When things get tough, be a tough cookie

Last night we just find out that my cousin, who was just barely 14, diagnosed with leukemia. It was shocking and unexpected. He had to go to Hospital Ipoh, with ambulance, this morning.

He just had episodes of fever and flu.His father never thought of doing blood test for him. We’ve never expect any of these. None of our family members had this kind of disease. Lesson is, do your blood test.

Oh, if you’re planning a family, once you’re pregnant, don’t forget to register with stem life. It may help you facing this kind of condition. As a human, we should  make a lot of effort and leave the rest to god. In life, there’s always ups and down.

Thus, whenever I’m on elevated level for long, I have to feel alert, beware, that God will test me really really hard. That’s how life goes.

To Mohd Afiq, I wish you well and may Allah give you strength to walk through the treatment and theraphy. May Allah give us patience.

Pumps vs stilettos

[Pending entry, after so long]

I only have one pair of stilettos. Just for the sake of trying my ability to walk in 4 inches heels shoes. I can’t go around that much. Tried it once in Mid Valley. I end up swapping with another shoe that I purposely brought along, in case my feet hurt. My instinct was right and I was saved by my Hush Puppies. *phew*
People wonder how can I walk in stilettos. The answer is, of course, in pain. There are times we don’t mind the pain for the sake of having sexy pair of legs. We should not be a slave anyway. The shoe manufacturers do not provide insurance in the shoe box (insurance for arthritis case, or backache). I like to wear them because, while walking, my solemate gives some exercise to the feet.

Pumps work better. Suitable for big calf and big ankles. Pumps are just as sexy as stilettos. That’s what I call investment.

Uh oh, another story. My CR kitten heels were worn out.

In the end, he told me. “Look at me. I am wearing the shows for 6 years and I’m healthy, satisfied and happy”

“Mind to tell me what kind of shoes you’re wearing?”


“Yah! But you’re a boy. You don’t have to wear heels”

“You still can wear sneakers. We both have legs”

I rest my case.

Video:How to Walk in High Heels Stilettos from fashion technology.

If I were a president

I was having random chat with him and suddenly came out this question.

“Why not you all elect me as a president? Nanti I lantik you jadi my vice president” *glee*

“tanak lah” with furstated tone.

“Why not?!”

“Because nanti you tukar sume benda dalam country ni jadik kaler pink. You have minister for Gucci, Prada. You have special ambassador for Paris Hilton. Kereta you nanti pink Cadillac diamond studded. Tanak lah.”

Huu… (-_-)

blogging hiatus

i haven’t updated stuffs in this blog for quite a long time. for a person who used to make resolution “i want to type in my teaching experience in blog and make it one of my professional development strategy”, she has become wilted and exhausted.

the burden is unbearable. having 29 periods of teaching, staying after school until 6.30 pm. continuous work everyday (extra class, admin work, long meetings, choir practice, hockey practice). as if, i’m working in the morning and evening session. :((

i was dreaming of teaching my pupils outside school but i cannot do anything because i simply do not have time for myself, and energy for extra teaching. i almost gave up. wanting to quit and trying other profession but “he” confided me to stay and tell me “the children need a teacher like you”. i want to quite because i drag myself too much to the extent that i have to take sick leave twice this month. i really need a break.

i would like to apologize to my fellow students in pj (you guys know who you are and i can’t reveal your school name due to security) for not being able to communicate, reply emails promptly and so forth. i am having pretty tough time here, trying to juggle everything. my life and my career. please pray for my health, strength and wealth (muhammad, i still remember that you want me to have a rich husband, haha).

so, good luck for the choral speaking and you guys rock. ps: i miss you all

I’m currently in JB, need to do practice for nasyid perfomance and year 6’s extra class (i didn’t get extra pay, fyi). urgh. even for my own small ceremony i couldn’t prepare much due to time constrain. (sorry mak, for not being able to go back to hometown earlier). i hope, what is planned will go well and “all well ends well”.

[to bro–you know who you are] we’re dealing stress and manage them. we’re the master of our brain and body. we can go through the thick and thin! yeah!!