a long time pause

assalamualaikum, peace to be upon you. i would like to apologise for not posting any entry for quite a long time. my health condition doesn’t allow me to do so. It happens after I came back from Eden Project. Bad news, I got hayfever.

I got symptoms such as:

  • sudden cold
  • continuous sneeze
  • blocked nose
  • runny nose
  • lymph node in my neck
  • face pain
  • itchy skin
  • sudden extreme unexplainable fatigue
  • watery eyes
  • itchy and dry throat

So basically, hayfever is something that I didn’t get last year. I really don’t know why my immune system is not strong this time. It happens since I came back from Spain. No, even when I was in Spain I got bad diarrhoea. But, hayfever is something that will happen only during spring and early summer time. However, it happens early this year due to warm climate that we have, probably related with global warming. Ok, cut the crap, i found my writing is bad. Gosh, my mental is totally disorganised.

7 thoughts on “a long time pause

  1. wow…
    Get well soon!

    I’m sure you will be up & typing sooner than you can go ah’ chiew!!

  2. aahhh… do take care of yourself ya!

    its windy here today. temp plunging back to 13C. Bohsan!

  3. get well soon. hidung lari ya. runny nose. hohoh.

    fi amanillah 🙂

  4. Jaga diri baik2, rehat2 dahulu….., hilangkan stress, dan masa yang amat sesuai bermunajat pada Allah….

  5. huu, jazakumullah semua…
    it is a kafarah. it’s because Allah loves me and want to wash away my sins.


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