I am officially a hot geek chick

I went for the interview last week, although I complained for not getting a tough question, but the thing is, I get the job!! Yeay!! Alhamdulillah (all the praise to Allah). Farah as well. We pwn the boys oke. Well, I’m sure Bob doesn’t want to compete with me. Isn’t it Bob?? Lalalala~ 😛

So, I get the job at iVillage. I will help people around with computer stuffs. Working with the handsome guys who doesn’t care much about woman but computers (that’s why I love geeks, they don’t see the stereotype beauty idea :P). So, I don’t mind the pay but the experience and the working environment. Oh, I think I’ve impressed them with my CV and pinkiness. I’m quite surprised, I pwn other boys candidates. Less than 20 people, but they want to pick 3, and me and Farah are the chosen girls. Weehoo! We have the force!

See you around iVillage people!


Uh oh. I’ve uploaded my vids on youtube. I spent hours in the studio. Appreciate my effort a bit, can aa? LOL. Aite. The links:



PS: To Aini shamsi, thank you for the poskad raya.

PS2: Alin gave me this link “why geeks and nerds are worth it“. It makes my day. LOL.

4 thoughts on “I am officially a hot geek chick

  1. for all the mixed feelings (u know what i mean), u got the job.

    jangan marah2 lagi pasnih ye. hehe. 😀 ngeeeee

    poskad? sama2. strike dah abes, so bile lagi?

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