Mnet-Olive TV The Secret Recipe

The secret recipe is a new Korean cooking TV Show has featured MC‘s : Kangnam, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim jun hyeon, Kim Poong & jeong sang hyun and these people are responsible to reveal the recipes of Korean delicacy and the secret ingredient. After they have cooked and tried the recipe, then they would evaluate and vote, whether the recipe should be archived in their secret recipe book or not.

Kangnam–one of the weakest cook.

This secret powder was introduced as soup powder for ramyeon (instant noodle), made from scratch. The taste is overwhelming, does not leave aftertaste or salty.

Preparing the secret powder: In a bowl: half cup of sea salt and chicken stock powder2 cups of cheongyang peopper powder,a cup of fine red pepper flakes and half a spoon of black pepper. Mix them.
2. seafood: Rinse the 6 clams thoroughly in salt water, prepare the squid by cutting it 45 degree angle then checkered pattern.
3. 3 spoons of chilli oil, chopped garlicsquid, sea warts, clams, when the squid is curling and the clam is open, prepare 4 cups of water ready, put in the water this part was the funniest of the entire show.
4. ramyeon, 2 spoons of secret powder. Add in the soft tofu. Then crack an egg after 30 seconds you put in the tofu.
Chop a third of the leek. And turn of the heat.
4 out of 5 have voted for this recipe. I think this recipe is also worth for my own recipe archive.

This recipe does not use MSG at all and the juries are worried that this recipe might close down instant noodles industry. Hahaha!!

Another reason why I love this show is because all of them are so funny. They always picked on Pung and his super-annoying attitude just add more spice to the show.




Of cake and drive

What is the reason you wake up everyday? Drives lets you sail the life. Sometimes you don’t even realise that it gets you going naturally. So the famous quotation “That’s why I let the fate takes me wherever it wants to go”.

Yesterday, unbelievably, I baked a cake. Devil’s food cake it is called. Laugh hard if you want to but it’s tempting once you saw it. Oh, it drives me good, after loose 22 years of baking instant mixtures. I can be jealous of Farah’s talent, bragging her delicious juicy chocolate strawberry cake (or is it strawberry chocolate cake? idk). I can be jealous of Nisa for entering cake competition and knowing the right weigh and right method of baking. I can be jealous of Alin who memorise the whole cake bible. But I don’t. After 22 years, I baked a cake from scratch although I failed miserably, but I’m proud.

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