Edge of tomorrow

Sejak dah ada anak dua lagi susah nak spend masa utk get to know each other. Bayangkan dgn kerja dan tanggungjawab kepada keluarga walhal kita kena “uruskan emosi pasangan” bak kata Ustazah Norhafizah yang lembut tu. Spending our hard-to-be-spent time watching Imax together should be one of our moments yang perlu diingatkan tatkala rumahtangga diuji dengan emotional turmoil.


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Otai Vs McD

I craved for burger, as I don’t have many chance to eat it while I was in Plymouth. Is it worth it to wait for 2 years? (I ate a lot of McD before I went to the UK). Thus, I am comparing America’s most famous burger and Malaysia’s .

1- Cleanliness: Otai burger sellers handle the burgers and utensils with high level hygiene. Anywhere. It is proven by others as well (you see, after I promote it to people, I ask their reflection/feedback as well). While for McDonald, (I had a few trips and sometimes accompanying people) I am totally frustrated with the uncleanliness. Not just in Lumut, in KL as well. So the basic requirement for a food franchise, hygiene, wins by Otai.

2- Quality: McD burgers used to be the tastiest, but nowadays, the fries are overcooked. The burger size is shrinking. Big Mac’s bread is so thin to the extent once you hold it, it can tear apart easily. Otai burger’s taste is undoubtfully great. The meat is cooked with perfect timing. The taste is great. Taste it by yourself, then you’ll believe me.

3- Price: Last time, it was worth to spend RM10 at McDonald. Bak kata orang, kenyang nak mati. But now, I don’t think so. Otai burger’s price is a bit expensive than normal burger price (I mean, gerai burger like Ramly), but it never exceed 4 ringgit per burger, although the taste is priceless.

4- Reputation: McD has established worldwide, but there are a few controversial legal actions taken against them. Nowadays, my impression for McD is getting worse. For Otai, its successful story has captured by local Malaysian media. Many has found out that its’ great taste and reputation. I belive Otai’s chain will be larger and stronger in the future if they keep up their reputation, principles and the recipe.

Verdict: Otai wins, 4-0. As I reached Malaysia, I was eager to taste my favourite McD burger. However, I was disappointed. It’s not just me. My family members wish not to step into the restaurant anymore (we had really bad experience you see). Some of my friends agree with my points (as stated above). So, feed yourself better food because you deserve to eat good and your money should be spent on good food.

PS: You are what you eat.

*This is author’s first review on restaurant and food.


Amma is much successful than Juan Mann (remember the guy who hugs people in Sydney? with a cool song from sickpuppies).She gave away 26 million hugs man! While Juan Mann’s campaign is banned, Amma is welcomed globally and thousands are willing to wait for hours just to get a hug from Amma. I think our society is lacking of family institution’s love. All these materialism makes us forget what’s important and makes us leave people who love us. We are lacking the essence of life. That is love and embracing loved ones. Oh BTW, Amma has a website as well. Well, what do you expect? She’s so successful in NY, and she’s now in London! Gosh. These orang putih are kekurangan kasih sayang la I rasa. Luckily I live in Islam and we stress the importance of family institution. I think it’s simple. Amma gives genuine love and doesn’t ask for requited one.

Instead of teasing, we tazed.

In Florida University, a scene in John Kerry’s forum has make a big wave and it makes a  global splash. This incident happen when:

  1. Meyer asked Kerry why he did not contest his loss to President Bush in the pivotal state of Ohio over allegations that African-American voters were disenfranchised.
  2. Meyer also questioned Kerry about why he did not support impeaching Bush and whether he belonged to the Yale University secret society Skull and Bones, as Bush did. (source: CNN.com)

You get so many version of stories. CNN, BBC and Foxnews views it differently. And I suggest you to read from different sources in order to make a fair judgement.
To view the unedited version (CNN, Foxnews and other media edited some scene), you can do so here. Ouh, you can buy ‘Don’t taze me bro!’ t-shirt from here.

You can see the moment Andrew asked Kerry, someone at the back of the police was giving signal ‘head off’. Then two polices grab him from the back and drag him out from the scene. It was a dramatic scene, there was some cheering from crowd, taser sound, and Andrew was yelling sensationally”help! help!”, “what did I do?”. The situation was a chaos.

Foxnews commented the number of police is enough to beat him instead of a taser. This hoo hah came from a so called ‘freedom’ country who also claim themselves as ‘the world police’. Currently the University of Florida is conducting an investigation. Of all running candidates, I am not sure of the fate for American future. They’re in dilemma. I wonder where the good leaders has gone?