camping in ulu langat

this weekend i went to ulu langat campsite. Impian country resort. Near to Nuang mountain. since my cooperating teacher told me that we’re going to camp on friday, my heart beats fast, my eyes were sparkling and my enthusiasm is uncontrollable.

immediately after came back from school on friday (1230pm), I didn’t even had lunch. I straight away pack my stuffs (because I didn’t manage to pack earlier due to school workload). Very minimum and basic. I’m being a  minimalist. As I met my practicum mates, they told me “Aini ni rupa betul2 nak bercamping”. That’s because their style was so leisure. Haha. Macam nak g bersantai.

Then as we arrived at the resort, the river and the coldness greeted us. I took ablution. Guess what. The water source comes from the river. Cold and very earthy. Err, I just don’t know how to describe it. It’s just so refreshing.I was so sleepy when I arrived because I didn’t have a good night sleep before, but was awaken by the refreshing river water. So yeah. The water that comes out from the pipe is au naturale river water.

Night walk. I imagine i’d be an easy one. Just some walk in the forest. Na-ah. We gathered nearby forest at 1100 pm. Then we go into it, 1130pm. Was very dark. Never ever experience such darkness ever. This is not like blackout (TNB malfunction) moment. Flashlights are not allowed. Just use your senses. Legs and arms especially. Eyes are not functioning well that time. As we go deeper, the route is getting more difficult. Then I have a feeling it was not a night walk. We were climbing hill at night. Kids need adult’s help in order to climb tree root which is taller than them. Was hilly and slippery. But the kids were very very brave and strong. None of them freaked out or cried. It’s my first time climbing hill at night. Imagine the kids. They climbed hill, for the first time, at night, without any light source. Wow. I’m jealous. They’ve created world record I think.

We climbed roots. Hanging on a rope. Slide down our butts on bumpy muddy hill. My shoes’ sole even fell out. I was in a very dangerous situation when I climbed down. I will treasure that moment forever. Come to think of it, how did I do it? I never thought that I have a very very strong inner strength.Oh, we reached flat land by 130am. 2 hours of climbing a very challenging hill, in the darkness of night. Then the kids were waken up at 5 am. We only had few hours of sleep.

Saturday, laluan berhalangan. Or, shall I say obstructed paths? So, the kids need to go under thorny wires, climbed a wall, climbed 3 metres-90 degrees hill slope, then they need to climbed down backward, for half an hour, balancing on a hanging tree trunk and go under muddy water. We teachers even discourage them, not to do it, in case they can’t but these kids, hmpf. So strong and brave. Some of them did went back. But most of them took the challenge. Seriously, they are champion. So yeah. Nak show off sikit. I had bare-foot moment in the forest. Cikgu² laki cam tercabar je ngan aku. Haha. Kak Aniz had took the priceless-moment picture from the ground (cewah ala shoot saiful nang). Me with other cikgu laki(dak2 pompuan laen gi jaga stesen, derg tak climbed down), balancing ourselves kat atas tree trunk which is hanging 5 metres from ground, sambil buat gaya peace beruk. Coolness. Haha. Ada some cikgu yang jatuh pas tgkp gamba tp me, PK koko and cikgu from sabah tu managed to stay. Haha. *cool gler*Seb baek tak rebah tree trunk tu. haha. risau jugak kot² tumbang tbe2 sbb ramai2 naek atasnya. lol.

Those were the moments that i’ll remember forever. I’m not going to tell the bits where we had motivatinal talk, kem ibadah and treasure hunt yada². i think it’s my personal achievement that i will foretold my story to my grandchildren. Alhamdulillah nothing happened after my shoe sole tercabut. I was like cuak gile. Nak tanggal takleh. Nak biarkan pun bahaya. Hmm. Mujur Allah masih memberi sisa² peluang untuk bernafas di muka bumi ni.

nak pergi camping and climbing lagi!!!

I had priceless experience in my life ever.

A bit of sad news, I managed to dig out some story fromt the Indonesian forest guide that Nuang mountain is not clean nowadays. Only the resort’s river area is clean. What a shame. We Malaysians do not know how to take care of god’s beautiful creation.

Minyak naik ek?

FYI, Malaysia is experiencing hefty fuel hike.

Apa lagi yang bakal naik?

  1. harga barang runcit
  2. bilangan mat rempit
  3. kadar jenayah
  4. kadar inflasi
  5. angin rakyat malaysia. (naik angin bermaksud marah mkay?)

Apa yang bakal turun?

  1. PL turun takhta


More info (click lah!): How can fuel price hike?

Haha. Pasal PL turun takhta tu, ramalan melawak je. Mane la tau beta hebat menjadi nujum.

Kata aritu tanak naik? Apa dah jadi dengan janji (23/04/2008)?

I would be pleased if Shahrir Samad can reply here.

IMHO, mostly, the Ayrabs (that’s how the orang putih pronounce it) are controlling the economic and political power. Not the US. If they don’t give up and fighting in the noble spirit, I know the fact that the world would be a better place and no more fuel hike. Yeay!! Just look at the graph, do we Malaysians have anything to do with it? We are the victims of situation (sangat direct translation neh).

What to do and bring to the beach

Me+swimming=happy. Went to Pangkor last week wif Ana, Durra and Nisa (tapi tak terjumpe Kak Red & family laa). Haven’t been to Pangkor for quite a while. So, been an orang laut, here are the tips that will make your beach vacation the best ever.


What to do at beach

If you are laid back style, you can chill, sunbathe, ogling people, bury your friend in sand, building sand castles, taking pictures, strolling at the beach, souvenir shopping, picnicking (not panicking! haha) and swim near the beach.

If you are adventurous and love to try new things, you may want to consider to have the experience of island hopping and see the exotic sea creatures and sea plants, snorkeling, crossing from the beach to the island when the tide is low, banana boat ride (not suitable for small kids),

And, these are the things you can do with your friends (big group) canoing, water rafting, telematch, cycling around the island, fishing, barbecue at the beach (best giler!) and of course, shopping for dried sea food!!


What to bring

  1. Beach sandal: penting wo, don’t wear your leathered Hush Puppies. Nanges kang
  2. mengkuang mat: so that you won’t have sandy bum and eat happily on it without feeling sandy.
  3. goggles: your eyes will be stung by salt water if you swim
  4. food: of course! swimming makes one hungry.
  5. swim suit: k, i have some tips here, if you want to wear tights, you should wear it from home so that you will not waste time changing it over there. For Muslimah, there are burqinis to be worn.
  6. Sunny: The most important, that will give your face coolest tan look. Choose the one that suits your face. You don’t want to look like a fashion victim right?
  7. Sunblock: self-explanatory.
  8. Waterproof bag or pouch: Important to protect your dollars, handphones and cameras.
  9. Baju salin, shower foam and tola (towel): get the one that is easy to be worn. don’t bring large tola, such a waste of space.
  10. water bottle: after swimming and gulping sea water, you may feel thirsty and have bitter taste in your throat. plus, hot sun will make you dehydrated.


Pikshures: I don’t have gadget to upload my pikshures yet, so just look at Kak Red’s mkay?

More tips: if it is a day trip, get out from the beach by 3 pm. Or you’ll be queuing with people who just checked out from the hotel and mind you, it’s a very long queue during school holiday.

(k, gtg, kne pass balik kompite kat adik bongsu aku yg meracau nak maen kompite)

Izzah featured twice on magazine cover

Izzah. The first princess of AB and the ones who are hoped to take care of her siblings. She is featured twice this month’s magazine cover. Nona (with her father) and Seri Dewi Keluarga. I am quite happily bought both magazine and read them. It’s worth every penny.

Nona: It’s RM8.90 but much cheaper than Reader’s Digest still (haha). The size, quality glossy paper, colourful photographs, useful recipes, ideas for bride fashion, ideas for interior design. It’s worth for my library. The edition is especially cover issues for men. 5 men were selected to be interview ( I still don’t get why they interviewed Engku Emran). Other 10 were selected as ’10 lelaki ternama yang anda mahu kenal’. They are not eligible bachelor but my favourites are: Dr. Raja Nazrin Shah and Tengku Ibrahim of Johor (wait, aren’t they princes?).

Seri dewi Keluarga: Priced at RM6, I am keen to look at her family’s picture (Izzah has a very cute healthy daughter! *geram!* *cubit-cubit*). It’s almost worth every pages. Plus, Yatt (model and actress) has modelled 2 fashion lines (bridal and muslimah). I really like her features. Tan and cute. She’s a darling. I almost does not recognize her when she wears tudung. There are a few nice clothes, but unfortunately the editor does not put price tag and where to find it. So Nona wins over SDK (although they are from the same company, Karangkraf).

Hmm. Instead of being interested with the cover page, these magazines has made me to do my homework of wedding, although I am not a going-to-be-bride yet but yeah, it’ll be useful once I am. Haha.

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Too many good things happened in this month.

Firstly, I would like to send my deepest gratitude to Malaysians for proving the “people’s power (Makkal sakthi)” in Malaysian 12th general election (GE). Clearly, the government is the people, and the people is the government.

I would like to congratulate all the GE’s nominees who won this season’s election.

Congratulations to the newly elected Perak MB, Ir Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin. 

Alhamdulillah, I am glad Malaysian’s currency is still firm and there’s no racial riot due to 12th GE (yet).

Finally, congratulations to Halwani on her wedding. May Allah bless you marriage.

Adventure of P41

Salam all. FYI, I am on the pearl island. In P41 area. To be exact, N2, Bertam.

Had a very adventerous night last night. I managed to capture some pictures and videos of mat rempits in Penang. Wooo~ Was quite cuak actually, as we, four ladies, were in a very timid kancil car, merely wanting to go out to buy toothbrush. The road was congested. The car honked, and the motorcycle convoy honked continuously. Their motorcycle’s horn is like mamak jual roti you see. Continously. “tak penat ke?”. Wow. Seriously hot and it only happen in four years. It’s Pak Lah’s area you see. Hot seat and hot-bloded youths.

After that, we saw loads of police’s motorcycle and a lonf queue of Merce and other posh cars. We assume it’s Pak Lah or some other important guy. Very² cuak as the police’s hand was giving “ke tepi!” signal. Whew. Adrenaline rush.

Will update with some pictures later Insya Allah. Let’s see who’ll win the game.

I am muslim too!

Hey people. Zan Azlee sent me a facebook message and he is bugging people around to watch his film. What? When? Where?

I’m Muslim Too!
Malaysia, 2008; Zan Azlee, 73 mins

Many see Malaysia as a moderate Islamic country that has found a unique and harmonious balance between religion, secularism and multiculturalism. Zan Azlee decides to learn and find out more about Islam and his own identity as a Malay Muslim. He embarks on a journey to the heartland of Islam, the Middle-East, with nothing but his video camera and a bag full of instant noodles. He meets a brutal heavy metal band in Iran, discovers a Syrian version of Low Yat Plaza in Damascus, hangs out with a couple of Palestinian dudes in a camp in Beirut and learns about sex from a bunch of artists in Jordan.

Zan will be in attendance to discuss his film with the audience after the screening.

Introduced by Hassan Muthalib.

Tuesday 19 February, 8.00pm
HELP University College Theatrette, Pusat Bandar Damansara, KL
Free admission