salam ma’al hijrah. ada yang buat bubur asyura ke? tak buat pun, merasa makan je la. I arrived in Manjung last night, riding Plusliner. Debor juga naik bas itu. Tapi itulah, “mati kat mana-mana pun boleh”.

Ok. There are ups and downs in 2007, but I think it’s the most saddening year in my life.

I lost my aunt and not able to call my family as I was in Dublin, Ireland.

I fall sick often. 2007 witnesses how fragile I am. Being allergic to many stuffs.

Dissertation was pain in the ___, especially when something bad comes in between, coping with dissertation and my unstable emotion is hard, but I managed to do it with supports from people who love me.

Leaving MARJON means I am leaving my luxury life. No cleaner to clean up my bedroom and house. No 24/7 internet connection. No individual (read: princess) bedroom. No more trips to ASDA. I no longer have chance to binge various types of cheesecakes, Haagen Dasz ice cream, Ben and Jerry ice cream not to forget, chocolate, Italian food, and many more! *sob*

OK. my maal hijrah resolutions.

1. improve, each and every day, in every sense.
2. have passion and faith in Malaysian education.
3. read more (Quran verses and books)
4. lose weight until 53 kilos.
5. not to be brokenhearted again.
6. climb hill/mountain
7. go to gym at least once a week
8. save more money for rainy days and my future.
9. buy a nintendo wii sports package (then I’ll stop going to the gym)
10. love people more and love more people.

I will evaluate my self at the end of this year. I don’t plan to do much this year because I’m bloody mentally tired. I don’t want to aim to do something big, but I plan to go with the flow.

Wonder why I don’t talk about relationship (read: engagement and wedding) anymore? coz I’m a grown up girl and talking about it, when you’re not sure of it, hurts. Especially when it is not menjadik. Hence, the #5 resolution takes place this year.


Hee hee. Finally. I online guna laptop kawan sambil menggunakan hotspot dari menara Telekom. BTW, so many things to say.

I miss the time reading people’s blog and blogging about anything under the sun.

Thank you for the comments, people. Very touching.

Today I went out with Azwan, Aini Shamsi and Omark. Tiring rupenye cari komputer kat Loyat. Penuh sesak bahu ke bahu. Trafik manusia memang padat. Hujan pula. Loyat buat duit dengan tandas. Lima puluh sen sekali. Surau Low Yat Plaza, menghampakan.

Malaysia climate makes my sensitive skin have heat rashes. Huu~ Camana nak jadi beautiful kalau duduk kat country panas mcm ni? I think it’s due to my allergy which I get after a while in UK.

BTW, thank you aini shamsi for the souvenirs from Adelaide.

Gosh. I’m bloody tired. The sun in Malaysia saps my energy. The pollution and cigaret’s smoke as well. *sigh*

Public Service Announcement

This is a Public Service Announcement made on behalf of Ainee, the owner of this blog.

She would like the blog’s loyal visitors to know that she has made it to Malaysia in whole and in good condition.

She has re-attended IPBA college.

Internet Access is scarce for the time being. Apologies for the lack of updates. And,

Ainee misses you all. 🙂