Ideas for kelas pemulihan LINUS English

I went for a LINUS 2.0 course at SK Temenggong Abdul Rahman 1 Johor Bahru for 4 days. I got good ideas on how to help the kids who cannot lepas konstruk for linus and engage them into English Language lessons.

The main points I learn from the course is: LINUS module should be used and help you to bridge your lesson plan with the mainstream pupils.  We had a lot of micro teaching sessions and sharing sessions so that we can apply the knowledge and teaching aids into semi real classroom scene. 

1- pop up books: you can make the kids excited by involving them in the book making. A creative teacher whom I barely knew at the course had made beautiful pop books and teaching aids. Here’s the example. 


She made a book of preposition by using pop up  book style. 

2- fishing: a group came up with a great idea by making the students fish for the right word/ alphabet.  Use a paper clip, a ruler, fish made of manila card,  a string and lots of fun potion. 


3- wheel of words or pizza: cut a few circles of different sizes and put the grapheme that you want to teach on the pizza and use it for phonic blending.

4- phonic fish: print a picture of a fish onto A4 paper. The picture has some letters on it, laminate it. Draw a square box on the fish and cut it. Use a folded paper that can go through the square box–change the letter accordingly.
5- dice: download the template from Internet,  cut and paste. Use the dice to create sensible words. You can do this activity with the mainstream too.


6-post-it-notes: the post it notes is the best innovative device for a remedial teacher. Use this to cover a letter or use it to change the words in the jazz chants.


7- peek at the window: this idea is from SJKC school teachers. They use a lot of drilling and pupils can do peer checking too.


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