ESQ: A new life

Many successful CEOs, executive managers, businessman, etc took ESQ course and change their life. ESQ (Emotional Spiritual Quotient) is not a new thing. It’s just that we’ve forgotten about it. It’s already been created 1400 years ago. ESQ is for everyone and it takes place globally. Regardless what religion you are. ESQ is a new way of life. Imagine how great these people. They even gave talk to the professors at Oxford University. (And there are numerous fascinating numbers and statistics being shown yesterday but I failed to stuff my head with everything–I’m just a weak human 🙁 ). The numbers of alumni members simply is getting bigger, globally. Their alumni members is not common people. Like I said, businessman, rich and famous intelligent people. The company who wants to do staff training and improve human resources send the staffs to ESQ talks. And I’m not talking crap. There are thousands people gave good testimonial about ESQ and probably now the number have reached millions.

ESQ is the new trend (Among elites and rich people for this time being). Why do we need ESQ? We only realise this when at the end of the day, we don’t know why we accumulate our properties, dollars and so forth. We only realise the need of ESQ in our life, then there are many intelligent people give up easily as they do not know what’s the purpose they are being created.

A glimpse from yesterday’s presentation: The Golden Gate Bridge in the US, is world’s finest architecture, but on January 2008, Mr. Arry went there and tell us the tragic story of the bridge. The numbers of suicide was being kept from the public, however, as the numbers reached 10K, the government decided to put high fence, to prevent people from jumping from the Golden Gate. Counselling line was also being placed on the bridge, hoping to give hope for losers (I call them losers because they quit from life). It’s no longer be the symbol of the greatness of United States. They are considered successful nation, but how many lead life peacefully and happily?


Yesterday, IPBA had ESQ preview and I don’t have to pay for it. I was so excited to come because I know it costs me 1K++ if I want to join it. (I was interested with ESQ since I watched the videos in Plymouth). So yeah, Mr Firdaus Djambri, gave talk and he is funny. Probably due to language differences (Malaysian Malay language and Indonesia’s), there are some stuffs that people don’t understand. But yeah, thanks to my exposure to Indonesian sinetron and movies, his jokes are understandable. Oh, did I tell you he’s cute? His Indonesian accent as well. Never heard such enthusiastic talk, for 22 years. He doesn’t give up although the crowd shows boring faces.

But what I had yesterday was only a glimpse of it (ESQ preview). Just a sneek peek and to know how great it is, is to taste it. So people, I highly encourage you to go to ESQ talks and experience a better life after that. May Allah bless the efforts of ESQ trainers and Insya Allah, we can make this world a better place and lead a peaceful life in this world and hereafter.

So tomorrow (16 Feb) they are going to conduct a session for university students and they give a very very good offer. You only pay RM 550 once and you can join the alumni and attend the talks as many as you want for the rest of your life. Wow. Very attempting offer but not for this time being 🙁

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Book review: Ayat-ayat cinta, verses of love.

Bismillah. In the name of Allah. Peace to be upon you. I hope you are blessed with the barakah of health and iman (faith). For a week, I was away and did not manage to access the internet. Alhamdulillah. I am at my hometown and managed to write an entry.

For those who are seeking to read good books this summer, I would suggest you to read this entry because I just finished read an Indonesian novel entitled “Ayat-ayat cinta” or literally means “verses of love”. The cover itself already interests me. I am not familiar with the author actually (Habiburrahman El Shirazy). So, somehow, I have judged the book by its’ cover. Ops! I wonder who is the owner of the beautiful eyes. Subhanallah! (All praises to Allah). Many have written reviews for this great novel looks like I’m the latecomer!, but still, I insist to write it so that I can find calm in my heart. Heheh. I have finished read other books but this is the one that makes me feel uneasy if I don’t write a book review about it. Continue reading

I am called to write about this

Raining heavily-wet & chilly cold. In the darkness of night. Tired and sleepy. Just came back from Collective Voices meeting and Wan’s house (listened to fi zilal just for a moment), yet I am called to write about this music band. I am so amazed. They’re called ‘DEBU’ (means dust in English), comes from Indonesia. Most of the band members are from USA, but they established very well in Indonesia. There are 14 members basically. Mustafa (the one who is so into DEBU) can speak many languages (Indonesian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish and English), and so some others. Amazing huh? Their songs are inspired by sufi’s poetry. About love and god. So, can’t think what to write anymore, but hope you will be interested with them as instant as I did (hee hee :P). Take a peek! PS: The guitar is superbly amazing!

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