Kedamaian Hati

Bukan ringgit yang di cari untuk hati
Bukan pengiktirafan dunia yang tak kekal lama
Bukan materialisme
Bukan itu semua

Makanan jiwa ada pada sang pencipta
Makanan hati adalah mengenang mati
Apakah akhiran nanti husnul khotimah? (Pengakhiran baik)
Atau dilaknat Allah, nauzubillah

Orang yang bijak bersedia utk mati
Di akhirat nanti syurga menanti
Jika dunia yang sementara cuma
Dikejar, digendong dan dijulang
Apakah persediaan sewaktu ajal di hujung rambut?

Musuh menanti di tepi telinga
Bisikannya alpa
Pujukannya lewa
Iman di hati berlatih lama
Masa makin dekat
Ajal makin tiba

Damai nya hati mereka yang mencari
Kebahagiaan akhirat yang abadi
Cantiknya syurga buat yang istimewa
Damainya hati pencinta Ilahi.

Mengubati anak batuk berkahak

Hari ni dah masuk hari ke 3 ulang alik ke Hospital Columbia Asia Nusajaya utk treat Irfan. He was diagnosed with bronchitis. Huhu. Sian Irfan kena suction sampai merah2 kepala dia. Peluh lenjun satu kepala. Bersilat dia nak lepaskan diri drpd kena suction.

Memula ingat nak cucuk utk 12 bulan sbb dh lambat sebulan. Sekali doktor bising apesal biarkan anak lama batuk. Doktor check kahak penuh dlm lungs. Terus kena suction kat physio. Dia bg ubat rhenotoid syrup, prednisilone dan singulair. No antibiotics sbb bronchitis bkn disebabkan oleh bakteria tp viruses. 

Singulair tu utk 2 minggu. Prednisolone utk seminggu. Lepas ni jumpa balik doktor dlm masa 2 minggu. Tadi check doktor kata lungs dh clear compared to 2 days ago. And alhamdulillah dia tidur pun much much better sbb airways dia xde obstruction. Huhu.

Bila anak sihat, syukur sgt2. Kalau anak sakit, nak kerja pun susah hati. Buat masa ni doktor suruh tepuk belakang bagi batuk and keluar kahak. Maintain makan ubat. And I’m trying ubat yg Allah bagi iaitu madu kelulut, pagi2 sblm menyusu. Mudahan sihat lepas ni.

My 5 parenting shortcuts

1-Subscribe to baby centre emails: once you have, you will be automatically updated according to your children’s milestones. Questions like: What to expect?  what to do with a particular problem? What can I do to help my children’s growth?  –may be found from the website as the articles are written by paediatrics and child experts. Plus, I get good neutral advices. So, it’s entirely up to me to pick and choose.

2-good day care: I was surprised to find my child started to take ablution,  bathe himself, being independent around the house. There is no place where he can be educated as such but a good day care I’ve sent him to. Alhamdulillah for that. May Allah rewards his ummi and staff for this.
3-good books with good price: parents have to read beforehand. I have to admit I exposed my firstborn to the TV at an early age. And now he’s addicted to it. I tried my best to divert his attention to books. I involved him during purchase. The first book that he chose was “My first 50 animals” illustrated by Garry Fleming. Found it on sale at Borders Pavillion. He still flips it whenever he sees it.

4-Upin & Ipin: it was a mistake.  Hypp TV was having a promo for Upin &Ipin and Fahmi saw it and liked it instantly. He can sit for an hour. i should not let the tv babysit my child.  I know. Am totally guilty. On the bright side, it’s gives him good listening comprehension and entertainment. Now he’s hooked up with Bola Kampung. Haih…
5-wake early,  sleep early: with irfan he is trained to sleep before 8. It’s good for the brain. In developed countries shopping malls are closed before 9. Late night Christmas shopping is only extended until 10. I was surprised to see families brought small children at Danga Bay at 1 am. Seriously?!

Now Fahmi follows our sleep routine too since he has no one to play with. Last time he went to sleep at 12am. Young children needs early  sleep as it is good for their immune system and brain focus. Lack of it may lead to autism. Read more about Melatonin focusing on human and young children.

Lastly, if you disagree with my list of parenting shortcuts, I think you won’t disagree with this one. Mother needs to do a lot of prayers and good deeds. It may help you to be a better parent. Better children? Leave it to Allah. Do your best as a parent first. Do not expect much. Give more.

Kursus dan lesson seumur hidup

Ini semua kerana penangan akh hazwan. Bila bicara soal masyarakat dan tanggungjawab sosial dan akhirat aku akan mudah menitis air mata melihat betapa muflis nya masyarakat kita.

Bangsa aku masih lagi sedap diulit mimpi dan tak mahu bangun dari tidur yang panjang. 

Kadang acapkali fikiran ini meneliti dan muhasabah setiap perkara yang keluar dan masuk dalam hidup.

Ya. Hidup ini terlalu singkat. Sangat singkat. Duit yang kebanyakan kita kejar sebenarnya tak perlu dikejar. Kematian yang pasti iti sewajarnya diberi perhatian kerana aku belajar ada 2 sahaja perkara dalam dunia ni. Kekal dan sementara. Kunjungan ke shopping mall atau panggung wayang, nikmatnya boleh diingat akan tetapi sedap nya hanya sebentar. Tak boleh dilajak ke tahun depan. Nikmat memberi ilmu kpd anak muda yg mungkin boleh memanfaatkan dirinya dan masyarakat, keseronokan itu bertahan utk jangka panjang. Nikmat hati yg bersyukur, segala “emas” dan “batu” yg dicampak ke dalam hidup akan memberikan bahagia.

20 minutes life conversation dgn Hazwan sgt berat utk di hadam.

Terima kasih Allah kerana menemukan aku sahabat untuk akhirat.

e-Prestasi: Apakah?

It’s a rare thing that I complain about MOE’s project and work burden. Whenever I read Jarod’s complaint , I quietly think “So far, I’m good and can do my work without ranting”. But today, I have to let it out my chest. So that I can die peacefully. I feel a bit better like someone take off a stone on my shoulder when I share my stress with others.

My FB friends what to know so much about e-Prestasi. Oi, why other states do not know about this? not fair. If this is a KPM’s programme, it should be applied nationally.

Here’s the screenshot of e-Prestasi

ePrestasiI need to key in the TOV, ETR and 3 examinations results. Luckily I’m an IT savvy person, I just copy everything from SAPS except for class 5 Bijak because there’s so many students coming in and out.

The reason of using e-Prestasi is to assess a teacher’s performance. Woot! What?

What are the disadvantages?

  1. Teachers can key in lowest TOV and ETR as possible and get a good mark.
  2. It is redundant work. First, you key in marks in SAPS. Then e-Prestasi. Then SPS. Then what?
  3. Cheating: Yeah, to save our arses in the government organisation we all cheat, lie and steal. How low our integrity is.
  4. Teachers who are placed at the most bottom class, with the reluctant learners, are the unluckiest teacher on earth.
  5. Pupils are being pressured by the teachers to perform because it affects markah prestasi guru too.
  6. You can dump the holy intention of school based assessment and KSSR and KSSM.
  7. I took a long hour to key n the data because of the excel format. Thanks to the officer who thought of this and make me a miserable mother. Thanks! (This is a cynicism if you don’t get it)

Gheesh! I do my work for Allah and I’m so upset with all these administrative work and the pressure to key in the data because I need to send it within 48 hours.

Who knows Haji Sufaat bin Tumin’s address? I want to forward this rant to him..


Recent news: Cosplay and murder

The news when a famous cosplay person in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia murdered Ng Yuk Tim, 15, reminded me of an episode in CSI and my reading of criminology. I immediately remembered an episode from CSI New York when an assassin disguised in a cosplay. Here is my opinion/theory on the case, not an investigaton.

  1. Cosplay enable he lives in a different world. There is an episode of  ‘My Strange Addiction‘ a girl who is extremely talented and creative but a bit social awkward, lives in her costume on daily basis. She feels comfortable under different skin and her costume is pink and smiles all the way. She even wears it in her house. She feels that she is well accepted in her costume than the real life.
  2. Identity conflict/crisis: As a teenager who is searching for his identity, there is a possibility that his brain had allowed his fantasy comes out to his reality world. Maybe his fantasy wants to fight a bully but he only realized when the victim was murdered.
  3. He is a good person but his hatred and revenge dwell up inside. There is a point when he could not handle the negative pressure anymore and becomes a volcanic eruption. Our society is very demanding  and competitive when it comes to life

Possible solutions:

  1. Create a healthy self image during childhood. Create a loving and secure environment. If parents neglect their children, a teacher who is linked to the child should be aware of a child’s worrying behaviour and take immediate action.
  2. A department of psychology in every possible government agency. Our society is in great danger of producing criminals. This is one of the problems in developed countries currently but Malaysia isn’t yet a developed country. So, I cannot see more murder (of identity crisis) happens without any actions.
  3. We need an effective counseling service, not just marital problem. I believe a broken marriage or abnormal family institution will lead to broken individuals. School counselor does not only tackle discipline problems but encourage pupils to have healthy self image.

WARNING: I am an official psychologist or counselor but I have great interest in criminology. Perhaps one day, I can continue study in that area.

Restoran Abdul Rahman

Lokasi: Kg. Pasir Putih,  Pasir Gudang. 


Tepi laut yang sangat thrilling bagi bebudak


Waktu operasi 10.30-3.30


Ramai betul pelanggan dia


Parking penuh gila


Ni je yg sempat amek sbb Fahmi nk terjun laut.

Menu: siakap goreng. Udang goreng (x rasa sbb tgh resdung teruk). Tempe goreng, kobis chapchai.
Rate: 6/10

Rutin dalam pantang

1- Bangun awal. Minum air akar herbanika dengan madu. Ambil phytonatal, habbatus sauda. Breakfast roti atau biskut dulu. Ambil vitamin yg hospital bagi.
2- Sediakan air panas utk mandi. Berkemban dan lulur badan dengan serbuk Herbanika Lulur. Badan akan terasa panas. Especially tapak kaki. Penting lulur di tapak kaki supaya angin keluar.
3-mandi dengan air suam. Satu bekas disediakan untuk rendam uncang cuci herbanika. Boleh pakai sehingga uncang habis warna. Mandi jangan lama. 5 minit sahaja. Shampoo rambut dengan dry shampoo je.
4- Sapu minyak urut herbanika di perut dan belakang atau mana-mana bahagian yang rasa sengal. Sapu di tapak kaki. Pakai stokin sejurusnya. Kalau bengkak susu (mastitis) boleh juga disapukan di payudara.
5-Sapu herbanika krim di perut. Pakai bengkung dengan rapi dari bawah dada ke bawah pinggul.

PS: Ambil masa untuk berpantang. Ada kelebihan kerajaan/majikan berikan cuti bersalin. Manfaatkan sepenuhnya untuk kesihatan masa depan.

Bersalin tanpa dadah dan komplikasi

I choose natural child birth sebab before this aini kena induce and sangat la sakit walaupun dia bagi painkillers. How did I do it?

1-a lot of prayers. Banyakkan berdoa dan minta ampun dr suami, ibu bapa dan mertua. Org yg paling dekat dengan kita adalah org yg paling mudah buat pahala dan juga di sakitkan hati nya. Beranak ni mcm in between life and death. Nyawa dan roh. Mengeluarkan jasad dari alam rahim ke dunia adalah bergantung kepada amalan dan bukan kepakaran doktor atau kehandalan rahim seorang ibu.
2- minyak kelapa dara. Masa aini first beranak mmg xtahu mcm mana nak guna benda ni. Ustazah Norliza ajar sebab dia dah beranak 5 kali tanpa jahit dan dengan mudahnya. Caranya: tanak minyak dalam periuk (atau beli terus minyak kelapa dara) sambil selawat dan baca surah at toriq ayat 7 yang bermaksud: dikeluarkan dari tulang rusuk dan tulang sulbi (pelvic). Trimester pertama sapu di perut agar tiada stretch mark. Trimester kedua sapu di perut dan minum sebelum solat subuh. trimester ketiga sapu, minum dan sapu di faraj. Insya Allah anak takde sawan kepala dan mudah keluar bagai ada pelincir. Semua nya atas izin Allah ye.
3- Lamaze breathing technique: ramai perempuan tak tahan sakit bila doktor atau nurse check jalan. Alhamdulillah di Columbia Asia Hospital mereka sangat bekerjasama dengan patient dan motivating. Nurse tu baca selawat nabi Yunus dalam perut ikan nun dan bismillah sewaktu nak buat vaginal check. Sebelum dia buat procedure tu dia akan bagitahu ” saya nak check ni” dan mak perlu sedut nafas dalam2 dan hembus ikut mulut. Boleh tengok youtube untuk maklumat lebih lanjut.
4- childbirth is a natural procedure: do your homework. Baca  blog baby centre dan dapatkan nasihat dari org yg dah ada pengalaman yg condition dia lebih kurang mcm kita. Study mcm mana nak tahu sakit contraction. Pakai jam dan study senggang masa setiap rasa contraction. Ia adalah rasa macam badan ditarik tarik. Masa tu bacalah semua ayat yg baik diamalkan oleh ibu mengandung.
5-sebelum ke hospital ustazah tu pesan, buat solat hajat. Doalah dari Allah yg Maha Kuat. Buka penutup minyak kelapa, bacakan ayat tariq:7 dan hembus. Sapu di perut, lincirkan vagina dan minum. Asal sakit contraction je baca ayat tu.

Tak semua org ditakdirkan senang beranak. Betul cakap org tua. Bergantung pd amalan. Ini kerana sakit bersalin adalah kafarah kpd dosa pd zaman lampau. Siapa yg takde dosa kalau dh nama nya perempuan. Terutama nya dengan suami.

Bersalin kali ke dua ni Allah izin mudah mungkin sebab kurang durhaka pd suami dan ibu bapa. Dulu memcm masalah. Darah tinggi la. Gula la. Obese jgn dikira. Dan mungkin salah satu asbab supaya ilmu yg ustazah sampaikan tu menjadi testimonial kepada yg lain. It is possible actually. It is your mental and emotional state yang determine cara bersalin. (Tambahan: untuk yang) Nombor 3 ni mudahan takde complication la sebab dah masuk umur 30.

The pain was worth it