kerja dan tanggungjawab

Bismillah. Dengan nama Allah, catatan dimulakan.

Setiap Muslim telah diberikan tanggungjawab ( rujuk quran – 2:30 dan 51:56). Mutakhir, semua orang sibuk, menyediakan apa yang patut untuk Malaysian Fest. Sejak dari hari saya bekerja (membuat persiapan untuk MFest) dengan seorang sahabat, lidah dan hati saya bertanya:

Adakah apa yang aku lakukan ini akan membantuku di akhirat? Laa.. ape la yang aku buat ni sebenarnya? Untuk siapa?

Entah. Sehingga saat ini saya sendiri tidak pasti. Masa yang dihabiskan tak mungkin akan saya dapat kembali. Setiap detik yang saya telah luangkan, Allah akan tanya saya di akhirat nanti. Apa jawaban yang patut saya beri? Takut. Takut kerana tidak meluangkan masa sebaiknya dan tidak sabar semasa membuat kerja. Bimbang, andai Allah akan persoalkan, samada setiap perkara yang saya lakukan, tidak bermanfaat untuk diri sendiri dan semua.

Kerja itu tidak semestinya tanggungjawab kan? Kerja itu tidak semestinya WAJIB buat kan? Tanggungjawab itu, walau di mana pun kita berada, kena buat kan? Namun, adakah saya sudah lunaskan tanggungjawab itu? Dan kini, hati saya berasa sedih.

qistina: adorable and striving

n the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Those people, who spend their wealth for the cause of Allâh the example of their spending is like as to sow a seed and seven branches grow from it, and each branch has hundred grains. This way Allâh increases the deeds of anyone HE Wants. HE is Bountiful as well as Wise.

Al Baqarah (261)

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Parliamentary: UK versus Malaysia

Comparison of politics in United Kingdom and Malaysia:

Warning: You might find it’s distressing if you turn up the volume.

This is how Malaysian MPs’ works its parliament session.

This is how UK’s MP speaks, and this is how MPs’ in UK talks in the parliament.

Is there anyone shouting to express their disagreement? If yes, how they do it?

PS: Don’t forget to consider the content they are debating about.
PPS: I am sure you can do better choice next time.


Plymouth’s Malaysian Festival 2007

Last year’s ticket sold out early. So this year we, Malaysian Association of MARJON, decided to invite more people and provide bigger space and have more things! From 250 tickets, we double it to 500. So there are 2 sessions for the cultural dance perfomance, much bigger and better exhibition, more food and loads of people! So people Plymouth, take note of this big event. Book your tickets early so that you won’t regret.

PS: Don’t blame me if this blog is not updated daily. Be there or be square! Jumpa di sana!

Le meilleur ami : Henry et David.

Ils sont le meilleur ami pendant la vie. Ils ont joué ensemble dans l’équipe de la France. Ils sont adorables et charmants. Je leur souhaite tout le meilleur dans leur carrière. Je souhaite qu’Henry parvienne à donner un coup de pied hors du racisme du football. j’adore les deux. j’espère qu’Henry joindra la chance bientôt bonne de liverpool.bonne chance.

a long time pause

assalamualaikum, peace to be upon you. i would like to apologise for not posting any entry for quite a long time. my health condition doesn’t allow me to do so. It happens after I came back from Eden Project. Bad news, I got hayfever.

I got symptoms such as:

  • sudden cold
  • continuous sneeze
  • blocked nose
  • runny nose
  • lymph node in my neck
  • face pain
  • itchy skin
  • sudden extreme unexplainable fatigue
  • watery eyes
  • itchy and dry throat

So basically, hayfever is something that I didn’t get last year. I really don’t know why my immune system is not strong this time. It happens since I came back from Spain. No, even when I was in Spain I got bad diarrhoea. But, hayfever is something that will happen only during spring and early summer time. However, it happens early this year due to warm climate that we have, probably related with global warming. Ok, cut the crap, i found my writing is bad. Gosh, my mental is totally disorganised.