Kisah Sim Kad Altel: bagus ke tidak?

*AMARAN: Ditulis secara santai menggunakan bahasa slanga.

Bermulanya kisah dapat tahu pasal sim kad Altel ni adalah seorang kawan share blog entry pasal sim kad Altel. Benda ni jadi viral di Whatsapp dan Facebook. Caranya sangat convincing. Menceritakan pengalaman beliau dan promosi sim kad Altel atas dasar bangsa dan nama Tan Sri Bukhary. I decided to try it, atas dasar curiosity. Not because I’m a Malay. Nak tengok how far a Malay product can go.

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Malaysian Women’s Weekly June ’08

So I was waiting for my aunty doing her shoes-hunting and standing in front of So what will happen when Ainee meets a magazine stall or bookshop? My soft spot is good reading materials. Who says ‘Don’t judge a bookmagazine by it’s cover?’. I was attracted with the issues: “look sexy naked (without exercise)” and “8 fashion must haves”. Moreover, Sasha Bashir is the cover girl (yep! the au naturale beaut host of Beauty Secrets from The East). So, obviously I bought it (temptation huh?).

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I lost my phone

Right. I lost my phone on my way from Kg Baru to IPBA. The story is, I probably didn’t realise it fell out from my jeans’ pocket, when I was in a cab, at night. Yeah. So I don’t have much life right now (because I depended on it for stress relief–calling and SMSing some people, camwhoring, wake up call, MMS, study business, contacting lecturers’ and many more). I kinda miss it really. Had been with it for quite a long time *sob* Probably it sulks with me, when I went to a phone shop and took a leaflet, and intended to buy a new one (fine, merajuklah!!). So, not much life without a phone. Just wait till I have a new one. But I won’t change my beautiful phone number. Just needed your help to gain your contact numbers back. Leave me ur phone number k!


My last moment with k700i–see how much I cling to it.

Oh BTW, I’ve lost everything. Yeay!! And nisa’s entry made me cry even more.