Review on TV3’s cerekarama: Mencari syurga

Sape sempat tengok cerita ni angkat tangan! Sorry la sape2 yg tak dapat tv3 kat tempat nya. Movie macam ni jarang keluar. Erk, ke aku sorang je yang jarang tengok TV? Simple namun punya mesej yang kuat. Sekarang ni di Malaysia musim realiti TV. Mungkin kerana dah bersepah realitivi TV, mungkin kerana terlalu banyak hiburan, sampai mulut manusia Malaysia dah muntah dek hiburan yang terlalu banyak. Mungkin ya. Tapi nampak gayanya, masih ada manusia yang mahu menjadi hamba realiti TV. Menderma SMS dan jiwa-raga-tenaga-masa mereka kepada badan yang tidak berhak itu sudah pasti. Hedonisme yang kuat. Kalah Australia dan UK. Pergh. We are more British than the British. OK enough of that let us read the synopsis and I insert here and there some review or commentary.
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Cerpen: Naskhah untuk Nadia

Sebuah panggilan jarak jauh antara bandar New York dan London. Perbezaan waktu sebanyak 8 jam, tidak membataskan perbualan dan hubungan.

“You sayang I lagi tak?” tanya Ari.

“Sorry. But things are not same like before” tegas Nadia.

“Tapi you cakap you nak tunggu I! I dah beli pun cincin untuk you,” Ari mengingatkan Nadia.

“Sape suruh you tanya soalan macam tu. Tapi bagus juga you tanya. Takkan I nak tipu you macam you tipu I” Nadia membalas tempelak Ari dengan tegas.

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Review for PIETY talk by Abdul Raheem Green

Assalamualaikum, alhamdulillahi rabiil alamin. wassolati wassalamu ala asyrafil anbiya’i wal mursalin. wa ‘ala ‘alihi wa sohbihi ajma’in (praises to Allah). Alhamdulillah. PIETY talk by Abdul Raheem Green was brilliant. There are a few non-muslims attended, either charity-based person or student of theology. Brother Green simply amazes me. I would say every single second he speaks, is fruitful. Masha Allah. His accent is understandable as he is using Queen English. Quick notes on his important points.

Culture vs Islam: He pre-warned people, that this might be sensitive to some cultures. He talks on arranged marriage culture and what is marriage in islamic context. Later, someone asked him about the ‘honour killing‘ that happened last month, and he answered, it is absolutely not what islam teaches. He said, how on earth, you are living in England, your children are surrounded by ‘girlfriend, boyfriend’ culture, then you want to find some relatives in Pakistan, and married him to her. I myself would say it’s rubbish. Ok. It is father’s job to ensure his daughter to marry the right man, but to extent to kill her? That’s not islam. Islam doesn’t teach you can kill other people because human’s status is uplifted to be a caliph, and not animal.

funny, no?: Brother Green asked us to thin. WHat if your neighbors think you have bombs inside your house. Many laughed. but later he said  in serious tone”no! i know you think it’s funny, but think again, what if it really happens? who are going to change their perception?”. I was like, oh my god. It’s true. I don’t know what’s inside their head. I thought it was funny and silly at first, but think again, what if they (neighbours) really think so? Yes, freak and frantic. Not all of them come to the talk and really know what is islam and who is Muslim.

audience: There was an old lady who are studying theology, wanted brother abdul raheem green to say that western culture is npot associated to christian. She even said “it is not surprising if the westerners one day embrace Islam”. You see, he was brought up as a christian, and he is a westerner, a British, no matter where he goes. So, he’s there, done it.

Overall, it was very valuable. Every single second I’ve been there, is fruitful. Insha Allah, to build a harmony community need knowledge, and cooperation. May Allah bless us who wants to live peacefully with each other and find blessings from differences.

Oh, he writes in blog as well. I’ve read and listened (there are mp3s recordings). Very intellectual and resourceful. Read it here.

Pulang, panas dan pelan.

Alhamdulillah. Dah beberapa bernafas di bumi Malaysia nan panas ni (Masih belum tukar sim card lg. Sabar2. Will do insha Allah).  Baru Malaysia, belum Arab Saudi atau neraka lagi. Arab Saudi’s temperature 43 celcius seyh. Masha Allah. Nak dekat kiamat. Tapi, berapa ramai antara kita yang ambil iktibar dengan apa yang terjadi di sekeliling kita. Masih kita lakukan dosa dan tidak mempercayai kata-kata Nya (sila rujuk Quran tentang kisah Bani Israel yang degil).

Pagi ini, penulis tersohor Malaysia yang masih muda, Faisal Tehrani, muncul di rancangan SPM (selamat pagi Malaysia) untuk mengulas mengenai karya terbarunya “Bila tuhan berbicara”. Ditanya oleh pengacara (maaf ya pak, don’t know your name lah), kenapa diberi nama sedemikian, jawabnya, (this is my own words, and been paraphrased) “tuhan berbicara bukan bermaksud literally, namun melalui malapetaka sebagai amaran dan peringatan”. Aduh, mahukah kita berfikir hingga ke situ? Perlukan minda yang ligat berfikir ya bila membaca karya Faisal Tehrani. Insha Allah saya memburu buku dalam masa cuti ini. Oh, mahu memburu air dan lemak juga. Bercadang untuk berenang sepuasnya semasa di Malaysia. Sesuai ya, di musim panas ini.

Untuk ulasan buku, saya cadangkan anda membaca entry dari blog Jiwarasa.

Up, up and away!

(I hope kak Eqin doesn’t read this entry till the time I reach and surprise her by myself).

Assalamualaikum. May Allah bless us all. In short time, I am going to leave the UK. Which means… Malaysia! Great. I don’t expect to go back this summer but hey, things happen and what we plan is not always what we get. We just make plan, but it is He who decides. I believe that there’ll be some hikmah. Insha Allah. Well, pray for me. I hope many will want to take the challange to help Abe Idham and Darul Izzah Orpahanage. Au revoir!!

plus c’est la même chose

Abe Id created a new fashion for charity. Kak Khairyn and Azwan tagged me when I was in the peak time of finishing my assignment. Couldn’t do it at first, alhamdulillah I have time now. (yer, lapang sebelum sibuk. huu~). So, I’ve answered your challenge!

1. A person is only as good as he can be.

2. Friendship is ukhwah fillah, not just in this dunya, but friends are for helping each other to improve, in order to gain sweet ending ending in the akhira–thereafter.
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Pending entry

Salam. I wonder why, it’s like a season. People tag me when I am about to send my assignment. Yes, I am tagged by 2 beloved blogospheres. Kak Khairyn and master cry4freedom. Huwaa!! I will accept the challenge, but after siap (finish) my assignment. Heheh.

Remember the last time I was tagged? No? Nevermind. I give you chance to explore the archives. A quick fact. In less than 24 hours, I need to send in my assignment. 3000 words justification and commentary on children literature. Right at this time, the word count for my assignment is less than 1K. Wow. Congratulations Aini. Huu, give laa some encouragement to me.

PS: Insha Allah I will try to upload the final draft in the next entry. For post-mortem. So that later you can write a paper on ‘Samples on last-minute work: disadvantages to undergraduates’. thankyouverymuch!