Proton-Muslim car

WARNING: I am not writing this to bash Proton, Muslims and their family. I am writing this because a reason, sensibility. No asked me to write and no one pay me to write, and I belong to no political organisation.

I discovered in BBC news of Proton’s ‘Muslim car’ on BBC, not in local Malaysian newspapers, last week. Then Azwan and I made fun of it. Imagining transformers and stuffs. No offence. We were just entertaining ourselves.



You can buy it from ebay for less than 20 pounds as well [click on pic].

I am not proud of Proton. Rarely I see Malaysian senior officers parade themselves in Proton. The Protons I saw here in Plymouth are nothing but a wreck running on wheels. Don’t get me started on the paintjob–it looked like it has been submerged in Clorox for days.

And then I discovered a car enthusiast’s forum website. What little pride I had for our Proton evaporated right there and then. The best comment I found is:

BY GREENVANMAN AT 11/11/07 07:46 PM

does it blow up occasionally?

Read the rest here.

Ainee: Thank you Proton. Now they have new idea for terrorist joke.

So tell me, this is not another white elephant project which will be self-destructed after some time, just like the RM4.5 millions Perak State Park Corporation administrative building.

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