk

a good day trip to carboot. bought couple things with 3 pounds.

  1. 3 books for 50p (husbands by adele parks/Rescuing Rose by Isabel Wolff/The Family Way by Tony Parsons)
  2. 1 single and 1 CD for 1 pound
    (Sum 41 “in too deep” single/Smash it up! (punk bands compilation)
  3. 4 games CD for 1.50 pound
    (Theme park wold/The FA premier league stars/Thief/Gangsters)

Worth it? 8 items for 3 pounds? I guess so. I got what I want and what I like.
However, I can’t find bike for senah. Sian she, needs to go to work by jalan kaki.

Time to TOL for Lesley’s stuff *sigh*

ps: I think my interest for carboot blooms~~

mari menderma (a cynicism preach)

Kawan-kawan sekalian, marilah kita menderma kepada bakat baru yang bakal menggegarkan industri tanah air mengalahkan gegaran tsunami. Marilah kita mengayakan orang kaya yang semakin kaya dengan memiskinkan kita. Marilah kita berbelanja wang hasil titik peluh kita untuk mengundi bakat-bakat besar Malaysia . Marilah kita mengeluarkan air mata untuk bakat kesayangan kita, biarpun suaranya tak sesedap mana, janji sedap dipandang mata. Marilah kawan-kawan kita buat undian yang bijak untuk bakat-bakat besar ini, walaupun kita tak pernah buat undian yang bijak untuk pilihan raya negara kita, namun kerana mereka ini bakat besar negara, kita perlu undi mereka kerana mereka yang menentukan masa depan industri negara kita yang memiskinkan kita. Marilah kawan-kawan, jangan dermakan duit anda yang amat berharga itu kepada orang yang anda tidak sayang dan tidak mempunyai bakat besar seperti orang Palestin sana. Marilah kita derma duit kad prabayar kita kepada bakat-bakat besar ini. Mari kita dermakan air mata kita. Mari kita dermakan jiwa raga kita kepada mereka. Marilah! Saya menyeru kepada kawan-kawan sekalian agar menjadi pengundi dan penderma yang bijak lagi murah hati.

[klik pautan untuk cerita lanjut. baca dengan hati dan akal]

Sweet and sour seafood

I was quite happy to see Mesra.net approved my recipe. It’s a simple one anyway. Are they testing it or what? I really don’t know what took them so long. According to their last e-mail it will only take 1 to 2 weeks to approve one’s recipe but I have been waiting for a month! Finally….my recipe has been approved and it’s on the internet. Sharing is caring rite?

Full recipe here.

ad nauseam

People have stop talking about siti already i think (and i hope). it’s ad nauseam. lama2 jadi boooring!

I’m quite impressed with orang kita. Orang kita have made Siti become the only individual who managed to enter top 15 chart of google zeitgeist (got award x for this? since she’s the only living thing who can receive it). Tahniah Datin~

There’s a guy who posted about ‘Siti dan Datuk K song’. His blog became so popular and his hit counter has came to the paras berbahaya. Imagine if this happened to your blog:

Dari hanya sekitar 200 pengunjung yang melayari laman ini setiap hari, ia melangit kepada 2,000 pengunjung pada hari pengumuman Siti Nurhaliza. Pada keesokkan harinya, ia meninggi sehingga 5,000 pengunjung. Ia meningkat keparas lebih bahaya pada 19/7/2006 dengan 13,000 pengunjung. Selepas itu ia perlahan-lahan menurun kepada 11,000 pengunjung terus kepada 9,000 pengunjung dan pada 22/7/2006 ia surut kepada 3,000 pengunjung.

wow~my blog can be this popular if i put stuffs about her. no wonder laa people don’t read much of my blog because i put non-artist-royal-marital issues. owh~~ now i know the recipe of his success (not ayam masak merah yar?)

Read it? Here!

a proposal

What is your feeling when you suddenly receive a marriage proposal in your e-mail?

a) happy because of proposal thingy.
b) shocked — who on earth asks for marriage proposal in an email?
c) darn! it must be a spam~

I felt all those emotions in sequence. Then I decided to read it. Owh. It’s just an ad. Whew~

Rockers Wedding – Happy ending

I have a crush on Sum 41 music, my brother have a crush on Avril Lavigne’s. We together bought Avril’s and Sum 41 original CDs. When Deryck dated Paris Hilton, I cursed his relationship won’t last forever. My curse worked. Then Deryck started to date Avril, and I feel so glad about it. Avril is prettier than bony skimpy Paris, plus, Avril rocks! Paris is absolutely not a wife material but Avril is the best girl for Deryck. (Just agree with me!). Now they’re an item. Awww~

I wish them an eternity of happiness. I wish them all the best. You guys are cute, you guys rock!

Choose your newspaper headline

Which one is your favourite newspaper headline?

a) Our pop darling Siti Nurhaliza is to wed a businessman named Dato’ K.

b) Zionist entered Lebanon and did massacre.

SMS your answer A or B to 32728. The highest vote will determine which headline deserves major newspapers front-page. My vote? ‘Biarlah rahsia’.