Pizza Pending Complaint

Last month I ordered my favourite pizza and asked it to be delivered to my husband’s office.  It was his birthday. I was at his office and obviously it’s not a place to cook and stuff. Thus, pizza is a way to treat my husband during his lucky day. I tried the new dough called Puff Crust.Basically, it’s like eating pastry but on top of it, there are pizza toppings. Continue reading

Quick update on CNY holiday

Alhamdulillah I arrived safely in Perak. It took us 12 hours bus journey. From 10 am to 10pm. Traffic jam starts from USJ till toll exit in Sungkai. If we were to take a flight to London, we would landed in London within that time. Fuhh. What a backache we had. Luckily we don’t drive back. Moreover, with the expensive toll ticket, I don’t think we’re going to stress ourselves along the journey.

Being a wife, this is the second time we went back to Perak together. It was my mum who keeps on asking me about buying the ticket because we had horrifying experience when it comes to bus’ tickets during major ethnic holiday. Hence, we both burnt RM272 for the transportation. To and fro. Continue reading