a quick day note from london

Right here, right now, I am in a Chinese shop in Bayswater (I’ll check later laa ek kak eQIn). We’ve finished our business on the internet and got like 30 minutes credit time left. Checked my email, checked the address and map of the sushi shop that we want to go this Saturday, and bla3. So, right now, I’m wasting my time in this Chinese shop. My face is oily since the place I sit is near to the kitchen. Haha. Nvm. I’m going to type slowly and watching people in and out from this shop.

So, what have we didi today were:
As soon as we arrived in Malaysian hall, Pak Ya and the MSD staffs were taking pictures for merdeka. We arrived just in time. Langkah kanan bak kata orang Melayu. Then we met Pak Ya, abg Hazim yang peramah, students from France, Russia and Jordan.

After i took my breakfast, we proceeded to Emirates Stadium. Ada orang bagi direction salah. After crossing Halloway Road three times, I finally found the stadium. Aih¬ what laa. Then I was so excited to see the new stadium. So nice! So big! So cooool¬ Unluckily, I didn’t see Henry, my buah hati.

Next, we went to St James Park. We lepak2 there, jalan2 tangkap gambar and tidur bawah pokok berlapikkan dedaunan berguguran di musim luruh. Jiwang gak laa. Nyanyi2 then jalan lagi sampai depan Buckingham Palace. Rumah mak sedara Kak eQin.

Then membuang masa lagi, we balik to MSD to check in. Jumpa Pak Ya, pulangkan kamera dia (sebab abang ijan yg pandai itu, yang mendapat title doktor gituh, bagi kamera yang battery low tanpa charger, apedaa abg ijan…malu tau…org tangkapkn x kua pape, kne pinjam kat Pak Ya lak tu, seb baek Pak Ya baek hati…). Pak Ya ajak gi tahlil dan bacaan Yasin.

Bla3, lepak kat bilik, solat2, bla3, kami meneruskan perjalanan kami ke Kensington Park. Sambil makan kopok, tgk2 org, nyanyi2 (wat persembahan percuma tuh) dan melawat Princess Diana memorial fountain (men air yg sejuk, heheh).

Then plan nk g PFC (perfect fried chicken, pengganti KFC), sambil jalan2, lalu kedai2 souvenir, beli la ape yang patut, then we arrived at PFC about one hour later. Haih¬

Abang PFC terkejut sebab kami mintak 6 ketul tapi mkn 2 org. Haha. lantak kau laa. Janji bayor duit makan.

Strolling punya strolling, sampai chopstix, lepak samapi sejam lebih sebab nak guna perkhidmatan internet nie. Hehe. Al kisah. Diharap kisah ini menghiburkan hati kalian yang berada di seantero peulusuk benua. Wassalam. Turn kak eQin lak nak blogging.


antara jolin dan cyndi

I had conversation with Soo Yin on bus last Sunday. Jolin and Cyndi look alike! It’s just that Jolin’s body is petite and Jolin is sexy. Compare these two pix, they look alike aren’t they? Siapa tiru siapa, wallahualam. Dunia artis la katakan.

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Peeps, I’m going to London with Kak eQin tomorrow (31st August) at 3 am. Wish me safety and health. Pray la so I won’t wek2 again. Really don’t like it!! Huu~ Spoil my journey jer. Hence, for a few days this blog won’t be updated. I hope Romong can upload his post when I’m away. He said he can’t upload his post. Don’t know why. Either UKM’s internet is sucks or blogger. I think there are two possibilities only. Whoever knows the third or fourth possibility, name it in comment space yar?

Today I made sushi. Coz I want to finish the stock that I have in here, so I can buy more in London. Lawak laa buat sushi bersama kak eQin. Figured out new technique to spread the rice. Honestly, making sushi is tiring. However they just need 2 months to get the certificate to be a sushi chef. Wanna see how does it look like? It is yummy, and they make me feel sleepy.

Want to make it? I’ll write the recipe later when I come back. Me sleepy. Me want to sleep, but need to pack the stuffs. Aih~ Xpelar, nak gi tgk stadium baru Emirates (Insya Allah~). Hee hee. Abg Yos jgn jeles! Of course i remember you when I go there, and beloved Syada too. Hee hee again. See you again people. Tak lama. 4 hari je.

Interested with poetry and living near Plymouth? Read here for further information.

V for Vomit

I realised that I have motion sickness while I’m in here. It’s weird. I always laughed at my youngest brother saying that he always ‘wek2’ when we travel to anywhere. But yeah, what goes around comes around kan?

Talking about this, yesterday I went to Flambards with Ainna, her hubby and Asmah. At first, since the jalan bengkang bengkok, I tried to tell myself, “Not now, please throw it somewhere else, not in a car”. Then when we stopped at a petrol station, then I saw a suitable place to throw up. Then I let all the stuffs in my stomach out. Then my stomach was empty.

Jalan2, we arrive somewhere around 9-10 am (can’t exactly remember when, hee hee :P). Then firstly, Victorian Village. So nice. So classic. I really love the scenery. Especially the fashion. Intricate and uphold woman’s status in Victorian era. Woman are being potrayed as delicate, graceful, feminine, alaa like what we saw on Pride & Prejudice. Cantik, protected and need to be chaperoned all that. Then bla3, we naik this ride, shapes like air ballon,but it goes round and round. My instinct says, it looks like the one in Genting, the kerusi terbang one… So I feel I will dislike it, but they say “No, no. It’s different. C’mon and try”. So I give a try. It spun and spun and spun. I felt dizzy. I dare not to open my eyes. The bloody spinning machine stopped. Then I cupped my mouth. There was a spurt from my mouth. That bloody smelly unpleasant liquid again. Sigh. Embarrassing. The ride was closed to clean up the mess I made. Luckily I didn’t throw up during that thing was spinning or I will spill it over everyone’s head. Aaa~

So that’s it ladies and gentlemen. Be prepared with motion sickness pills if you have it.

2nd day of holiday post

Assalamualaikum all and selamat sejahtera

I called to write about this as there is someone in MSM posted about it. They want to do ‘ops malam merdeka’. I never heard such things before as I never went out to celebrate it anyway. Paling happening pun kat IPBA jer. haha. Last Saturday masa kak Zairuz beri talk on ‘Sayonara jahiliyyah’, she asked what do DBKL (I assume it’s plural coz it’s an organisation) find every morning after merdeka night? (on 1st of September laa). “Condoms”. There’s a quick answer from an audience*.

This morning, I finally found a used condom at the park as I approached to carboot site. Yucks. Pink colour, golek2 tengah jalan. I was like, urgh, why must they left it in the middle of the road where public walk? Can’t they throw it properly? I’m not against condom but against dirty environment and improper condom disposal. Let’s clean our mother earth if we can’t purify ourselves, OK?

Hmm, there’s an event which will be conducted by MSM (perhaps can prevent our young budding teenagers from ‘doing it’ unsafely and unconsciously. I hope this will help them to remember what is the real meaning of merdeka. Insya Allah.

Sabda Rasulullah SAW: “Barang siapa antara kamu melihat kemungkaran hendaklah dia cegah dengan tangannya. Jika tidak berdaya hendaklah dicegah dengan lisannya dan jika tidak berdaya hendaklah dicegah dengan hatinya dan mencegah dengan hati adalah tanda selemah-lemah iman.” (Riwayat Muslim)
Semua ikhwah dijemput hadir untuk terlibat sebagai sukarelawan di dalam…

Task Force: Merdeka 2006
Tarikh: 30 Ogos 2006 (Rabu)
Masa: 10.00 malam
Anjuran: KARISMA Gombak dengan kerjasama JIM Gombak
Program ini tidak ekslusif untuk
ikhwah JIM dan KARISMA sahaja,
tetapi untuk SEMUA yang cintakan
:: Hanya terbuka untuk IKHWAH.
:: Semua ikhwah dijemput hadir. Harap dapat panjangkan mesej ini agar lebih ramai ikhwah dapat melibatkan diri.
:: Pastikan ada sihat tubuh badan dan cukup bersedia untuk menyertai program ini. Jangan lupa untuk memperkukuhkan ‘kekuatan spiritual’ anda.
:: Sekiranya anda mempunyai bahan edaran yang tersendiri, amatlah dialu-alukan…
Moga Allah SWT merahmati usaha kita, ameen…
Sebarang pertanyaan, boleh hubungi
Mohd Dhany – 012-930 7522.

*that person who answered is the one who writes this. darn, i shud not be so frank since there are guys. aih~ silly me.

Pasca merdeka

Malaysia masih belum merdeka. Aku sudah. Sebaik saja assignment dihantar, maka dengan rasminya aku merdeka. Jenuh. Jerih payah aku hendak merdekakan diri kali ini. Malah sungguh harganya. Walaupun aku kumpul data dan segala buku rujukan awal dan punya peta minda serta buat banyak reading kali ini, namun ilham itu kepunyaan Allah. Walau bagaimana bersedia sekali pun kita ini, namun ilham itu takkan datang bagai air terjun. Everything happens, happens for a reason, dan aku tahu apa sebabnya. Semester depan akan ku berusaha lebih. Insya Allah.

Pelbagai agenda telah dirancang musim cuti kali ini, antaranya:

  1. Read the books which i haven’t read, three of them.
  2. Play the games in my PC. it’s a waste if I don’t use them innit?
  3. Blogging and bloghopping every day.
  4. Job hunting (I’m tired of it but still need to do it)
  5. Carboot hunting (too many interesting things to bargain for!)
  6. Learn new recipes (maybe I want to try out the DH’s recipes :P)
  7. Vacation to anywhere. (the destination is still under consideration)
  8. Prepare for the next term.

Hmm. A plan remains a plan until we work it out. I have instinct that I can work out all these plans in percentage of 75%.

Minna san, ganbatte!

Ainee’s Celebrity look-alike

*Ainee sangat gembira hari ni (walaupun dia tak mendapat tidur yang cukup), kerana dia ingin mengumumkan dirinya sudah bebas dari belenggu kertas kerja. MERDEKA!!

I found this stuff while I’m at the climax of my assignment due time.
My hand was so gatal to do the blogging but my head tell me do not.
Too many temptations when it is the time to finish the assignment.
Too many people wants to YM with me when I was struggling with my vocabulary.
Too many interesting things to write about yet so little time.

Ok, from this analysis (OMG, my head is still tuning to assignment language!) of my face heritage and these celebrities, I found these similarities:

  1. Matsushima Nanako– Nose, eyes and skin tone.
  2. Gal Fridman– Cheek
  3. Miranda Otto– Concave chin* and nose
  4. Vannevar Bush– Nose and eyebrow
  5. Kim Rae won?! –His charm and smile 😛
  6. Claude lelouch– Nose
  7. Milan Kundera-Eyebrow
  8. Chuck Yeager — Nose

*I’m not sure of the appropiateness of this term. Maybe some sifus can help me. Can I use curve instead?

Only 2 female celebrities that shares resemblance with me. The rest, guy. Hmm.

Big Brother 7 Winner

Finally, the result for BB7 finalists have been finalised.

After 93 days, it’s over.

It is claimed that this is the bitchest Big Brother ever.
(watch Davina’s interview during the week which Sam was evicted)

The combination of the housemates is quite unique: gay, porn star, model, unemployed, Welsh, bitches, plastics, freaks, F-bomb girl, lil’ girl, geek, and a tourette guy.

There were tears, boobs competition (who’s da biggest?), catfights, bitching, laughter, intimate and lovey dovey scenes (3 couples!).

As expected, favourite Pete won BB7. His premonition came true. He won 100K.

You’re the man, Pete!

Wonder what’ll happen to your love story with Nikki. You guys were snogging like crazy when she re-entered the house.

Congrats mate.

(I wish you’re my housemate dude!)

We’re wiser if we can converse in english

Bagaimana untuk mendaulatkan Bahasa Inggeris?

  1. Belajar bahasa melayu menggunakan bahasa inggeris
  2. Wujudkan lebih banyak international school dan abaikan sekolah kerajaan di luar bandar.
  3. Katakan saja anda seperti orang bodoh andai bertutur dalam bahasa Melayu.

So, we’re forgetting then insulting a language that once was a lingua franca?

Tepuk dada, tanya minda.

Tepuk tangan, tengok orang keliling.

(maaflah kalau ada sesiapa yang pernah menjadi rakan sekolah/perasuh kepada aktres bijak ini. inilah harga yang perlu dibayar sekiranya anda menghina bahasa ibunda sendiri di depan pentas manusia)

walaupun bahasa melayu saya masih banyak kesalahan dari segi tatabahasa dan diksi, hatta aksara, ia adalah bahasa ibunda dan membentuk perkembangan bahasa saya hingga kini.

kenapa kita tak pernah dengar aktres hong kong/ bollywood berkata:

“I sound stupid if I speak mandarin/urdu/tamil/hokkien/cantonese…”

*suka dengan entry kak nisah tentang isu ini. faisal tehrani juga ada sisipkan pautan kepada tulisan orang lain.

pee ‘em ass

moaning monday again!

my day started badly. there are shits everywhere but it soon swept away. met my mak tiri for 4 hellish hours. 5 in fact, i stayed at class during lunch hour. sigh. then bla3 went to asda wif abg ijan n pr3ttych3rry. bought cute motion toothbrush. bla3. i picked wildberries with pr3ttych3rry. then, i learned how to make jacket potato but i think it turns out to be a bit like mashed potato. don’t blame me!! me new. me needs experience. erkm, for further query about the recipe, ask this hot chef. me so malas to write it down. at the end of my day, the hot chef shown a nice beautiful hot wildberry pie. the end.

*o yeah, today’s experience (this early morning to be exact) has inpired me to wrote 2 piece of poems.