Wishlist: Holiday season

This is holiday season wishlist

  1. I would like to see my friends whom I have not meet for a long time.
  2. I wish that I can go to Singapore to see the decorations and all.
  3. I wish I can spend more time with my other half.
  4. I wish I am blessed with health.
  5. I wish I am more knowledgeable and spiritual.

Gadis Melayu audition

I’ve analysed the audition episode, in order to help people how to be more Gadis Melayu in the next season.

You can get to be chosen as a Gadis Melayu if you have the qualities embedded in yourself. I mean, you have the qualities, naturally. These are the things that one should not do when they are attending Gadis Melayu audition next time. From my daily conversations, many are telling me that they wonder if these Gadis Melayu are faking their gestures and all but wait. The juries are from various background and they’ve lived long enough to evaluate the anak gadis. They know if one fakes it or not. They are actor or actress (like Norman Hakim and Normala Shamsudin). So, the juries had done through selection in order to pick the best candidate for this show. Ahmad Idham explained “Apakah ciriĀ² gadis Melayu? Dia boleh jawab A. B, C, D tapi bila saya tanya ‘Adakah ciriĀ² ini terdapat pada diri awak?’, dia terdiam. Jadi dia bagi tahu kat juri ni samada you ni cakap je, atau you tahu apa maksud yang you cakap”. Read more.

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