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  1. time for completely irrelevant question:

    what is qalamun?

    my guess (i know it’s wrong): Color of moon

    It’s Farsi or Arabic? I dunno, curious.

  2. ainee “ink drop”

    I’d like to mention a Thanksgiving gift I received. 🙂
    It’s a book, entitled “The Nothing Book”
    Subtitled “Wanna make something of it?”
    It’s a very nice hardcover book, 192 bound sheets of fine paper.
    Not a single word, sentence, or even a mark in it.
    I decide to keep it on my desk, at the Ink People Gallery, so all the visitors, artists and authors that come by for chats will look at it.
    They will wonder what I’m reading. I will show them.
    Much ado about nothing? I guess so.
    Well, maybe I’ll say it’s written in Arabic in invisible ink.
    Perhaps ask for a small donation, to help the Ink People (non-profit).
    Today is our annual Holiday Gift Fair, all the local artists make home crafts, like scented candles, soaps, wood carvings, knittings, we sponsor it happening at the Adorni Center/Aquatic Center. I helped to set up the signs and banners this morning. This and the up-coming Artists Challenge are the 2 big events to get revenues, the third one is a big dinner gathering with nice art and show (last year we had belly dancing that was incredible, like ballet with sword balancing!).

    Ok, just wanted to mention. Peace be within. 🙂

    ps. plz rait pom.

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