Crazy craving

Omark asked me whether I like Indian food or not. I was like “u crazy? i love love love it”. When I was in secondary school and fancy mee goreng mamak and capati so much, my mom cursed me “macam ni kamu kene kawen ngan mamak. bole la tiap2 ari dia masak mee. baru name mee mamak betul”. Huu (-_-)

I used to order Indian food weekly when I was in Plymouth, especially when I came back from work (because I know i’d be bloody hungry and tired). The best that I’ve ever tasted is “Veggie Perrins“. It’s a vegetarian restaurant, friendly owner and posh restaurant. The price is  affordable and you will feel that you want to pay more to the owner because of the food, the service and the posh place. *wipe saliva*

Now, where do I get such cuisine in Malaysia? I wonder where good Indian chefs go. I want a good Indian restaurant please, that serves onion bhaji, pakora, mango chutney and all. The closest one that I can find is in Brickfields. But, but, Plymouth’s is better. *cry*


4 thoughts on “Crazy craving

  1. I’m craving for food too!
    But I’m craving for good meat & bread!
    I’ve given up on bread & steak in Msia…
    Perhaps you should give up on the perfect Indian food too…

  2. I guess the problem is that most “Indian” eating places in Malaysia are South Indian. However, there are some North Indian restaurants serving authentic North Indian food hidden somewhere.

  3. koko: well, craving won’t give up. *drool*

    adam: true!! i agree with you. perhaps, i should consider a visit to north india and taste the authentic indian food 😛

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