Too many good things happened in this month.

Firstly, I would like to send my deepest gratitude to Malaysians for proving the “people’s power (Makkal sakthi)” in Malaysian 12th general election (GE). Clearly, the government is the people, and the people is the government.

I would like to congratulate all the GE’s nominees who won this season’s election.

Congratulations to the newly elected Perak MB, Ir Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin. 

Alhamdulillah, I am glad Malaysian’s currency is still firm and there’s no racial riot due to 12th GE (yet).

Finally, congratulations to Halwani on her wedding. May Allah bless you marriage.

Adventure of P41

Salam all. FYI, I am on the pearl island. In P41 area. To be exact, N2, Bertam.

Had a very adventerous night last night. I managed to capture some pictures and videos of mat rempits in Penang. Wooo~ Was quite cuak actually, as we, four ladies, were in a very timid kancil car, merely wanting to go out to buy toothbrush. The road was congested. The car honked, and the motorcycle convoy honked continuously. Their motorcycle’s horn is like mamak jual roti you see. Continously. “tak penat ke?”. Wow. Seriously hot and it only happen in four years. It’s Pak Lah’s area you see. Hot seat and hot-bloded youths.

After that, we saw loads of police’s motorcycle and a lonf queue of Merce and other posh cars. We assume it’s Pak Lah or some other important guy. Very¬≤ cuak as the police’s hand was giving “ke tepi!” signal. Whew. Adrenaline rush.

Will update with some pictures later Insya Allah. Let’s see who’ll win the game.

Selepas dibersihkan

Ampun tuanku. Sembah patik harap diampun.

Patik memohon agar tuanku mengusulkan memorandum tersebut, suara hati rakyat jelata. Segala luah rasa rakyat di bawah naungan tuanku, segala jerih payah rakyat menempuhi bala tentera FRU, sumpitan air dan gas pemedih mata itu segalanya dilakukan untuk jajahan takluk tuanku. Sekalian rakyat jelata mahu melindungi tanah naungan tuanku. Patik dan rakyat jelata sayangkan tanah ini dan mahukan ia menjadi peninggalan yang terbaik untuk anak cucu kelak. Agar anak cucu kami tidak menyalahkan kami kenapa tanah ini berhamburan dan kucar-kacir. Patik harap tuanku mendengar isi hati rakyat jelata. Ampun tuanku.

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Parliamentary: UK versus Malaysia

Comparison of politics in United Kingdom and Malaysia:

Warning: You might find it’s distressing if you turn up the volume.

This is how Malaysian MPs’ works its parliament session.

This is how UK’s MP speaks, and this is how MPs’ in UK talks in the parliament.

Is there anyone shouting to express their disagreement? If yes, how they do it?

PS: Don’t forget to consider the content they are debating about.
PPS: I am sure you can do better choice next time.