Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club handbag

I was looking for more practical handbag for my teaching practice in PJ. Was pening looking around. Need to find one before mega sale ends. Need to save more for rainy days you see. Minyak mahai sekarang, later sume barang naik (BN). So cannot do impulsive shopping anymore. Huhuh T_T

I aimed for big bag so that I can fit the files and teaching materials into it. So, my choices was Balenciaga and Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club. I like Balenciaga line but it does not have compartment. Only one zip and that’s it but it does have nice look. If I were to buy it, l know my habit that I’m going to dump in my stuffs and when I need to find an item, I’ll become frantic for not able to for my stuff. So SBPRC wins. It is thick, durable, old-school look. It does have teacher’s look innit? Between the two, there are not much price difference. SBPRC have both qualities, function and look. Hehe.

Spotted. Paris Hilton with her new  classy Jackie O look. Look at the handbag.


(Picture taken from Trent-pinkisthenewblog)

The school that I’m going to is an elite school so there is hope that it will be easy for me to teach the students. But yeah, it’s not all about teaching and learning. It’s about educating young minds and preparing them for the real-nasty-expensive-kiasu world. Although the school is not that far from IPBA, but since the petrol hike happens globally, I’m not sure whether we can survive our teaching practice days without worrying about the moneh. *sigh* “Be money smart” Omark advised me.

Righto! New spirit to go for teaching practice with a new handbag. *semangat!!*

Revision week

[Saya dengan bangganya menggunakan modem telepon Sony Ericsson K530 saya untuk menulis entry ini *sangap internet yg melampau*]

Semalam travel dr kampung ke kolej, sebab arini ada revision ngan Dr. Norasiah. Nak masuk ke blok kediaman, ramai juga kakak2 yg ada kt kolej. mgkn mrk ada kursus. pastuh tepon mak. nanges2 dia ckp. katanya nak pose sehari sebab saye selamat smp ke kolej berseorangan dengan jayanya. rilek chill la mak. dah biasa dgn kl. siap jln2 merata donia lg. oke jeh. janji tahu jaga diri. 😉

so yeah, sesampai rumahku nan kosong dan berhabuk, aku makan la happy meal yg aku beli masa kat puduraya. ai dapat Po! jangan jeles. die gelak kelaka oke! nak dirikan stabil² pun takleh sebab perot die boncit dan berkaki kecik. hikhik. chumil gler. berbaloi jugak perbuatan menebalkan muka kat mekdi tadi.


masuk hari lain. so pagi ni tak memasal dimarahi dr. norasiah. dia igt schedule start at 8. masa dia call my phone, i was in the kitchen. but yeah she apologized (i have proofs oke, 2 sms saying that the class is at 0830 at tower block). so dia pun belanja kiteorg kuih muih dan air. alhamdulillah. rezeki brekpes. (tgk plak pasni lecturer lelaki, de nk belanja x? hehe).

pastu keme diberi homework utk dihantar ms ptg. ms nk hantar ke pigeon hole tu, dgn pakaian sukan dan semangat waja, menapak ke kolej walaupun panas. seusai menghantar, pergi la ke pondok guard, try mintak kunci fitness room. punye la ssh. 2 kali ulang alik. last2 tak dapat (sebab kunci yg ada tak bole bukak grill). encik razman plak sbb time ni cuti, die malas nk angkat tepon. sabo je le. maka balik la dengan hati yg kecewa dan peluh sebab panas.

heh, maksudnye ai kene stadi utk exam le tue.

huu. insya allah pas dpt modem dari durra, ai apdet lah blog ini dgn gamba skali. hiks. mati ai kene marah kalau encik oma terima bill tepon mahal lg bln ni. 😛

World book day

Today is World Book Day. I still remember that I used to collect loads of World Book Day postcard in MARJON, and sent some to Malaysia (It’s frolicking free!! 😀 I only need to pay 47 pence for the stamp!). One of my suggestion to my mak is Roald Dahl. But obviously, my mom does not read in English. But yeah, I still bug her to read good books. I hope the books that I presented to her has been read. *cross fingers*

This year, I’m celebrating World Book Day in Malaysia. I miss cheap good books in the UK. I wish Malaysia have (I know that Ujana Ilmu is almost similar but still, not a vast variety of books), carboot sale, book depository and friendly small local book store (they read before they sell).

Just now one of my friends [let’s name her adik] told me of her suggestion to do book fair in my college. She went to the library, asking the librarian to help her in the project. However, she was disappointed with the respond given.

“1- Cadangan adik tu bagus tapi adik boleh tengok berapa ramai je yang datang library ni pinjam buku. Akak boleh tunjuk muka mana yang selalu pinjam buku. Akak boleh hafal nama lagi.”

“2- Kakak library: [The librarian shows a French story book] Adik tahu harga ni berapa? Cuba adik teka?

Adik: Urm, tatau. Kalau kat Malaysia, belas-belas la kot?

Kakak library: Satu ni RM70. Daripada adik nak buat pesta buku, baik adik suruh budak² ni disiplin. Buku banyak yang kehilangan muka surat. Kena conteng.”

“Adik susah la. Publisher takmau datang bila kita cakap bilangan student kat sini berapa.”

“[After Adik showed a dissappointed face] Akak tahu cadangan adik tu bagus, tapi hakikatnya memang payah”

Hwargh. I seriously could not imagine what would I feel if I were in Adik’s shoes. Never mind adik! I will support you 110%. I somehow feel embarrassed with Malaysian’s reading habit. I believe that “you are what you read”. Reading builds foundation for your thinking. I know the fact that reading Roadl Dahl’s books has made me become a person who think out of the box. I am not ordinary. I am not a commoner. I am odd and special. I thank Roadl Dahl for stimulating my brain to be a creative and imaginative thinker. I thank God for creating Roadl Dahl and gave him inspiration to inspire others.

In the end, adik decided to do “Used books sale”. Much practical and will not waste much money. No publisher will take high risk and everyone will be happy. AND, it saves trees too! I hope many people will participate and interested to sell and buy books.

Happy world book day!!


“jarang benar blog Ainee diupdate sekarang ni”

Semenjak dari bulan lepas, tak banyak masa diluangkan untuk menenangkan fikiran (beriadah, membaca buku, bermain game, menggunakan aplikasi Y! Messenger). Sebenarnya, tiada masa berehat. Kalau penat sangat, tiada kudrat, tidur. Memang tiada peluang memanjakan diri. Movie pun tak habis tengok lagi.  Tergantung dari minggu lepas.

Bulan ini sahaja, tiap² minggu perlu submit assignment. Immune badan mulai lemah. Asyik tak sihat. Berapa kali mau ke dokter. Otak ni pun dah penat. Penat berjaga, penat berfikir. Bukan sedikit jumlah perkataan yang perlu ditulis. Paling sedikit dua ribu. Refleksi lagi. Rujukan lagi. Aduh.

Inilah serba sedikit escapism dari dunia saya yang sibuk. Memang lain benar dengan budaya MARJON yang memberi assignment sebulan sekali. Examination pun adalah dalam dua tiga kali, itu pun dalam masa dua tahun. God help me!!

*sikit lagi nak gila*

Public Service Announcement

This is a Public Service Announcement made on behalf of Ainee, the owner of this blog.

She would like the blog’s loyal visitors to know that she has made it to Malaysia in whole and in good condition.

She has re-attended IPBA college.

Internet Access is scarce for the time being. Apologies for the lack of updates. And,

Ainee misses you all. 🙂

pink/breast cancer awareness

Bismillah. Today is 26th October and we are encouraged to show our support for breast cancer campaign. I’ve heard a lot from TV, individuals and many more about breast cancer. Awful stories generally but still, there are some inspiring stories, wanting others to take care of themselves.

It’s not just about breast. It’s about life and death. It’s about education and self-awareness and self-esteem. It’s about women.

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Up, up and away!

(I hope kak Eqin doesn’t read this entry till the time I reach and surprise her by myself).

Assalamualaikum. May Allah bless us all. In short time, I am going to leave the UK. Which means… Malaysia! Great. I don’t expect to go back this summer but hey, things happen and what we plan is not always what we get. We just make plan, but it is He who decides. I believe that there’ll be some hikmah. Insha Allah. Well, pray for me. I hope many will want to take the challange to help Abe Idham and Darul Izzah Orpahanage. Au revoir!!

Ummahfilm is in London!

Assalamualaikum (peace to be upon you) all. I know there are many youtubers (people who love youtube) out there and one of the channel that I like to watch is ummahfilms. This guy is from US and always have brilliant, witty, funny approach in their videos. Basically talking about the reality of today’s Muslim.

Believe me! They’re totally funny!. Have a peek on their first video

Good news is, they’re coming over to the UK!!!

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