“jarang benar blog Ainee diupdate sekarang ni”

Semenjak dari bulan lepas, tak banyak masa diluangkan untuk menenangkan fikiran (beriadah, membaca buku, bermain game, menggunakan aplikasi Y! Messenger). Sebenarnya, tiada masa berehat. Kalau penat sangat, tiada kudrat, tidur. Memang tiada peluang memanjakan diri. Movie pun tak habis tengok lagi.  Tergantung dari minggu lepas.

Bulan ini sahaja, tiap² minggu perlu submit assignment. Immune badan mulai lemah. Asyik tak sihat. Berapa kali mau ke dokter. Otak ni pun dah penat. Penat berjaga, penat berfikir. Bukan sedikit jumlah perkataan yang perlu ditulis. Paling sedikit dua ribu. Refleksi lagi. Rujukan lagi. Aduh.

Inilah serba sedikit escapism dari dunia saya yang sibuk. Memang lain benar dengan budaya MARJON yang memberi assignment sebulan sekali. Examination pun adalah dalam dua tiga kali, itu pun dalam masa dua tahun. God help me!!

*sikit lagi nak gila*


Di pagi hari, selepas tengah malam, sebelum Subuh. Sedang membuat assignment. Divert sekejap.

Curriculum Study | Candid Syndrome

Curriculum Study: ialah satu subjek untuk tahun ke empat B.Ed TESL. Assignmentnya susah giler. Kene hantar Rabu ni sebelum pukul 10 pagi.

Candid Sydrome: Wedding photographer team yang best. All the shots taken are beautiful. I prefer them than Kidchan. I checked them out (sepatutnya buat assignment!) sebab semalam had conversation with Mak.

Mak: Ala kawin cepat la.

Me: Mane buleh mak sekarang ni nak kawen awal kene prepare awal2. Photographer nak kene tempah setahun.

Mak: Ala, takyah la buat grand2.

Then memberitahu sang calon subuh hari ni seawal nam pagi (dia yg call ek, bukan i yg bug dia):

Me: Guess what. Saiful Nang is fully booked sampai 2009.

Him: Erk! (stunned sekejap selama 10 saat). You nak pakai Saiful Nang ke?

Me: Ehehehe. Not necessarily (ayat cover baek punya)

In the end kena pilih Curriculum Study jugak sebab tanak fail assignment.


An exciting story of Ramadhan

Today, in Steve Ansell‘s class, we had total fun. So what we did today in class was, we produced a story.

  1. As a group (9 people in a circle table), we need to produce an agreeable title. We chose ‘an exciting story of Ramadhan.
  2. Then we need to produce an agreeable first line. So the line is ‘Ramadhan comes again’. So it’s ambiguous as Ramadhan can be the month or a person.
  3. Then, individually, we need to continue the sentence. Not more than 15 words, in 30 seconds (but to be precise it’s 1 minute).
  4. Then, clockwise turn, we need to exchange the paper. Continue to write the next sentence, based on previous sentence.
  5. As there are 9 people, the paper was written by 9 authors, 9 times.
  6. When the paper reached the original author, the original author needed to read the whole story, and gave a sensible (or crazy) ending to the story in about 30 words.
  7. Next, we were grouped into smaller groups (from 3 big groups to 8 small groups). We need to share the story with others, and pick the best story.

So, here’s my paper after been scraped by my friend (different colours means different author):

Ramadhan comes again. I am very excited about it as I’ve been waiting for it for eleven months. I am so happy. I hope this Ramadhan is going to be better than the last one. But, it turns out to be the best Ramadhan I ever had. I plan to have breakfast with my close friends and Mak Ucu. But Mak Ucu has just informed me that she is going to break fast with Datuk K alone. “Why?” shouts, cries me. After I get myself together, I realised that Mak Ucu is Datuk K’s wife. Why? Mak Ucu? Why? Compared to others, I prefer Mak Ucu. She can help me with raya preparation. Moreover, Mak Ucu has an estimated assets worth 20 millions. This is the best Ramadhan ever.

plus c’est la même chose

Abe Id created a new fashion for charity. Kak Khairyn and Azwan tagged me when I was in the peak time of finishing my assignment. Couldn’t do it at first, alhamdulillah I have time now. (yer, lapang sebelum sibuk. huu~). So, I’ve answered your challenge!

1. A person is only as good as he can be.

2. Friendship is ukhwah fillah, not just in this dunya, but friends are for helping each other to improve, in order to gain sweet ending ending in the akhira–thereafter.
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Pending entry

Salam. I wonder why, it’s like a season. People tag me when I am about to send my assignment. Yes, I am tagged by 2 beloved blogospheres. Kak Khairyn and master cry4freedom. Huwaa!! I will accept the challenge, but after siap (finish) my assignment. Heheh.

Remember the last time I was tagged? No? Nevermind. I give you chance to explore the archives. A quick fact. In less than 24 hours, I need to send in my assignment. 3000 words justification and commentary on children literature. Right at this time, the word count for my assignment is less than 1K. Wow. Congratulations Aini. Huu, give laa some encouragement to me.

PS: Insha Allah I will try to upload the final draft in the next entry. For post-mortem. So that later you can write a paper on ‘Samples on last-minute work: disadvantages to undergraduates’. thankyouverymuch!

Sibuk dan mencari inspirasi

Ok. Third year, busy year. But I need to seize it because the time wasted won’t be replace with the same one. Betul tak? Finally my Thursday is free without any activity. Yea~! Kalau tak, lepas kelas Mike, kena gegas pergi ke Barbican. Dah la pening kepala, nak buat benda kreatif2 yang memerlukan my mind to rest and be inspired.

Whew. Thursday yang bahagia. *grin*

So basically I need inspiration to my assignment. Comparative Education. I need to compare education system of British and Malaysia. Anyone have any resources do send it to my email. I would really appreciate it. I only have 2 weeks left, and I my days are always filled with activities. Even if I have free time, I would be too tired to write. Then I will watch movies and catch up things that I miss. Then, bila masa kerja nak siap? Whew.

Today in Michael’s class we planned our schedule to do Comparative Education assignment. Heheh, manja tak kitaorang? Then in Mike’s class buat clay animation dan basically takde la dia expect our product secanggih Wallace and Gromit, it’s just that we need to know how’s the process and how to edit it later. Oh, inspirasi memang amat diperlukan di kala ini. And usually inspiration come when I meet ‘Him’. And semua Dia yang bagi, so takleh nak claim credit sorang diri. If so, say “All praise to Allah, the one who gave me all these”. Huhuh. Peringatan buat diri sendiri juga. Ok, if anyone wants to inspire me to do dissertation on ‘Nursery Rhymes’, please do so. I would appreciate it very much.

Read this, that’ll inspire you to practise to read to your children