Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club handbag

I was looking for more practical handbag for my teaching practice in PJ. Was pening looking around. Need to find one before mega sale ends. Need to save more for rainy days you see. Minyak mahai sekarang, later sume barang naik (BN). So cannot do impulsive shopping anymore. Huhuh T_T

I aimed for big bag so that I can fit the files and teaching materials into it. So, my choices was Balenciaga and Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club. I like Balenciaga line but it does not have compartment. Only one zip and that’s it but it does have nice look. If I were to buy it, l know my habit that I’m going to dump in my stuffs and when I need to find an item, I’ll become frantic for not able to for my stuff. So SBPRC wins. It is thick, durable, old-school look. It does have teacher’s look innit? Between the two, there are not much price difference. SBPRC have both qualities, function and look. Hehe.

Spotted. Paris Hilton with her new  classy Jackie O look. Look at the handbag.


(Picture taken from Trent-pinkisthenewblog)

The school that I’m going to is an elite school so there is hope that it will be easy for me to teach the students. But yeah, it’s not all about teaching and learning. It’s about educating young minds and preparing them for the real-nasty-expensive-kiasu world. Although the school is not that far from IPBA, but since the petrol hike happens globally, I’m not sure whether we can survive our teaching practice days without worrying about the moneh. *sigh* “Be money smart” Omark advised me.

Righto! New spirit to go for teaching practice with a new handbag. *semangat!!*

Malaysian Women’s Weekly June ’08

So I was waiting for my aunty doing her shoes-hunting and standing in front of So what will happen when Ainee meets a magazine stall or bookshop? My soft spot is good reading materials. Who says ‘Don’t judge a bookmagazine by it’s cover?’. I was attracted with the issues: “look sexy naked (without exercise)” and “8 fashion must haves”. Moreover, Sasha Bashir is the cover girl (yep! the au naturale beaut host of Beauty Secrets from The East). So, obviously I bought it (temptation huh?).

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