Pizza Pending Complaint

Last month I ordered my favourite pizza and asked it to be delivered to my husband’s office.  It was his birthday. I was at his office and obviously it’s not a place to cook and stuff. Thus, pizza is a way to treat my husband during his lucky day. I tried the new dough called Puff Crust.Basically, it’s like eating pastry but on top of it, there are pizza toppings.

So I had bad experience regarding this new pizza. I found it too oily and flaky. As I ate it, the small flakes dropped on my baju kurung and made it oily. I have no idea whom to meet or where to be gone afterwards. Such a hassle it gave me. So,  I filed a complaint (via email) to the particular company. I didn’t get the feedback until today. Maybe they didn’t get my email because at that time their website was under construction. 

Hence, today  I went to the website again and found a special page named ‘contact us’. There was an online form of complaint. I basically cut and pasted same complaint.

A minute later, I got a call from KL number. His Manglish was OK but here goes our conversation.

Him: Hello. Is this Ms. Ainee. I’m calling from X and I received your complain about our new pizza that is flaky and oily. Bla3 (Basically he said hello many times because he said my line was like unstable).

Me: Yes I did.

Him: So I am going to forward your complaint to my product research manager and she is going to call you back and talk to you about this. Regarding the website usage, you found it difficult to browse because it was being upgraded and there are several errors on the site.

Me: Uhuh, uhuh, yeah, yeah.

Him: Thank you for choosing X and I hope you will still enjoy our pizza

Me: (I didn’t say much but in the end, I managed to.) Yup, thank you for calling me.

So, what I did was to keep the company kicking strong. Maybe there are many who decided to “Tanaklah beli pizza ni lagi” but let’s be like western culture, when they are more open and everyone try to improve each other. If we are able to receive and give feedback and criticism in our culture, I think Malaysia would be an advanced country.

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‘Rakyat didahulukan’
“Pencapaian diutamakan”

3 thoughts on “Pizza Pending Complaint

  1. Heheh. Sorry la Jarod. I takut derang bungkus kedai la nanti. Tapi let me give you a clue, they are the best pizza deliverer in Malaysia Book of Record. Fastest.

  2. haha…try complaing berger raja. lagi terus takdak reply.

    in the website, they say ada bfast menu kat KLCC outlet.susah2 ler aku bgn pagi pegi KLCC on a sunday morning. sampai2…Maaf cik, Memang takde breakfast menu…

    lorr…gitu plakkk?????

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