World book day

Today is World Book Day. I still remember that I used to collect loads of World Book Day postcard in MARJON, and sent some to Malaysia (It’s frolicking free!! 😀 I only need to pay 47 pence for the stamp!). One of my suggestion to my mak is Roald Dahl. But obviously, my mom does not read in English. But yeah, I still bug her to read good books. I hope the books that I presented to her has been read. *cross fingers*

This year, I’m celebrating World Book Day in Malaysia. I miss cheap good books in the UK. I wish Malaysia have (I know that Ujana Ilmu is almost similar but still, not a vast variety of books), carboot sale, book depository and friendly small local book store (they read before they sell).

Just now one of my friends [let’s name her adik] told me of her suggestion to do book fair in my college. She went to the library, asking the librarian to help her in the project. However, she was disappointed with the respond given.

“1- Cadangan adik tu bagus tapi adik boleh tengok berapa ramai je yang datang library ni pinjam buku. Akak boleh tunjuk muka mana yang selalu pinjam buku. Akak boleh hafal nama lagi.”

“2- Kakak library: [The librarian shows a French story book] Adik tahu harga ni berapa? Cuba adik teka?

Adik: Urm, tatau. Kalau kat Malaysia, belas-belas la kot?

Kakak library: Satu ni RM70. Daripada adik nak buat pesta buku, baik adik suruh budak² ni disiplin. Buku banyak yang kehilangan muka surat. Kena conteng.”

“Adik susah la. Publisher takmau datang bila kita cakap bilangan student kat sini berapa.”

“[After Adik showed a dissappointed face] Akak tahu cadangan adik tu bagus, tapi hakikatnya memang payah”

Hwargh. I seriously could not imagine what would I feel if I were in Adik’s shoes. Never mind adik! I will support you 110%. I somehow feel embarrassed with Malaysian’s reading habit. I believe that “you are what you read”. Reading builds foundation for your thinking. I know the fact that reading Roadl Dahl’s books has made me become a person who think out of the box. I am not ordinary. I am not a commoner. I am odd and special. I thank Roadl Dahl for stimulating my brain to be a creative and imaginative thinker. I thank God for creating Roadl Dahl and gave him inspiration to inspire others.

In the end, adik decided to do “Used books sale”. Much practical and will not waste much money. No publisher will take high risk and everyone will be happy. AND, it saves trees too! I hope many people will participate and interested to sell and buy books.

Happy world book day!!

Good news

Good news from MARJON!

Renowned directors and producers of enormously successful animated films such as Chicken Run and Curse of the Were Rabbit will be presented with honorary degrees from the University of Exeter at the graduation ceremony of University College Plymouth St Mark & St John. The ceremony takes place on Friday 16 November at the Plymouth Pavilions when over 500 graduates will be presented with their degrees. Read more.

Congraduation for Abang Amir and Kak Fiza.

Kak Fiza, selamat walimah ^_^

Vacancy at MARJON

My heart was heavy as I saw the employment vacancy for INTED (International Education Department) Dean.


I was quite shocking to hear about Paul Gentle’s leaving during summer. It was so sudden I heard. So, right now Tony Wright is the acting INTED dean. I haven’t had a time to say goodbye and thank you to him as I was in Malaysia that time. He’s such a handsome and decent gentleman. Quite difficult to find such man. Quite a loss for INTED I reckon because Paul had numerous international network. I kinda miss his sweet smile and fatherly care. May Allah bless you. Have a good life ahead Mr. Gentle.

An exciting story of Ramadhan

Today, in Steve Ansell‘s class, we had total fun. So what we did today in class was, we produced a story.

  1. As a group (9 people in a circle table), we need to produce an agreeable title. We chose ‘an exciting story of Ramadhan.
  2. Then we need to produce an agreeable first line. So the line is ‘Ramadhan comes again’. So it’s ambiguous as Ramadhan can be the month or a person.
  3. Then, individually, we need to continue the sentence. Not more than 15 words, in 30 seconds (but to be precise it’s 1 minute).
  4. Then, clockwise turn, we need to exchange the paper. Continue to write the next sentence, based on previous sentence.
  5. As there are 9 people, the paper was written by 9 authors, 9 times.
  6. When the paper reached the original author, the original author needed to read the whole story, and gave a sensible (or crazy) ending to the story in about 30 words.
  7. Next, we were grouped into smaller groups (from 3 big groups to 8 small groups). We need to share the story with others, and pick the best story.

So, here’s my paper after been scraped by my friend (different colours means different author):

Ramadhan comes again. I am very excited about it as I’ve been waiting for it for eleven months. I am so happy. I hope this Ramadhan is going to be better than the last one. But, it turns out to be the best Ramadhan I ever had. I plan to have breakfast with my close friends and Mak Ucu. But Mak Ucu has just informed me that she is going to break fast with Datuk K alone. “Why?” shouts, cries me. After I get myself together, I realised that Mak Ucu is Datuk K’s wife. Why? Mak Ucu? Why? Compared to others, I prefer Mak Ucu. She can help me with raya preparation. Moreover, Mak Ucu has an estimated assets worth 20 millions. This is the best Ramadhan ever.

Ramadhan 14 nan beku

Salam. Peace. Shalom. Semalam sejuk benar. Hari ni pun. Semalam kami serumah tidur tanpa heating system dan tiada hot water untuk membasuh muka dan kegunaan harian. Ada pakcik datang install boiler baru. It was a very frosty night….

Tengah malam telefon Sham. Mujur dia tak tidur lagi. Sakit telinga sangat masa tu sebab terlalu sejuk. Check website BBC, temperature was 3 degrees celcius. Mak aih~ I bet kalau biakan air dlm sinki leh beku. Huhuh. Ear muffs lak dah hilang. Tertinggal kat Stansted airport tempohari. Huhuh. Call Sham, mintak hantarkan heater ke rumah. She hantarkan *sob* Thank you Sham. I owe you. Mwah!

Today pun mandi sekejap je. Mujur ada hot water untuk shower. Imagine if I turned blue after I take my shower. Just like Meredith who drowned in the sea. The difference is, no McDreamy.

Terfikir, macam mana agaknya  kalau orang kat kutub utara tu puasa? Like Moscow (KS?), Scotland (Kak Khairyn, Kak Mimi dan Kak Sue), sisters di Ireland. Hurm. Bersyukur la ye Ainee. Masih mampu menulis entry blog pada hari ini. Alhamdulillah. Masih mampu pergi ke kelas dan hidup dalam bulan rahmah nie. *whack sikit* OK semua. Wassalam. Selamat berseronok dengan pesta Ramadhan. Party terawih at HDC 201 jom!

Pending entry

Salam. I wonder why, it’s like a season. People tag me when I am about to send my assignment. Yes, I am tagged by 2 beloved blogospheres. Kak Khairyn and master cry4freedom. Huwaa!! I will accept the challenge, but after siap (finish) my assignment. Heheh.

Remember the last time I was tagged? No? Nevermind. I give you chance to explore the archives. A quick fact. In less than 24 hours, I need to send in my assignment. 3000 words justification and commentary on children literature. Right at this time, the word count for my assignment is less than 1K. Wow. Congratulations Aini. Huu, give laa some encouragement to me.

PS: Insha Allah I will try to upload the final draft in the next entry. For post-mortem. So that later you can write a paper on ‘Samples on last-minute work: disadvantages to undergraduates’. thankyouverymuch!

Kenapa menulis blog?

Bismillah. Sila rujuk kepada entry MR cry4freedom. Walaupun literature review untuk dissertation saya masih belum selesai, namun, hati ini degil untuk menulis. Tak boleh tidur kalau tidak meluahkan isi minda saya di atas papan kekunci. Dulu, pernah menulis entry yang lebih kurang sama, namun itu semasa zaman jahiliyyah, zaman tak kenal diri sendiri. Kali ini, ingin menjawab dalam bahasa ibunda pula. Jadi, kenapa menulis blog? Continue reading

My sayang~

He always kissed me when I asked him to. Very bratty. Very fussy and posh. Oh, picky as well. He only eat north Atlantic prawns and Whiskas. He comes to me with his shining eyes and soft purr, asking for attention. But, I love him so much. A darling to everyone (except to those who are allergic to cat or animal). I think I’ll miss him when I go back to Malaysia. =( Beethoven Ford