Pemetik beri diperlukan

Summer lepas balik mesia, sebelumnya, spend my summer ngan kak eqin. dan antara perkara yang aku paling ingat sekali, memetik beri di marjon. just now, i read on BBC news online, UK akan mengalami kekurangan buah beri kerana tiada orang mahu bekerja memetik beri. tahukah korang apakah natijahnya?

no more blue berry ciskek!! no more cheap asda ciskek. no more berry juice. no more berry in school lunch pack. oh!!


tambah pakcik pengerusi persatuan peladang yang meluahkan rasa risaunya,

“Their policy amounts to waiting for the patient to die before prescribing any medicine.”

PS: kalau aku ngan kak eQin ade kat sana, mungkin kami akan jadi pengusaha kebun beri.

silalah budak2 malaysia memetik berry. majulah beri untuk negara orang lain. 😛

Malaysian Women’s Weekly June ’08

So I was waiting for my aunty doing her shoes-hunting and standing in front of So what will happen when Ainee meets a magazine stall or bookshop? My soft spot is good reading materials. Who says ‘Don’t judge a bookmagazine by it’s cover?’. I was attracted with the issues: “look sexy naked (without exercise)” and “8 fashion must haves”. Moreover, Sasha Bashir is the cover girl (yep! the au naturale beaut host of Beauty Secrets from The East). So, obviously I bought it (temptation huh?).

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Of happiness

[Disclamation: This has nothing to do with hepipel]

Some people want us to be happy

But many people give us hurdles towards the road of happiness

Like Mother Theresa said

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

Sod off jealousy and sadness.

Let me be happy and make my own decision to be happy.


Holiday and weddings

Whee! I thank people who are having wedding during holiday. It makes my life lovely during weekends. I really love wedding. I dream my own wedding since I was a child. I want it to be white. But it gets to change as the fashion trend changes. I planned it white, then yellow, then blue and bla3. Very indecisive. However, seeing lovely decoration and nice bridal outfit eases my heart. To those who are getting kawen this cuti sekolah: May Allah bless your wedding and marriage.

Anyone wants to invite me to their wedding?


Tomorrow is Shida’s wedding in Batu Gajah, Perak. Can’t wait to see her becoming a bride ^_^

(Mood wedding sbb pagi td dpt MMS gamba cincin. Hiks (^_^)

Personality quiz

I am doing fashion personality test using Blogthings.

Your Beauty Element is Air

You’re quirky, fresh, and fashionable in a surprising way.

You have a beauty that’s all your own, and it changes as quickly as the wind!

Your Fashion Style is Trendy

You love fashion and live to shop

And keeping up with the latest trends is what you love best

You know what’s in, out, about to be in, and about to be out

You love to dress your friends and would make a killer celebrity stylist

Ok, sounds like I’m a fashionista and shopaholic.

You Should Wear Black Lipstick

Confident, dramatic, and unexpected.

Your look: Gothic beauty

Your signature lip gloss flavor: Ginger

Reminds me of Victoria Adam during Spice Girls era (before she becomes Victoria Beckham).

Your Makeup Look Is

A Variety of Pinks

Girly yet chic. You have the style to carry off this exotic look.

Looks like I am going to have teenager’s makeup (makeup in the seventeen magazine, not CLEO)

But, the most important question of all is
“Is Ainee a vain girl?”

You Are a Down to Earth Doll

You’re good looking and you realize that looks matter

And you also know that it’s your inside that really shines

You do your best to look like an A-lister

But you devote most of your time to being a well rounded hottie

Hati ini merajuk siod

Amaran: Ini entry peribadi, luahan perasaan yang menikam kalbu. Tak suka dan menyampah takyah baca. Pergi jauh dari blog ini.

Bila hati ini sedih

Mata akan menangis

Hati akan hiba

Perasaan tak gembira


Huks. Ye. Banyak kerja. Tapi time I tensi i takde la nk libatkan stress keje dan peribadi. Dah la stress ngan keje. Takkan mau mengeruhkan hubungan peribadi lagi? Itulah prinsip kite, ada orang yg kite syg, slalunye dia la bg kite hapi bile kte stress keje. Tapi adilkah, tatkala bosan di rumah sensorang, hati kita di kecikkan oleh insan tersayang. Oh! *sedu*

Dah la. Gi wat kerje. Awak stress tanggung sendiri. Jangan carik kita lagi.

*Update: Dah oke dah. You see. You have to communicate and tell the truth to your partner. Communication is the keyword in here. Miscommunication is a disaster.

Yeay! Theme blog karer pink/pepel

So what should I do during this 3 weeks holiday? ( yet in between, I still have one exam refer paper to be taken due to severe illness on exam day). Today I jogged, be a part-time couch potato (but most TV show sucks), pending the house chores tasks that mak had given me,catching up with youtube, do homework for engagement and wedding and then being blur like sotong (My mom will ask me to memorise verses from Quran is she knows I’m this free *huwaa*).

I texted Encik S whom I assume fulfilling his holiday. He usually knows what to do, I mean, he always do something.

Me: Nak watpe ape ek dok rmh?

Encik S: Tawu tape. You at least akan balik ke IPBA. *

Me: … Don’t remind me.

Encik S: haha, ye. Have a fun holiday!*

Me: Hehe. You too.

*I forgot what he said. I deleted them but it is more and less so.


WordPress users can get free wordpress themes via (or you can find the link from this blog’s sidebar). It’s free and they have nice variety of WP theme designs. All you need is a kind-hearted handsome geek boyfriend, some knowledge of php and wordpress. Whalla! It’s done in less than an hour. Hee hee.

I hope I can keep up with blogs that I used to read, commented and followed religiously. I really hope that my tan skin is for temporary basis or I need to buy a new foundation (good ones are expensive you see).

So yeah, if I’m lucky and malas nak baca nota exam, I would probably do bloghopping, extra reading, communicating avidly via Y! Messenger and exercise for the sake of my health.

So, how’s my blog new look?

(feels like doing a hairdo or makeover)


What I learned from cricket coaching course?

I am talking about cricket the game, not the insect. So, I had 4 days of cricket course from MCA, in my beloved IPBA college. Would like to share you a bit of joke. The coaches are Indians, so they told us about the joke when people ask them where they are from, and then they answered “I am from MCA” and the person who asked looked at him from top to toe. Since MCA is famous acronym for Malaysian Chinese Association, and they are Indians. Lulz. So yeah. MCA in this context is Malaysian Cricket Association.

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Izzah featured twice on magazine cover

Izzah. The first princess of AB and the ones who are hoped to take care of her siblings. She is featured twice this month’s magazine cover. Nona (with her father) and Seri Dewi Keluarga. I am quite happily bought both magazine and read them. It’s worth every penny.

Nona: It’s RM8.90 but much cheaper than Reader’s Digest still (haha). The size, quality glossy paper, colourful photographs, useful recipes, ideas for bride fashion, ideas for interior design. It’s worth for my library. The edition is especially cover issues for men. 5 men were selected to be interview ( I still don’t get why they interviewed Engku Emran). Other 10 were selected as ’10 lelaki ternama yang anda mahu kenal’. They are not eligible bachelor but my favourites are: Dr. Raja Nazrin Shah and Tengku Ibrahim of Johor (wait, aren’t they princes?).

Seri dewi Keluarga: Priced at RM6, I am keen to look at her family’s picture (Izzah has a very cute healthy daughter! *geram!* *cubit-cubit*). It’s almost worth every pages. Plus, Yatt (model and actress) has modelled 2 fashion lines (bridal and muslimah). I really like her features. Tan and cute. She’s a darling. I almost does not recognize her when she wears tudung. There are a few nice clothes, but unfortunately the editor does not put price tag and where to find it. So Nona wins over SDK (although they are from the same company, Karangkraf).

Hmm. Instead of being interested with the cover page, these magazines has made me to do my homework of wedding, although I am not a going-to-be-bride yet but yeah, it’ll be useful once I am. Haha.

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