Crazy craving

Omark asked me whether I like Indian food or not. I was like “u crazy? i love love love it”. When I was in secondary school and fancy mee goreng mamak and capati so much, my mom cursed me “macam ni kamu kene kawen ngan mamak. bole la tiap2 ari dia masak mee. baru name mee mamak betul”. Huu (-_-)

I used to order Indian food weekly when I was in Plymouth, especially when I came back from work (because I know i’d be bloody hungry and tired). The best that I’ve ever tasted is “Veggie Perrins“. It’s a vegetarian restaurant, friendly owner and posh restaurant. The price isĀ  affordable and you will feel that you want to pay more to the owner because of the food, the service and the posh place. *wipe saliva*

Now, where do I get such cuisine in Malaysia? I wonder where good Indian chefs go. I want a good Indian restaurant please, that serves onion bhaji, pakora, mango chutney and all. The closest one that I can find is in Brickfields. But, but, Plymouth’s is better. *cry*


Over and done

Believe it or not, I have officially finished studying in MARJON. I had last session (drama workshop) with Katy this morning. I’m going to miss everything about MARJON and Plymouth. The place where I learn so many things and the place where I learn about life as well. I know I will miss this place, as my heart feels like not wanting to go back to Malaysia. However, Malaysia awaits me, and whether I like it or not, I still need to go back and do my final year in KL.

Time flown. I thought it was Monday yesterday, and today is already Friday. Where had the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday gone? *sigh* I haven’t done my packing yet and many other stuffs that need to be done before I go back. Gosh. How time envies me!

So long farewell Plymouth hoe

I shall see you once more

One day it will be

A day for you and me

Eid Fitr 2007

Alhamdulillah segala persiapan malam raya berjalan lancar dalam pukul 1 pagi.

Alhamdulillah aku dan rakan-rakan masih boleh bernafas di bumi Allah dan menyambut hari raya.

Alhamdulillah aku mendengar nasihat yang baik melalui khutbah raya yang disampaikan oleh Brother Edzlam.

Alhamdulillah tetamu-tetamu kami gembira dengan hidangan yang disediakan.

Alhamdulillah ego aku mampu merendahkan diri di hari baik, hari bergembira.

Alhamdulillah kerana perut aku masih lagi tidak sakit selepas disumbat dengan secara paksa.

Alhamdulillah family di Malaysia sihat-sihat aja.

Allahu akbar, allahu akbar, allahu akbar, walillahil hamd.

Review for PIETY talk by Abdul Raheem Green

Assalamualaikum, alhamdulillahi rabiil alamin. wassolati wassalamu ala asyrafil anbiya’i wal mursalin. wa ‘ala ‘alihi wa sohbihi ajma’in (praises to Allah). Alhamdulillah. PIETY talk by Abdul Raheem Green was brilliant. There are a few non-muslims attended, either charity-based person or student of theology. Brother Green simply amazes me. I would say every single second he speaks, is fruitful. Masha Allah. His accent is understandable as he is using Queen English. Quick notes on his important points.

Culture vs Islam: He pre-warned people, that this might be sensitive to some cultures. He talks on arranged marriage culture and what is marriage in islamic context. Later, someone asked him about the ‘honour killing‘ that happened last month, and he answered, it is absolutely not what islam teaches. He said, how on earth, you are living in England, your children are surrounded by ‘girlfriend, boyfriend’ culture, then you want to find some relatives in Pakistan, and married him to her. I myself would say it’s rubbish. Ok. It is father’s job to ensure his daughter to marry the right man, but to extent to kill her? That’s not islam. Islam doesn’t teach you can kill other people because human’s status is uplifted to be a caliph, and not animal.

funny, no?: Brother Green asked us to thin. WHat if your neighbors think you have bombs inside your house. Many laughed. but later he saidĀ  in serious tone”no! i know you think it’s funny, but think again, what if it really happens? who are going to change their perception?”. I was like, oh my god. It’s true. I don’t know what’s inside their head. I thought it was funny and silly at first, but think again, what if they (neighbours) really think so? Yes, freak and frantic. Not all of them come to the talk and really know what is islam and who is Muslim.

audience: There was an old lady who are studying theology, wanted brother abdul raheem green to say that western culture is npot associated to christian. She even said “it is not surprising if the westerners one day embrace Islam”. You see, he was brought up as a christian, and he is a westerner, a British, no matter where he goes. So, he’s there, done it.

Overall, it was very valuable. Every single second I’ve been there, is fruitful. Insha Allah, to build a harmony community need knowledge, and cooperation. May Allah bless us who wants to live peacefully with each other and find blessings from differences.

Oh, he writes in blog as well. I’ve read and listened (there are mp3s recordings). Very intellectual and resourceful. Read it here.

Upcoming event in Plymouth

Assalamualaikum. Peace to be upon you. This Sunday, there will be a talk by Brother Abdul Raheem Green. He is a renowned speaker from London who gives talk at international level and based in Islamic Cultural Centre, London. He will give talks on community building in Islam. Free food guys. Snacks, lunch and refreshments will be provided insha allah. Well, what are you waiting for? For those who are looking for different way to spend their weekend, come to College of Further Education (CFE) at Devonport.


My sayang~

He always kissed me when I asked him to. Very bratty. Very fussy and posh. Oh, picky as well. He only eat north Atlantic prawns and Whiskas. He comes to me with his shining eyes and soft purr, asking for attention. But, I love him so much. A darling to everyone (except to those who are allergic to cat or animal). I think I’ll miss him when I go back to Malaysia. =( Beethoven Ford

Swimming sessions

Bismillah. I had fun swimming in MARJON’s pool last week and now they are giving up female-only swimming session because they want to give away to the school children since it’s school term holiday. I finally found the sport that I really enjoy and managed to make my body toned and fit, and now, I’m going to miss it for a month. Great. I really miss my swimming sessions!!! I wonder whether my swimming suit will fit me nicely after a month. =P

So, I really need a balanced diet. Gosh! Is there anything more fun than diet and jogging?

Plymouth’s Malaysian Festival 2007

Last year’s ticket sold out early. So this year we, Malaysian Association of MARJON, decided to invite more people and provide bigger space and have more things! From 250 tickets, we double it to 500. So there are 2 sessions for the cultural dance perfomance, much bigger and better exhibition, more food and loads of people! So people Plymouth, take note of this big event. Book your tickets early so that you won’t regret.

PS: Don’t blame me if this blog is not updated daily. Be there or be square! Jumpa di sana!