Cerita cikgu

Hari ni Allah buka mata saya seluas luasnya. Seorang anak murid mengadu yg budak lelaki bernama F ni ketuk kepala dia.

Cikgu: awak buat/cakap apa sampai dia ketuk awak?
Murid perempuan: takde apa cikgu. Tiba2 dia ketuk

Saya bertanya lebih lanjut kepada F sebab musabab dia buat begitu.

Cikgu: kenapa awak buat nadia macam tu? Dia buat apa? Dia ada pukul awak? Mengata awak?
F: takde cikgu.
C: dahtu? Kenapa nak pukul dia tak masal? Awak kena pukul dengan siapa? (Saya pegang lengan)

Tiba2 dia menarik lengannya dengan cepat. Mengaduh kesakitan. Walhal saya baru pegang. Pelik. Saya bawa ke perpustakaan di corner yg ada sofa.
C: awak kena pukul dengan siapa?

Terus air mata mengalir keluar. 

F: ayah saya.
C: dia pukul kat mana? Sini ye? (Sambil memeriksa lengannya yang berbirat kemerahan)
C: dia pukul dengan apa?
F: pancing
C: awak buat apa sampai dia pukul awak mcm ni? Awak nakal ye?
F: taktau cikgu.  Tiba2 dia pukul (air mata laju keluar)
C: bila ni?
F: semalam. 
C: waktu bila? Pagi? Petang? Siang? Malam?
F: waktu maghrib. 

Lepas tu nasihat selanjutnya diberikan agar beliau tidak memukul anak orang lain.

Kesimpulannya,  keganasan yang berlaku dalam domestik akan berlanjutan hingga ke komuniti.  Banyak sebab berlaku keganasan. Namun sewajarnya sebagai seorang guru, jangan sesekali kita turut terjebak dengan berlaku ganas kepada anak murid kita. Janganlah lempang, cubit,  pukul anak murid kita. Percayalah pada hikmah sebagaimana Rasulullah tunjuk dalam akhlaknya. Anak murid yang masih berada di sekolah rendah adalah mudah disentuh berbanding dengan sekolah menengah.  Tolong lah. Berhenti hukum fizikal anak murid. Kita nak lahir kan rakyat Malaysia yang baik. Bukan ganas.

Sluggish Saturday

Omg omg. Im feeling draggy and sluggish to go to school today. Woke up at 530, prepared nasi lemak. Watched ustaz Don a bit. Then do the laundry. Am feeling productive to do the housework. But not going to school. Though I have 4 STACKS of books to be marked, paper works, and a table to be organized. Haih. After bath, I had problem to mix and match my Saturday outfit. Skirts is print. So does blouse. Three quarter sleeve. Have to wear a cardigan. Found purple plain one. From poplook. Then I just cannot find a plain black instant hijab. So I am wearing the polka dot one. What a mess. Sometimes, I wish I can stay at home just like other government servants. But yeah, every weekday I go back earlier than other government servant. Sluggish Saturday. And it’s cloudy and drizzling. *sigh*

DPM: Don’t burden teachers with irrelevant jobs

DPM’s speech regarding teachers’ bunrnout: read here

    As a Mignonne in this education world, I am delighted to see this article published in DPM’s facebook note.

For your information, we have pretty rough time juggling school errands and playing other roles as well.

    As a human, we deserve a conducive working environment. We deserve to be treated equally. We need some time to de-stress and recharge my energy so that I can work as optimum as I can the next day. I have to be honest here. My weakness of unable to handle my stress have resulted poor immune system. Hey. I want to work. Not to be sick. For a record, most of my Saturdays have been taken up and once or twice a month, I applied for MC. Such a shame. I’m supposed to contribute something to the country, innit? But due to my workload, I’m stressed.

    My creativity has been castrated due to the workload. I rarely write poetry nowadays. I didn’t go to musical or theater for 2 years. I didn’t read much book as I was used to. The only time I can read book when I was on my way back to Perak. The bus journey takes 8 hours and I benefited my time by reading. I travel back to my hometown in Perak during school holidays only. Once in a blue moon. (My mom is living alone and she is 51 years old, imagine the heartache I have when we are far). Recently, the Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri announced “NILAM” for teachers. What is it about? Courses and seminars aim to equip teachers with decent and updated knowledge about teaching profession. However, as we all know, too much funding goes to the Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi, millions go to overseas students, and not to mention the national mega projects. Hence, no more fund can be allocated for teacher’s professional development. Come to think of it, when do we have time to read?

    Here’s my routine:

    • 5.00/5.30 Wakes up
    • 6.00 Bath, subuh, make coffee for husband, iron tudung(have to do all these in a rush)
    • 6.30 Goes to school
    • 7.00 reach school, starts EW20 program or Citra Bahasa or Radio Sekolah
    • 7.20 Assembly
    • 7.30 Class started
    • 9.00/9.30 Breakfast or else there will be no other time to eat. Need energy to teach the hyperactive class.
    • 1.00 Class ended, lunch, solat zohor.
    • 1.30 Monday-Prep for Buddy Support System, Tue-Meeting, Wed-Co-curricular, Thu- Meeting/Latihan
    • 5.30 Go back home. Usually other people can go back early beacuse they have their own transport but my hubby insist me being a car-less person, I stay at school longer than anyone else. Extra stress mark for me. Ting! Even the afternoon teachers dah tak larat nak tegur “Tak balik lagi?”
    • 6.00 /6.30 Reach home or hubby’s office, shower, asar.
    • 7.00 Prep for dinner, maghrib.
    • 8.00 Start working for paper work, need to send it A.S.A.P the next day/ book marking/ exam paper marking. *30 minutes de-stress by surfing internet.
    • 12.00/1.00 Iron baju, prep for tomorrow, laundry (leave my laundry in the auto machine, hang it out tomorrow)

    I don’t have time to go for retail therapy. I missed quite a number of good movies. I don’t go out meeting people. Becoming more depressed as hubby come home late (3/4am, sometimes 5am). I have no one to talk to. Hubby warned me because of my expensive phone bill. Sad thing I move from Perak to Johor 🙁

      Lately, there are many articles written about teacher’s workload. Fact#1 , most of insane asylum inhabitants are used to be teachers at school. Fact #2, 10 patients undergoing chemotherapy at the hospital were teachers (source: the star) . The real truth, many family members of teachers are receiving less attention and love.


      1. Teachers are the assets of the country. How many more will be sacrificed to asylum and cancer ward?
      2. How many more pupils’ education development will be sacrificed in class, due to teacher’s fatigue and burnout?
      3. If more smart teachers are slaughtered in teaching profession (be it career change, asylum, etc.) , what will become of our education standard?

      More reading regarding similar issue:

      1. Confession of a Cikgu
      2. The real truth about teaching by Tasneem Muhammad
      3. Bila guru luah rasa by Wahid Hashim
      4. Jealous? Come and stay here in pedalaman by Fazlin Farieza
      5. Ever wonder I get paid more than average teacher? by Ah Kam

      How do I have time writing this? I abandon my exam papers. 210 sets. 50% done but I cannot mark when I am emotional. Pity my students who are going to receive “emotional” mark from me.

      PS: Indonesia have come up with an organization to study about teacher’s workload years ago. Maybe we can learn something from them.

    blogging hiatus

    i haven’t updated stuffs in this blog for quite a long time. for a person who used to make resolution “i want to type in my teaching experience in blog and make it one of my professional development strategy”, she has become wilted and exhausted.

    the burden is unbearable. having 29 periods of teaching, staying after school until 6.30 pm. continuous work everyday (extra class, admin work, long meetings, choir practice, hockey practice). as if, i’m working in the morning and evening session. :((

    i was dreaming of teaching my pupils outside school but i cannot do anything because i simply do not have time for myself, and energy for extra teaching. i almost gave up. wanting to quit and trying other profession but “he” confided me to stay and tell me “the children need a teacher like you”. i want to quite because i drag myself too much to the extent that i have to take sick leave twice this month. i really need a break.

    i would like to apologize to my fellow students in pj (you guys know who you are and i can’t reveal your school name due to security) for not being able to communicate, reply emails promptly and so forth. i am having pretty tough time here, trying to juggle everything. my life and my career. please pray for my health, strength and wealth (muhammad, i still remember that you want me to have a rich husband, haha).

    so, good luck for the choral speaking and you guys rock. ps: i miss you all

    I’m currently in JB, need to do practice for nasyid perfomance and year 6’s extra class (i didn’t get extra pay, fyi). urgh. even for my own small ceremony i couldn’t prepare much due to time constrain. (sorry mak, for not being able to go back to hometown earlier). i hope, what is planned will go well and “all well ends well”.

    [to bro–you know who you are] we’re dealing stress and manage them. we’re the master of our brain and body. we can go through the thick and thin! yeah!!


    I’m a newbie teacher part II

    I was so stressed when I received loads of workload as a class teacher. I was so shocked and stressed. My class timetable was rejected twice. I spent about 10 hours doing my class’ timetable. I just wonder why he don’t want to buy the ready-made timetable. I just don’t have time do everything!

    Then I got to fill in the register (buku kedatangan). Of course, as a newbie, I’m far from perfect and he can’t expect me to do perfect job. FYI, the register must be handwritten. Mistakes can’t be concealed by liquid paper. I did loads of mistake and I had to rewrite the kids’ name again and it consumes me about 5 hours. Starting from digging their information from the pink form (borang maklumat murid), and then writing it nicely (and I do it slowly because I have a bad handwriting due to too much of computer usage). And then tally it with the kids’ profile (I had to go down to GPK HEM’s room, and get the files from there, open it one by one).

    Yesterday, it was Saturday. It was supposed to be Kokurikulum day (I know the fact that most of the schools around here are having their school replacement–due to the demand of having a week CNY’s holiday). But then, since there are so many unsettled job, he decided not to have koko this saturday and the teachers have to work their ass off to finish the jobs. *wipehead*. I had to do these in 2 days:

    1. labelling headcount’s book with the pupils’s name and class.
    2. filling in register book (tarikh lahir, umur pada 1 jan, pekerjaan bapa/penjaga, alamat, nomor tepon, surat beranak, etc).
    3. keying data for SMM (sistem maklumat murid)

    Thus, yesterday, I had really bad migraine (which I don’t have for quite a long time) then I vomit. I felt much better after I vomited and I am so lucky because someone had taken a good care of me. And I love him to death.

    OK, taa. Need to head back to work.

    I’m a newbie teacher

    I was not able to spend some minutes to catch new movie, shopping and surfing the internet ever since I arrived in that school. It’s been over a week since I have arrived in JB.Surprise surprise. At first I was informed that I got a school in Pasir Gudang (on Friday) but then on Monday, I was informed that I was sent to JB.I consider myself lucky and surprised. The Ketua Sektor has placed me in SK XYZ (I don’t even know him and I wonder why he did so. Korek² dari GPK rupanya sekolah mintak guru bahasa inggeris).

    I went to the school on 30th December. 2 days earlier than I’m supposed to.My family can’t send me on the 1st. They’ll be dead tired if they rush to JB on the 30th or 31st.

    Right,I don’t know what to call this. Either it’s a serendipity or merely fateful. The school is Omar’s client and he knows the GB personally. Oh, kak susu is in there as well. She’s my senior from marjon and ipba. She’s the Ketua Panitia there so I already have a guru. Ain’t I lucky?

    Ok, let me tell you my first time at school. I met him my GB and I was scolded. I thought he was testing the mike and talking to someone else (because he was rushing here and there, talking to many people, trying to fix the PA system yada yada). He said I was rude because I did not stand when I was talking to him. I was dumbfucked and shocked. But the GPK explained that she haven’t explained “his rules” to me yet. So, he went away and continue doing his job.

    The early bird catches the worm. I get to choose my seating place in the staff room. I get to know my colleagues earlier.I attended Zoom A course (which I found really really useful). I’ve made some impression in that way.The KPLIs came on the first January. They need to catch up with the school fast because the GB is GB cemerlang. So everything must work in order, as soon as possible. Since I already explored the school earlier, I’ve gained the confidence to join other teachers in that school.

    Next: I’m a newbie Part 2: I was challenged by the Guru Besar when he had given me many posts. I get to become a class teacher and I was broke down, first time in the year of 2009.

    SK XYZ: Name of the school is concealed for discretion. Don’t want the people who are googling for the school found this blog.

    I got Johor! Yeay!

    Haha. I just got the news from other people. Haven’t seen the result of my posting by myself yet. I can’t access the site apparently. Huhuh. And I am so happy to get Johor but unfortunately most of my babes got Sabah. Huu. If anything happens, my backup system is so far away lah kan. Oh!! Huu. Prolly I can give them a visit during school holiday.

    So here are the pros and cons of my situation.


    1. If anything happens to me or my family, it is reachable by any land vehicle.
    2. Got a place near to my bf of course. Haha.
    3. Tazzy pun ada dkt sana. Anything that includes the business of managing Malaysian education system, I can ask the person who ate the salt way earlier. Ahaha.


    1. Tak dapat elaun wilayah. So harapan nak beli kereta canggih manggih adalah nipis sedikit, melainkan I got elaun gefren. Haha!! 😀
    2. Jauh dari backup system ku. Huu.
    3. Quite far from my hometown. Tapi jauh lg kalau daku dapat Sabah kan? Huu~

    First and foremost, thank you god for everything that you gave to me. I am so grateful of this situation.