I’m a newbie teacher part II

I was so stressed when I received loads of workload as a class teacher. I was so shocked and stressed. My class timetable was rejected twice. I spent about 10 hours doing my class’ timetable. I just wonder why he don’t want to buy the ready-made timetable. I just don’t have time do everything!

Then I got to fill in the register (buku kedatangan). Of course, as a newbie, I’m far from perfect and he can’t expect me to do perfect job. FYI, the register must be handwritten. Mistakes can’t be concealed by liquid paper. I did loads of mistake and I had to rewrite the kids’ name again and it consumes me about 5 hours. Starting from digging their information from the pink form (borang maklumat murid), and then writing it nicely (and I do it slowly because I have a bad handwriting due to too much of computer usage). And then tally it with the kids’ profile (I had to go down to GPK HEM’s room, and get the files from there, open it one by one).

Yesterday, it was Saturday. It was supposed to be Kokurikulum day (I know the fact that most of the schools around here are having their school replacement–due to the demand of having a week CNY’s holiday). But then, since there are so many unsettled job, he decided not to have koko this saturday and the teachers have to work their ass off to finish the jobs. *wipehead*. I had to do these in 2 days:

  1. labelling headcount’s book with the pupils’s name and class.
  2. filling in register book (tarikh lahir, umur pada 1 jan, pekerjaan bapa/penjaga, alamat, nomor tepon, surat beranak, etc).
  3. keying data for SMM (sistem maklumat murid)

Thus, yesterday, I had really bad migraine (which I don’t have for quite a long time) then I vomit. I felt much better after I vomited and I am so lucky because someone had taken a good care of me. And I love him to death.

OK, taa. Need to head back to work.

5 thoughts on “I’m a newbie teacher part II

  1. having been working with schools and teachers for more than a couple of years back then (though i am not a teacher myself), i do feel their agony and pain especially when school reopens. teachers are now doing unnecessary admin job rather than attending classes and teach. the KPM has been shouting about the workload teachers have to deal with but looks like no proactive solution is taken. they should look at what korea has achieved in term of online management system.

    macam mana cikgu tak naik angin kat murid2 when schools bagi belambak keja yang tak relevan dengan job description?

    kesian para guru…


  2. oh darl.i dunno u were so stressed up.sorry 4 bothering u dat day.saba ye..mule2 mang cmtu kot…now i kno y my mom always handwriting her register book 😉

  3. poor you…
    I came in a week late before KPM released secondary school names late so I all the busy busy posts have been filled by other teachers.
    I’m glad there is someone there to take care of you!

  4. u kira untung lah juga…. ai kene pegang jadual waktu… buat jadual relief, jadi pembantu penyelaras it, pegang koperasi as pen. bendahari, jaga budak kat hostel (walaupun tak kene lantik jadi warden lagi)… guru kelas, pen penyelaras kokum, s/u sistem rumah (isis)…. poneng den….

    keje 20 jam sehari.. huhu

  5. Teacher,
    Who is he??? Tell me!!! Wanna know what am I talking about?? Read down there… I copied it from entry..

    I am so lucky because someone had taken a good care of me. And I love him to death.

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