Movie that I’m addicted to

We believe in destiny because we met because of the destiny.

If you haven’t watch “Slumdog millionaire”, I highly recommend that movie for you. It was inspired by a novel (Q & A by Vikas Swarup), produced using low budget. The actors are using British accent (with some mixture of Indian accent as well) and they are not A-list actors and actresses, mind you. They are from slums and nobody. But the movie have become a phenomenon in any cinema worldwide. This movie is discussed widely, because of its’ religious issues, poverty, romanticism and all. This movie is worth to be watched many times and in case you want to buy the original DVD or Blue-ray disc. I give three thumbs up for this movie! Continue reading

Le meilleur ami : Henry et David.

Ils sont le meilleur ami pendant la vie. Ils ont joué ensemble dans l’équipe de la France. Ils sont adorables et charmants. Je leur souhaite tout le meilleur dans leur carrière. Je souhaite qu’Henry parvienne à donner un coup de pied hors du racisme du football. j’adore les deux. j’espère qu’Henry joindra la chance bientôt bonne de liverpool.bonne chance.