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Lately I am addicted to classical stuffs. I’ve watched black and romantic movies (Roman Holiday, Casablanca), the great love story that runs for almost 4 hours ‘Gone with the wind’, the ‘Ghost’ movie starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, The English patient, and Out of Africa (I think Meryl Streep looks beautiful in it). And heck, watching romantic movies makes me become more soapy. My mom was quite disturbed by my boohoo. She can hear me from downstairs. Hahah. Another current activity is, I am addicted to a particular classical song from The Shirelles.

Will You Still Love Me Tommorow – Shirelles

Tonight you’re mine completely
You give you love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
But will you love me tomorrow?

Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moment’s pleasure?
Can I believe the magic of your sighs?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

Tonight with words unspoken
You say that I’m the only one
But will my heart be broken
When the night meets the morning sun?

I’d like to know that your love
Is love I can be sure of
So tell me now, and I won’t ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?


So tell me now, and I won’t ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

A stockpile of chocolates is the best companion.  Huu nom nom nom.

Way to boost shoe sale

I am impressed and proud of Americans. The incident of throwing shoe to Bush have increased that particular shoe’s sale.

News: Baydan has recruited an extra 100 staff to meet orders for 300,000 pairs of Model 271 – more than four times the shoe’s normal annual sale – following an outpouring of support for Zaidi’s act, which was intended as a protest, but led to his arrest by Iraqi security forces. (Guardian, UK)

That was a brave act and admired by many. Perhaps Bush should know that he’s going to receive loads of shoes in his Christmas presents.

Pabila kita berkata “tak apa”

kita mengata orang tak apa
orang tak tutup kepala kita hina
kita buat tak apa
lengan kita separuh terbuka
baju jarang nampak dada

kita mengata orang tak apa
kelemahan orang dijaja jaja
padahal kita pun sama
ada banyak khilaf sebagai manusia biasa

kita mengata orang tak apa
perbuatan orang diumpat cela
lalu pun pandang sebelah mata
kita buat tak apa
mengata orang pun masuk neraka juga
buat apa kata mengata
bila kita pun sama saja

I am annoyed by WP 2.7

I can’t use the word “hate”. But yeah, I know I always use that word indeliberately. My bf is an expert about “my” linguistic. It’s my term of endearment. You know, like “I am so annoyed by you but I don’t want to get angry because I love you”  kinda thing.

Oh. About WP 2.7. Apparently, WP developers improvethe dashboard in terms of organization. But heck, it’s even messier now. It’s a bit difficult to focus to write using WP 2.7 (ADHD people knows how annoying a clustered blog dashboard is! ) and this make me feel like blogging with Facebook’s note.

Right, I know it’s a bit better than 2.6.5. It’s widgetized. Drag and drop yada yada. The plugins have updated automatically but hey, I think they are too busy fixing nitty gritty stuff to the extent they are so disorganized and have messed up with the dashboard.  3 columns and too many boxes at the same time??

Let me explain my situation here. I am having difficult time not to look at my monitor screen to much or I’ll be distracted from writing this post. Thus, I typeby looking at the keyboard *bowing my head* and I’ll correct my typo letter. It’s kinda, I am looking at the keyboard and not synchronizing my eyes with the monitor. It’s so hard to focus with WP 2.7!

Alright, let me get this thing out of my chest. I love WP before this but 2.7 makes me feel like urgh!!! Geramnya!! Before this, I love you because of your simplicity but now, you’re as complex as women.

Oh, it’s not just me. This entry somehow explains the bad side of WP 2.7 in a subtle way. Oh, they’ve discuss about it in this forum as well. Sorry if I’ve spoiled your Christmas, WP!

I got Johor! Yeay!

Haha. I just got the news from other people. Haven’t seen the result of my posting by myself yet. I can’t access the site apparently. Huhuh. And I am so happy to get Johor but unfortunately most of my babes got Sabah. Huu. If anything happens, my backup system is so far away lah kan. Oh!! Huu. Prolly I can give them a visit during school holiday.

So here are the pros and cons of my situation.


  1. If anything happens to me or my family, it is reachable by any land vehicle.
  2. Got a place near to my bf of course. Haha.
  3. Tazzy pun ada dkt sana. Anything that includes the business of managing Malaysian education system, I can ask the person who ate the salt way earlier. Ahaha.


  1. Tak dapat elaun wilayah. So harapan nak beli kereta canggih manggih adalah nipis sedikit, melainkan I got elaun gefren. Haha!! 😀
  2. Jauh dari backup system ku. Huu.
  3. Quite far from my hometown. Tapi jauh lg kalau daku dapat Sabah kan? Huu~

First and foremost, thank you god for everything that you gave to me. I am so grateful of this situation.


dah beberapa minggu duduk rumah. tak lama je lagi nak berbakti dengan keluarga. pasni dapat tau posting. encik rasso yang baik hati dan cikgu halmi baru je msg bertanyakan untung nasib diri ini tapi setelah daku menyemak di portal semakan utk gsst, ternyata menghampakan. baru ditutup. cist. penat je online. buat orang2 yang concern akan diriku, akan ku kirimkan berita lepas dapat tahu result insya allah. menurut sumber rasmi, insya allah dapat tahu esok (agaknya sebab tu la portal semakan ditutup kot?). oh, aku akan bergelar guru tak lama lagi. oh!

[menggunakan komputer adikku yang ketinggalan zaman ini membuatkan daku susah untuk menaip (kibod ketat! dah la melekit!) dan menggunakan mousenya yang sukar digerakkan bebolanya. *sigh* so pardon my punctuation. ekekek 😀 ]

Malaysian Dreamgirl 2

The opportunity to be a model is back again. The one that made Hanis Zalikha famous. Ehehehe. Well, last time I don’t like the jury (Sazzy Falak). Luckily in the second season, she’s not in anymore. Oh, the last season’s contestant, had made the show became Malaysian Dreamgirlbitch. Aih. It’s all about winning a Latio and money.

Well friends, if you think you are cun giler and have what it takes to be a model (tall, slim, slender, blah3), so go to a walk-in auditions in: Continue reading

Malaysian Babe: New beauty saloon


Two very professional & skilled beauticians have come together a create a gorgeous beauty saloon for women providing the above services (and more to come, heard jacuzzi is on the blueprint!),. They will be using NuSkin and other products. The saloon is named Hitsuyou Beauty Saloon and is located at 20-2, Jalan PJU5/10, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. They will have the opening on this coming Sunday, 7 December, 2008 (from 9am-5pm) and will have refreshments, fantastic door gifts, promotions (like, below RM50 for facial or makeup application) and cash vouchers on a first come first serve basis. Please feel free to email me at: [email protected] to confirm your attendance or if you have any questions to ask me or them.

From: Sofea