Aku belajar untuk mengajar

Seorang anak murid mengomel dengan marah apabila rakannya memijak kasutnya. Lalu kudatang dekat dan berkata padanya:

Mus, kenapa marah-marah?

Dia pijak kasut saya cikgu.

Kalau ye pun jangan la mencarut. Tak baik.

Takde lah dia pijak kasut saya habis kotor.

Iye. Cikgu faham. Dia tak sengaja. Cuba awak bayangkan, nabi Muhammad tu dibaling taik, dilempar batu. Tapi dia tak marah pun. Sampai malaikat Jibril kata “Ya rasulullah, bolehkah aku terbalikkan bumi Thoif ini?” tapi rasulullah kata “Jangan, takpe”. Awak ni baru sikit kena dah marah-marah. Cuba sabar sikit.

Alhamdulillah lepas aku sound, dia cool down. Rajin pula buat kerja aku lepas tu. Mudah-mudahan ada orang ingatkan aku dengan kesabaran rasulullah apabila aku marah. Dan sesiapa yang pernah marah aku, aku tak pernah ambil hati. Aku maafkan kerana aku juga ada buat silap. Kalau aku mahu belajar untuk mengajar, aku kena tahan sabar bila orang marah aku kerana dia buat begitu untuk mendidik aku supaya menjadi lebih cemerlang. Hello, Rasulullah is the greatest example and he’s the greatest teacher. Because of him, his patience delivering Islam, people strive to be excellent to fulfill task as a khalifah in this world and thereafter. May Allah give me the strength.

Best of PMS 2006

There are so many things that make me ponder while attending PMS 2006. I think it really opens my mind. Questions that always linger, answered during the talks. Subhanallah. What a miracle. Yet I am glad to be chosen to be chosen to go to his garden of heaven (in a hadith, knowledge event is considered as garden of heaven because Allah loves people who seek knowledge. Isn’t that wonderful?). Alhamdulillah.

I feel glad that I could spend some time blogging today. Today is one of the most significant celebration for muslim (people who embrace islam and totally submit himself to Allah). Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) sacrificed his love for his son, as his love to Allah is much greater and Ishmael (Ismail) also sacrifices his life for the sake of Allah’s command. This story shows that Allah wants to test His messengers. More stories of it from quranic view, read here. Subhanallah (all the praises to Allah), imagine the sacrifice that we do today, compared to what we do today. I bet if someone asks us to sacrifise our house, to be given to other people, I bet we will protect it by hook or by crook, fighting over it with teeth and nails. Hmm, this reminds me of Palestinians, who lost their houses and lands to Israelis. Verily, those people who died to protect their faith, sacrifice because of Allah, will be granted heaven, insya Allah. May the souls of those people who died in the war will be blessed and granted rewards. I envy them. I really wish I could do something for my religion and go to heaven. Doing good deeds is not enough. I want to contribute to Islam, and want people to know the truth about Islam. As mentioned in alqasas; “It is true thou wilt not be able to guide every one whom thou lovest; but Allah guides those whom He will and He knows best those who receive guidance.”.Because there are people who have misconception about Islam and it is our (muslim) responsible to clarify about the Islam. In these days, people think Islam relates with terrorism, however, it is absolutely not true, as Islam means peace. Professor Dr. Kamal Helbawy mentioned in his talk on 25th December 2006, “Muhammad (p.b.u.h) says that Islam is not extremist, yet terrorist, and he wants us to take the moderate path”. Absolutely prophet Muhammad (pbuh) does not teach us to be terrorist as he himself is a loving, caring man, patience with all the obstacles given to him. Even though he encountered insults, threats, and many more tests, he still remains patience. In the end, his fight for Allah’s deen (religion), Islam has been spread to 2 over 3 part of world map and Islam had experience the most glory time of civilisation. That time, he was no longer alive, but because of Islam teachings, Muslims glorified with numbers of academicians and discovery of knowledge.

With Islam, every single human get benefit, including non-Muslims, as Islam is a religion which means to bring peace to all over the world [rahmatan lilalamin]. In present time, he is still be remembered and loved. According to orientalist view, he is in the first place of the most influential people in the century, as listed by Michael Hart in his book.

I haven’t blog for quite a long time. Insya Allah (with Alla’s will) I will write about my itinerary soon. According to plan, we want to go to Portsmouth tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow, to Stansted London then to Ireland. Insya Allah. Pray for our safety.