My story with 5 Puteri 5

It is almost a year, I’ve been teaching. Wah. Rasa macam tak percaya. I managed to survive.

I really feel satisfied today. The kids in 5 Puteri 5 who used to be: extremely naughty, suka menjawab, kurang asam, kuat bergaduh sampai berdarah patah²;  heard my lecture today. What a miracle!

I did conventional classroom management. I yelled and scolded them. I solved their fight. I told them to go to GB at first, but then I changed my mind (because GB is extremely mad with them today, takut rotan patah je). I punished them and told them not to behave like ‘serkap jarang’. They listened. Thank god. After that, I gave them tips on answering Paper 1 English. Imagine, those kids yang tak pernah berminat nak belajar, always played at the back of the class, pulled their chairs towards me and listened to me. Iwaslike, “Is this real?”

There’s this boy who didn’t even write a letter in English Paper 2 said “Teacher, saya nak belajar tution English dengan teacher kat rumah boleh?”

I answered “Hmm, tak cukup ke kat sekolah Harith? Awak kan tak suka kelas saya”

“Tak la teacher, lain sikit”

Homg. He’s interested to learn my subject. Bukan senang. Even nak buat ayat in BM pun takes a million years for them.


Then, I took them to music room, where they can sing their heart out. They sang Ten Little Indian, Twinkle Little Star and many more. It’s after exam. Moreover, they like to sing (especially lagu Lucky Laki). I wouldn’t want to bore them with conventional teaching and learning.

I found it satisfying, teaching the last class. I found is so satisfying, when I managed to make them listen to me. I found it satisfying, when they learned a few English words and songs. I just need to tackle their heart. 😉

Different story with the advanced class. I found it awkward, entering a class that is so quiet, like a grave. They’re smart enough. I scratched my head, thinking what to teach them since they are already equipped with sufficient knowledge.Even when I taught them new thing, I don’t find it a big triumph teaching them, compared to my 5 Puteri 5.

It wasn’t easy to have this content feeling. Before this,  I cried, stressed out, and I almost gave up, not knowing how to teach these kind of pupils. I finally got it. It’s really worth it. For all my teacher-friends out there, keep on trying and stick to teaching profession. You don’t know whose life you’ve changed.

Fixing Malaysians

I went to Danga City Mall with my fiancé. He was very hungry because he hadn’t eaten for a day. So we decided to eat at Adib’s Kitchen, located at Danga City Mall’s food court.

We sat next to the restaurant’s banner. (Such a shame I didn’t bring my pink T20 that time). So we’ve  had LOL moments, seeing amusing spelling mistakes such as:

  • Pamesan cheese
  • Site dishes (site=tapak?)
  • Grill tomato
  • Western foods
  • Discounts for tenents and all staff
  • The winner of all dishes, Coaslow salad.

We had fun game, searching for spelling and grammar mistakes. Then we wrote the right spelling and gave it to the owner. I bet there are quite a number of people going to the restaurant and notice the spelling mistakes. However, we pay no attention to rectify it.

We can’t only laugh. We need to do something so that the mistake won’t be repeated again. Let us have the courage to rectify people’s mistakes. Not being a coward, only know how to kutuk belakang. Let us improve ourselves and this country.

Ujian HIV 2

My fiance had gone to almost ALL hospitals and Klinik Kesihatan in JB. He is running around to see his clients, meeting errands, not having time to do all these long-time procedures and he finally had his HIV test on Friday. He started his Amazing Race to-get-HIV-test-for-the-sake-of-marrying-me on Monday (28th September 2009) until Friday October 3rd. Pity him. I feel guilty taking his whole Sunday, doing shopping in Singapore. Huu (T_T)

Yesterday, when I went to Hospital Sultanah Aminah to get follow up treatment, and he wants to get HIV test (killing two birds with one stone), the staff said “All the test kit for HIV test in JB is out”.

What? Why? So the staff told him to get it from Hospital Abdul Samad. Hmm. I thought the Minister of Transportation said “We try to cut queues at the highway toll. Each person spends about 20 minutes waiting. If there are 1000 people, there will be 20 thousand minutes wasted”

The Health Ministry should have done the same as well. Trying to cut queues and serve people better. But yeah, I don’t know what’s the problem. We have talented specialists, yet we are lacking behind in hygiene and furthermore, sex education.