My 5 parenting shortcuts

1-Subscribe to baby centre emails: once you have, you will be automatically updated according to your children’s milestones. Questions like: What to expect?  what to do with a particular problem? What can I do to help my children’s growth?  –may be found from the website as the articles are written by paediatrics and child experts. Plus, I get good neutral advices. So, it’s entirely up to me to pick and choose.

2-good day care: I was surprised to find my child started to take ablution,  bathe himself, being independent around the house. There is no place where he can be educated as such but a good day care I’ve sent him to. Alhamdulillah for that. May Allah rewards his ummi and staff for this.
3-good books with good price: parents have to read beforehand. I have to admit I exposed my firstborn to the TV at an early age. And now he’s addicted to it. I tried my best to divert his attention to books. I involved him during purchase. The first book that he chose was “My first 50 animals” illustrated by Garry Fleming. Found it on sale at Borders Pavillion. He still flips it whenever he sees it.

4-Upin & Ipin: it was a mistake.  Hypp TV was having a promo for Upin &Ipin and Fahmi saw it and liked it instantly. He can sit for an hour. i should not let the tv babysit my child.  I know. Am totally guilty. On the bright side, it’s gives him good listening comprehension and entertainment. Now he’s hooked up with Bola Kampung. Haih…
5-wake early,  sleep early: with irfan he is trained to sleep before 8. It’s good for the brain. In developed countries shopping malls are closed before 9. Late night Christmas shopping is only extended until 10. I was surprised to see families brought small children at Danga Bay at 1 am. Seriously?!

Now Fahmi follows our sleep routine too since he has no one to play with. Last time he went to sleep at 12am. Young children needs early  sleep as it is good for their immune system and brain focus. Lack of it may lead to autism. Read more about Melatonin focusing on human and young children.

Lastly, if you disagree with my list of parenting shortcuts, I think you won’t disagree with this one. Mother needs to do a lot of prayers and good deeds. It may help you to be a better parent. Better children? Leave it to Allah. Do your best as a parent first. Do not expect much. Give more.

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