Pizza Pending Complaint

Last month I ordered my favourite pizza and asked it to be delivered to my husband’s office.  It was his birthday. I was at his office and obviously it’s not a place to cook and stuff. Thus, pizza is a way to treat my husband during his lucky day. I tried the new dough called Puff Crust.Basically, it’s like eating pastry but on top of it, there are pizza toppings. Continue reading

Quick update on CNY holiday

Alhamdulillah I arrived safely in Perak. It took us 12 hours bus journey. From 10 am to 10pm. Traffic jam starts from USJ till toll exit in Sungkai. If we were to take a flight to London, we would landed in London within that time. Fuhh. What a backache we had. Luckily we don’t drive back. Moreover, with the expensive toll ticket, I don’t think we’re going to stress ourselves along the journey.

Being a wife, this is the second time we went back to Perak together. It was my mum who keeps on asking me about buying the ticket because we had horrifying experience when it comes to bus’ tickets during major ethnic holiday. Hence, we both burnt RM272 for the transportation. To and fro. Continue reading

Sweet and expensive

Frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity III, New York.

The recipe can be found here.

  1. Serendipity: the lucky tendency to find interesting or valuable things by chance
  2. Luck: the force that causes things, especially good things, to happen to you by chance and not as a result of your own efforts or abilities.

Ideas for halloween

a’uzubillahiminassyaitonirrajim. malam ni halloween. kalau korang tak suka dengan jiran korang yang pakai kostum hantu dan beperangai macam hantu, berikut adalah beberapa idea yang boleh menghalau jiran anda yang macam hantu.

  1. Masa dia jerit ‘trick or treat’ sambil menghulurkan candy bag, korang leh taruk mercun yang telah dibakar sumbunya.
  2. kalau dia pakai kostum hantu, korang pakai telekung. telekung ada kaitan dengan casper. takyah susah payah tempah kostum halloween. Kisah lanjut leh rujuk blog Alin.
  3. Kalau rasa diri tak mampu nak join party, apa kata buat halaqah, baca yasin ramai-ramai. Selamat sikit dari bermain ‘spirit in the coin‘.
  4. Kalau rasa nak test makeup dan menakutkan kembali jiran anda, boleh juga. Kalau takde, taruk masker ‘bedak sejuk’ pun coolness juga.
  5. Beli mercun dan roket kat ASDA, taruk sign ‘nuclear testing site’. Insha Allah takde siapa berani dekat rumah anda.

Happy Halloween people!!

How to: be a nocturnal

Salam. Peace. Shalom. Sejahtera. Ewah. Trying to say it in many languages as I can but still, linguistically and lexically it means the same.

I practice CS very hard because I want to improve my agility and vitality.

None of my playmates are online at this time. Omark went back from his office at 4 and I thin, after a long day, he deserve some sleep.

Well,  all I can do is to practice with some BOTs which have “angel_” in front of their name. LOLz. That name was inspired by 350D. Charlie angel.

I know I should memorise some verses from this particular surah, but yeah, sitting in front of a computer with broadband connection, it’s like I’m the one who have most job in the world.

Right. How to be a nocturnal? For anyone who wants to travel to any destination that has +/- 7 GMT difference may get the benefits.

Continue reading


Salam, peace. I jumped into the bandwagon. Like Nadiah (Newcastle) said, it’s addictive. At first, I said “hurm, not another friendster thingy. it’s artificial and boring”. However, Facebook is different. It’s much organised, promise me much privacy and keeps me connected with my university college (FYI: finally MARJON is a university college).

Firstly, I read Kriskhaira’s entry on “Another reason why Facebook rocks“. Finally an internet company recognizes Palestine.

Then I signed up with Facebook.

On my first day, I am stumbling here and there and feel like a baby practicing how to walk. But it was great. I am hooked with the Grafitti.

Then few days later, I read Jeff Ooi’s writing on C|Net about Facebook. If you wish to read it, please do so here.

Today, Joseph Scott says that Facebooker can link their WordPress with Facebook.

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t join Facebook? Have you? Allow me to add you 😀

Book review: Ayat-ayat cinta, verses of love.

Bismillah. In the name of Allah. Peace to be upon you. I hope you are blessed with the barakah of health and iman (faith). For a week, I was away and did not manage to access the internet. Alhamdulillah. I am at my hometown and managed to write an entry.

For those who are seeking to read good books this summer, I would suggest you to read this entry because I just finished read an Indonesian novel entitled “Ayat-ayat cinta” or literally means “verses of love”. The cover itself already interests me. I am not familiar with the author actually (Habiburrahman El Shirazy). So, somehow, I have judged the book by its’ cover. Ops! I wonder who is the owner of the beautiful eyes. Subhanallah! (All praises to Allah). Many have written reviews for this great novel looks like I’m the latecomer!, but still, I insist to write it so that I can find calm in my heart. Heheh. I have finished read other books but this is the one that makes me feel uneasy if I don’t write a book review about it. Continue reading

Plymouth’s Malaysian Festival 2007

Last year’s ticket sold out early. So this year we, Malaysian Association of MARJON, decided to invite more people and provide bigger space and have more things! From 250 tickets, we double it to 500. So there are 2 sessions for the cultural dance perfomance, much bigger and better exhibition, more food and loads of people! So people Plymouth, take note of this big event. Book your tickets early so that you won’t regret.

PS: Don’t blame me if this blog is not updated daily. Be there or be square! Jumpa di sana!