To my east sunset

I still keep our memories
The grassy breeze of Kensington Park
The walloping wind of Plymouth sea
The sweaty sun of Kuala Lumpur

You are my pink pillow
You are my grey muffler
You are my sakura diary
You are one and only

You inspire me to be beautiful
You teach me to be skillful
in love and receiving pain
A great sensei you are
just like the love we hold so far

To my east sunset
I shall never be upset
For the memory we had was great
our story will never fade.

Johor Bahru,
31st August 2010


Amma is much successful than Juan Mann (remember the guy who hugs people in Sydney? with a cool song from sickpuppies).She gave away 26 million hugs man! While Juan Mann’s campaign is banned, Amma is welcomed globally and thousands are willing to wait for hours just to get a hug from Amma. I think our society is lacking of family institution’s love. All these materialism makes us forget what’s important and makes us leave people who love us. We are lacking the essence of life. That is love and embracing loved ones. Oh BTW, Amma has a website as well. Well, what do you expect? She’s so successful in NY, and she’s now in London! Gosh. These orang putih are kekurangan kasih sayang la I rasa. Luckily I live in Islam and we stress the importance of family institution. I think it’s simple. Amma gives genuine love and doesn’t ask for requited one.

Sami Yusuf in Wembley Arena

His voice is mesmerising. His lyrics are touching. His songs are breathtaking.

He is famous for ‘mother’ song. It is sung in Arabic, Turkish and English. View the video here.

First time I heard nasheed artist performing at Wembley arena. Cheapest ticket price? It is 15 pounds ladies and gentleman. Probably I can see his tiny dot from afar. T_T

Alongside, there are Outlandish (yeayy!!), A R Rahman, Kareem Salama, Hamza Robertson and The Sound of Reason.

When? This very 21st October.

More details about the concert can be found here.


So, who wants to transfer some quids to my piggy bank 😉

I tak terima duit raya or duit elaun from Facebook free gift application oke (baek hati sungguh ghie² kasik duit elaun virtual die kat aku, hahah).

Ummahfilm is in London!

Assalamualaikum (peace to be upon you) all. I know there are many youtubers (people who love youtube) out there and one of the channel that I like to watch is ummahfilms. This guy is from US and always have brilliant, witty, funny approach in their videos. Basically talking about the reality of today’s Muslim.

Believe me! They’re totally funny!. Have a peek on their first video

Good news is, they’re coming over to the UK!!!

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I have been notified that seating is limited so please click on the following link to reserve your seats:

For bookings and ticket-related queries:
Mohammed Marikar or Anna Cooke, [email protected]

For general queries about the event:
Imran Younas, [email protected]