Kongsi bahan: Kajian Tindakan

Semua guru yang berada di bawah pengurusan Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Johor (JPNJ) DIWAJIBKAN melakukan kajian tindakan atau action research kerana a adalah hasrat mantan pengarah untuk memajukan kemahiran guru dan memperkasakan ilmu P&P (teaching and learning).Berikut adalah contoh yang telah siap dan contoh format kajian tindakan yang hanya perlu diisi mengikut subjek. Continue reading

Tips untuk cikgu baru (pelatih)

Selamat hari guru buat semua guru dan guru pelatih. Terima kasih kerana memilih profession yang mencabar ini. Ada pelbagai niat di hati ketika memilih kerjaya mencabar ni. Kerjaya ini bukanlah semudah yang disangka. Dahulu memanglah mudah, tiada kekangan masa dan tenaga untuk menjadi seorang cikgu. Sekarang pelbagai tekanan dan cabaran yang perlu dihadapi demi mencurahkan ilmu kepada anak bangsa. Kepada guru praktikum atau guru pelatih, selamat mengambil manfaat dan mengamalkan tips yang diberi. Continue reading

Puisi: Guru Sukan

Dapatan daripada penglihatan aku kepada guru-guru yang sedang giat bekerja di padang bersempena dengan hari sukan sekolah pada 24 Mei 2014.

wahai guru sukan
dahimu berkilat
basah badan dek keringat
menolak jentolak minyak di padang
berpanas terik mengadili permainan bola jaring
berpeluh hingga kering mengajar bermain bola sepak
bersorak tempik dari tepi padang hoki

selepas penat bersukan
menanda kertas peperiksaan
dan buku latihan
tidak lupa di pejabat juga ada tugasan
gigihnya seorang guru sukan
kerjanya di padang dan kelas
peluhnya dilap tak berbekas

Wahai guru sukan
Kuat tubuh badan
Mental bagai dekan
Semangat bagai pahlawan
Walau penat di padang berlawan
Seorang guru sukan
Sanggup bekorban
Atas nama “Majulah sukan untuk negara”

e-Prestasi: Apakah?

It’s a rare thing that I complain about MOE’s project and work burden. Whenever I read Jarod’s complaint , I quietly think “So far, I’m good and can do my work without ranting”. But today, I have to let it out my chest. So that I can die peacefully. I feel a bit better like someone take off a stone on my shoulder when I share my stress with others.

My FB friends what to know so much about e-Prestasi. Oi, why other states do not know about this? not fair. If this is a KPM’s programme, it should be applied nationally.

Here’s the screenshot of e-Prestasi

ePrestasiI need to key in the TOV, ETR and 3 examinations results. Luckily I’m an IT savvy person, I just copy everything from SAPS except for class 5 Bijak because there’s so many students coming in and out.

The reason of using e-Prestasi is to assess a teacher’s performance. Woot! What?

What are the disadvantages?

  1. Teachers can key in lowest TOV and ETR as possible and get a good mark.
  2. It is redundant work. First, you key in marks in SAPS. Then e-Prestasi. Then SPS. Then what?
  3. Cheating: Yeah, to save our arses in the government organisation we all cheat, lie and steal. How low our integrity is.
  4. Teachers who are placed at the most bottom class, with the reluctant learners, are the unluckiest teacher on earth.
  5. Pupils are being pressured by the teachers to perform because it affects markah prestasi guru too.
  6. You can dump the holy intention of school based assessment and KSSR and KSSM.
  7. I took a long hour to key n the data because of the excel format. Thanks to the officer who thought of this and make me a miserable mother. Thanks! (This is a cynicism if you don’t get it)

Gheesh! I do my work for Allah and I’m so upset with all these administrative work and the pressure to key in the data because I need to send it within 48 hours.

Who knows Haji Sufaat bin Tumin’s address? I want to forward this rant to him..


When a class cries

I am the class teacher of 4 Bijak. The class is full of rascals. They refuse to learn. They refuse to stay in class. They refuse to listen. They hardly do their work. It is the last class. A few of them are love children. A few of them are abandoned by their genetic parents. A lot of them are divorce victims. 3 of them are LINUS tegar (hardcore remedial student). It is indeed a tough class for any teacher.


Today I had a pep talk with 4 Bijak. I told them how the pupils of year 6 of 2011 couldn’t get 5As because they made a teacher felt very very angry to the extent that the teacher said “Saya doa sorang pun tak dapat A!”. Indeed, his words are granted. Nobody got A from his class. When UPSR result was announced, the teacher was no longer teaches in my school as he got a promotion to be a GPK in some other school. I told them this story, to stress, how it is important for students, to get blessings from their teachers. As knowledge is nur (light), and it will not enter a dark heart (stubborn, full of negative traits).


I told them, it is not my lost if I fail in the subject. It is their lost. It is them who will struggle with living later. But I don’t want them to struggle. My hope is, at least they can compete with foreign workers who are leeching out our country’s fund. Those foreign workers are tough cookies. They are better skilled and good at learning our language. I wonder what if one day, the working industry of Malaysia is dominated by non-native?


During the last minute, more of them cried because I told them that I love them and I do not want them to go to hell. I told them to change before they hit puberty. This is their only chance to change their learning behaviour because if they do not change now, it would be more difficult as they grow into teenagers.

Before I let them go out for recess, I asked them to salam my hand. Not just handshake or kiss my hand, but salam with a sincere hug. I whispered into their ears. Hoping they can get to the bottom of my heart. They even cry after recess. I felt guilty because their science teacher told me, one of them could not stop crying and replied nothing when the teacher asked. It is the girl whom I whispered “Kalau Sofea rasa takde orang sayang Sofea, ingat cikgu sayang pada Sofea”. She is abandoned by her parents. She is currently living with foster parents who do not care much about her. And maybe, she has never felt mother’s warmth. She promised me to write a letter.

Alhamdulillah in every sense, it is Allah who holds their fragile heart. It is Allah who had made them cry and touches their heart. I merely act as a loving teacher, who wants them to be better people. I really hope their learning view and attitude will change, as it is very hard for me to talk with a heavy heart. Am not going to do this kind of thing again. It’s heartbreaking.


I love them for the sake of Allah. I really do. I want to treat them as if they are mine. They sent me letters and one of them gave me a present. I think he doesn’t know how to write. Pity to those who are illiterate in my class. They couldn’t get anywhere if they are illiterate. I’m itching to teach them. And I want to be more than a teacher. I want to touch their heart. I found teaching is satisfying. Although teachers are treated badly in Malaysia, I still would want to be a teacher. It is not just a career, but my life.

Aku belajar untuk mengajar

Seorang anak murid mengomel dengan marah apabila rakannya memijak kasutnya. Lalu kudatang dekat dan berkata padanya:

Mus, kenapa marah-marah?

Dia pijak kasut saya cikgu.

Kalau ye pun jangan la mencarut. Tak baik.

Takde lah dia pijak kasut saya habis kotor.

Iye. Cikgu faham. Dia tak sengaja. Cuba awak bayangkan, nabi Muhammad tu dibaling taik, dilempar batu. Tapi dia tak marah pun. Sampai malaikat Jibril kata “Ya rasulullah, bolehkah aku terbalikkan bumi Thoif ini?” tapi rasulullah kata “Jangan, takpe”. Awak ni baru sikit kena dah marah-marah. Cuba sabar sikit.

Alhamdulillah lepas aku sound, dia cool down. Rajin pula buat kerja aku lepas tu. Mudah-mudahan ada orang ingatkan aku dengan kesabaran rasulullah apabila aku marah. Dan sesiapa yang pernah marah aku, aku tak pernah ambil hati. Aku maafkan kerana aku juga ada buat silap. Kalau aku mahu belajar untuk mengajar, aku kena tahan sabar bila orang marah aku kerana dia buat begitu untuk mendidik aku supaya menjadi lebih cemerlang. Hello, Rasulullah is the greatest example and he’s the greatest teacher. Because of him, his patience delivering Islam, people strive to be excellent to fulfill task as a khalifah in this world and thereafter. May Allah give me the strength.

A newbie teacher

Almost a year, I have been working as a teacher in the heart of Johor. I’ve been sent to the most busy school (IMHO). My Guru Besar is GB cemerlang and always push us to do work beyond ordinary expectation.

In the first half game (first sem), I was literally and figuratively wilted. I thought of quitting. Seeing others are making moolah from private unis and schools. I was tempted. Since  I did nothing impressive in my first half game. Just mistakes and a lot of yellow cards. I wanted to quit so much. But my fiance told me to “Hold on. Be strong. There are many jobless people out there who are willing to fight tooth and nail to be in your place. Plus, you always wanted to be a teacher, right?”

True indeed. My friend Tasneem said “The first year is always the hardest but you’ll get used to it sooner or later”

Thank god I managed to destress with help from the angels around me.

So here are the tricks that I learnt to handle admin and teaching work:

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