Early invitation

Honestly, I’m feeling stress doing the preparation for the wedding. There are million things to do, so little time. With tonnes of workload at school, how can I cope it? With loadsa help from some lovely people. That’s how I maintain my sanity. To this date, the card haven’t been printed. I want it to be printed before raya, so that I can give it to my sedara mara yang hanya datang rumah pada hari raya. Need to take their phone number as well, to remind them again in December. Anyways, this is a hint of wedding card. Continue reading

Viva versatility!

Today I did a routine work. Had to paste the sticker to RIMUP program book. The book has some errors. So, we had to ‘conceal’ it as if there wasn’t any mistake. Honestly, I hate a routine job. It’s darn boring. Even when I wakes up in the morning, I don’t do same routine. I’d try to do it in different ways. I don’t get up, take the towel and head straight to the toilet. I might brush my teeth first. Or boil the water. Or looking at the mirror. You know. I don’t have to do stuff in order.  I’m a person who loves variety. I’d like to experience how things done in different ways. Even at night I toss and turn. I don’t sleep with only one position!

I’m glad I’m a teacher in Malaysia who needs to do different job. I’m grateful to God that I am a person who only stick to one thing. I’m glad that God gives me bravery to discover new things every single day.

I’m glad that I don’t  have to work in a factory or anything similar!

Ejen Cinta

I finally really like Malay drama. It’s called ‘Ejen Cinta’. Every Wednesday night on Suria Channel. It’s a rom-com. It’s very witty and funny.

Emilia Idrus is a matchmaker. She herself was dumped, and because of the bad love experience, she is picky and be very careful in choosing a boyfriend. The 7th episode is the funniest when she was ‘angau’ (lovesick). Continue reading