My pupils are my gifts

Dear Miss Aini, I ¬†am sorry I could not come to school today but I wrote you a poem…..

I am sorry I did not come to school today,

And could not say goodbye,
But I will miss you when you are gone,
And now I feel like I’m going to cry……
If you think it is a nice poem…. you should realize that you are the one who taught me how to write poems like this.
I don’t think I can ever have a teacher as great as you were!!
Miss you lots and lots and lots and lots…..

My kids are nosy

They asks me nosy questions but still, cute.

Did you have a boyfriend? Of course, I have exes.

What’s your boyfriend name? Omark.

Is his handsome? His what is handsome? If you ask “Is he handsome?”, my answer is yessss!!

Gosh. They better correct their grammar before being nosy. Haha.

More free photos for the working Saturday here.

Kids say the darnest things

My pupils have good sense of humor. A boy sent me some jokes.

What do computers eat? Chips

Why did the dog go under a shady tree? Because it does not want to be a hot dog.

Where is the best place we can go to disco? San FranDisco

What do you call a bee that always grumble?Grumble bee.

What do you call a rich hare? Million hare.

Surat peminat

Hari ni aku menguruskan surat-surat dan lukisan dari anak murid dengan banyaknya.


Ye, memang meja bersepah.

Tapi surat ni membuatkan aku terharu.


They also mentioned that they will be sad if I leave them this coming September. Awww~
*teary eyes*

This kind of thing that lifts up my spirit of becoming a teacher. A great teacher.

Ethics of posting teaching experience blog

This entry is written due to my concern of my friend who was being censored (not really i think, he gave the term so yeah) due to misunderstanding of his entry.

  1. Do not include the details of your school. Mum the name. Even the location.
  2. It would be best if you use pseudonym, so that your student won’t be able to google you.
  3. If you are not comfortable of sharing it with others, create password for your blog (like myself, I prefer to share so that we’d all learn).
  4. Try not to make remark about teacher’s attitude or what. Obnoxious behaviour exists everywhere. (I have it as well. Human kan?).
  5. Enjoy your teaching experience, be reflective and critical.
  6. After all, we learn from each other’s experience, innit? The teaching practice will be a teacher’s most important episode of teaching career. Thus, the blog is my keepsake. Studied in England?

Suatu hari di kelas 4 Melati.

Gegirl: Teacher, have you studied in England before?

Me: Urm, why do you say so?

Gegirl: because from the way you speak. I think you studied in England.

[10 seconds of awesomeness]

Me: Yes, I used to study in England. (sambil hidong menahan kempas kempus).

I thought I lost the accent but yeah my students are good listeners. So far, none complained about my accent and they even challenge me cognitively. Seriously! So yeah. Go British English. Go Austin Power!! Hahah.


Cikgu: Hai, aritu kamu tak bertudung. Bila masa kamu bertudung?

Student: Ari jumaat je saya pakai tudung.

Ustaz: Baguslah. Ada nampak rupa macam anak dara sikit.

Student: (dengan nada inesen) Tapi ustaz, saya belum dara lagi.

[Satu bilik guru bantai gelak]

Suara kecil: agaknya, budak ni tak paham konsep dara. ahahaha.

when do we need sex education?

Amaran awal: entry ini tiada kaitan langsung dengan kes Anwar Ibrahim. Anda mungkin pembaca blog yang sesat.

Tadi ngaja kelas relief kejap. ada sorang boboy ni tengah melukis peta benua amerika and places in the US. Then suddenly he pointed to Los Angeles and said “tempat ni sume orang buat benda tak elok nie”. Then a girl suddenly said “all countries make sex. including saudi arabia”. Continue reading