Money and time

This fella complained to me that he wished to have more than 25 hours in his life. Reason? Because if he have more time, it means, more work can be done and more time for himself. My verdict? I bumped into an article from Psychologies magazine. I asked him to read it. And I want you guys to read it as well. Just 2 pages. But will worth your time, God willing.

1. By (the Token of) Time (through the ages),

2. Verily Man is in loss,

3. Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.

(surah Al-Asr 103:1-3)

 Psychologies 1:

Psychologies 2:

Ramadhan 14 nan beku

Salam. Peace. Shalom. Semalam sejuk benar. Hari ni pun. Semalam kami serumah tidur tanpa heating system dan tiada hot water untuk membasuh muka dan kegunaan harian. Ada pakcik datang install boiler baru. It was a very frosty night….

Tengah malam telefon Sham. Mujur dia tak tidur lagi. Sakit telinga sangat masa tu sebab terlalu sejuk. Check website BBC, temperature was 3 degrees celcius. Mak aih~ I bet kalau biakan air dlm sinki leh beku. Huhuh. Ear muffs lak dah hilang. Tertinggal kat Stansted airport tempohari. Huhuh. Call Sham, mintak hantarkan heater ke rumah. She hantarkan *sob* Thank you Sham. I owe you. Mwah!

Today pun mandi sekejap je. Mujur ada hot water untuk shower. Imagine if I turned blue after I take my shower. Just like Meredith who drowned in the sea. The difference is, no McDreamy.

Terfikir, macam mana agaknya  kalau orang kat kutub utara tu puasa? Like Moscow (KS?), Scotland (Kak Khairyn, Kak Mimi dan Kak Sue), sisters di Ireland. Hurm. Bersyukur la ye Ainee. Masih mampu menulis entry blog pada hari ini. Alhamdulillah. Masih mampu pergi ke kelas dan hidup dalam bulan rahmah nie. *whack sikit* OK semua. Wassalam. Selamat berseronok dengan pesta Ramadhan. Party terawih at HDC 201 jom!

Ramadhan 11

Cepat betul masa berlalu. Rasa ada beberapa hari je lagi. Pantasnya Ramadhan tinggalkan aku. Aku perlu berlari pantas mengejarnya juga *larik!!* (cewah teringat lagu firdaus ‘ku berlari’ yang kita orang nyanyi kat spring camp kat surrey harituh). 11 bulan beb, kita kena train dengan syaitan. 29 hari je kita aman dari dugaan syaitonirrojim. Berapa peratus je aku mantapkan diri masa Ramadhan ni *cubit* Kalau aku boleh rasa panik kejar deadline dissertation, aku patut rasa panik jugak kejar deadline Ramadhan. Sebab nak dapat balik Ramadhan, kene tunggu 11 bulan lagi. Itupun kalau Allah bagi peluang. Kalah 2 bulan je dengan mak yang menunggu anaknya keluar dari perut. By the time Syawal nanti, mutaba’ah amal kena meningkat, maintain sampai next ramadhan. Graf sama ada kene naik sikit dan lurus, atau naik secara perlahan-lahan. Tak kira lah. Janji naik. Adik-adik kat Malaysia yang nak PMR, SPM, masa nilah korang nak plea kat Allah, mintak keputusan yang terbaik untuk korang. Oh, nak share sikit dialog saya ngan mak semalam: Continue reading

PMS 07, be there or be square.

Orang UK get ready!! This winter you will be warmed with the true bondness (ukhwah). The same event I attended last year is still fresh in my memory. It was the best gathering ever. Since I never have a sister, I don’t know how it feels like. But when I went to PMS in Coventry, there are so many nice sisters and care of us. Doctors are always available during the time. Offering us medicines, advice and comfort. I miss the time I had and I am here to invite my brothers and sisters to winter gathering at Loughborough, this winter.


Breeding rogues and bandits

Recently, there are a lot of serious crime cases in Malaysia. Murder, child raping, bribery, robbery, fraud and so forth. The news headlines are full with stories of crime. Looks like Malaysia have no good news but crime. Is Malaysia breeding rapist, rogues and bandits? I am not going to analyse the crimes here, but I am here to list the related news headlines:

  1. Murder of Mongolian model, Altantuya Sharibuu.
  2. Nurin’s murder.
  3. Murder of two men in palm estates.
  4. A group peddling drug.
  5. Five men in court for abducting, molesting 19-year-old girl.
  6. 7yrs jail, 10 strokes of rotan for drug possession.
  7. IGP: We are closer in on the killer.
  8. Clerk claims boy molested daughter at daycare centre.
  9. Block illegal song download sites, says RIM.
  10. Cop under probe for having RM9mil.
  11. Housewife loses RM360,000 in lucky draw scam.

Scary huh? I am scared to go back as well. My country is not safe anymore. Does anyone care?? We are getting worse ladies and gentlemen…

Instead of teasing, we tazed.

In Florida University, a scene in John Kerry’s forum has make a big wave and it makes a  global splash. This incident happen when:

  1. Meyer asked Kerry why he did not contest his loss to President Bush in the pivotal state of Ohio over allegations that African-American voters were disenfranchised.
  2. Meyer also questioned Kerry about why he did not support impeaching Bush and whether he belonged to the Yale University secret society Skull and Bones, as Bush did. (source:

You get so many version of stories. CNN, BBC and Foxnews views it differently. And I suggest you to read from different sources in order to make a fair judgement.
To view the unedited version (CNN, Foxnews and other media edited some scene), you can do so here. Ouh, you can buy ‘Don’t taze me bro!’ t-shirt from here.

You can see the moment Andrew asked Kerry, someone at the back of the police was giving signal ‘head off’. Then two polices grab him from the back and drag him out from the scene. It was a dramatic scene, there was some cheering from crowd, taser sound, and Andrew was yelling sensationally”help! help!”, “what did I do?”. The situation was a chaos.

Foxnews commented the number of police is enough to beat him instead of a taser. This hoo hah came from a so called ‘freedom’ country who also claim themselves as ‘the world police’. Currently the University of Florida is conducting an investigation. Of all running candidates, I am not sure of the fate for American future. They’re in dilemma. I wonder where the good leaders has gone?

Malaysia phone oh!

I tried to call my mak a few times, and my credit is getting lesser and lesser. Giving up, I called my uncle asking what happened to her. I know that she doesn’t go to terawih if my adik is not at home. So, I called some people, less than 3 minutes I reckon, then I tried to call my mak again. Miracle happened. Mak answered my call and we chatted. She said the phone rung about 4 times but she didn’t hear the other side, and I didn’t hear her as well. No wonder my credit was being deducted. Blimey! So the problem is the phone. I told her, what’s the purpose of paying 30 ringgit per month if you can’t get a good phone. TELEKOM makes money about RM 360 per year, per household. Imagine how many customers they have. I hope the nenek and makcik pakcik in the kampung know their rights and take action instead complaining to himself. We ought to get the best service since we pay.

When was the last time…

  1. You cried willfully of seeing a suffering? (Japanese and korean drama is not in the list)
  2. You make one’s day?
  3. You keep the smile whole day?
  4. You give all your love and soul yet purify your heart?
  5. You contribute to the society? What more world?
  6. You realised you can change this world?

Do you remember? Do you still have a heart? Do you dream a dream? Do you know the reason for you existence? Do you realise you are the chosen one? Do you??