I thought it’s a chick flix due to its title. Well, I was wronged (moral: never ever judge a movie by its title). I thought it’s almost similar to Johnny Depp’s Chocolate but actually it’s a Thai action movie.

The intro, which was read by a kakkoii Japanese actor, gave me a blow.
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Movie that I’m addicted to

We believe in destiny because we met because of the destiny.

If you haven’t watch “Slumdog millionaire”, I highly recommend that movie for you. It was inspired by a novel (Q & A by Vikas Swarup), produced using low budget. The actors are using British accent (with some mixture of Indian accent as well) and they are not A-list actors and actresses, mind you. They are from slums and nobody. But the movie have become a phenomenon in any cinema worldwide. This movie is discussed widely, because of its’ religious issues, poverty, romanticism and all. This movie is worth to be watched many times and in case you want to buy the original DVD or Blue-ray disc. I give three thumbs up for this movie! Continue reading

it has gone

the days of late-night stay up due to assignments

the days of not worrying to pay for utilities bills

the class that does not require me to yell continously

the moments of ‘try and error’

the weekly shopping trip to malls

the karaoke session with buddies

the years of stress-free skin

the chatting with the girls

the coffee with her

the study year,

it has gone.