cikgu miss

[dari anak murid]

cikgu, dia pukul saya

cikgu, dia ejek bapak saya

cikgu, buku tertinggal

cikgu, mak saya tak bagi duit untuk beli buku

cikgu, itu

cikgu, ini

cikgu, begitu

cikgu, begini

[dari guru]

cikgu tak larat

orang kata muka cikgu pucat

hidup cikgu bersendikan huraian sukatan pelajaran

tidur cikgu tak lena sebab rancangan mengajar harian

pundak cikgu tanggung dosa dan pahala

mata cikgu berat

badan cikgu sangat penat

tapi cikgu kena sihat

sebab cikgu perlu kamu

untuk tambah saham di akhirat

Moral: Please do not whine, kids. You have no idea how my life has changed since I started my practicum day.

2nd week of practicum

I am supposed to write an A4 length of weekly reflection. But~~~I turned out to write an entry. Haha.

I can say that I have a meaningful week when I did something for local art industry. hahah. I feel so unproductive lately. I know the fact I write less poetry that I used to. I know that I spend impulsively (see? very unproductive). But when I finally get out from my comfort cocoon and discuss about real issues of the real world, that’s what I call life.

second week of practicum is pretty stresful. On Thursday, I was so tired because the night before I slept at 4am because i re-write my lesson plan. Haih. On that Thursday evening there was a motivational talk for Year 6. I almost landed my head on one of my students’ shoulder if only Syafiq hadn’t woke me up. haha. Gosh. Caffeine doesn’t work at all that time.

On Friday I was bloody late. Woke up at 7 and fortunately managed to do everything before 0710. luckily i prepared my stuffs on the night before. seb bek 15 menit je nak ke sekolah. seb baek!! dalam hati “kalau la arini kiamat, mati aku”.

heh. i had crazy stressful days. i wonder what will happen to me as my practicum period ends?

Demi anak2 kita

This morning, during school assembly, I had very very painful stomache. I kenot even stand when we are supposed to sing some song. It’s much worse than period pain. It’s unbearable. I kenot tahan till I cry.

Then Nisha bwk g klinik kat ss6, mkn kt mamak sebelah amek ubat ape sume then blk skolah, dek penangan dadah, aku pon landing atas meja.

kol 1230 patutnya ada satu period ngan kelas 4 lili. tapi cikgu derg msk gantikan aku. (demit, siod aku berjaga smlm wat lesson plan).

sekali dtg a few girls tnya aku “cikgu kiteorang datang nak tolong cikgu angkat barang buleh?”

*tersentak* *terharu* *mamai*

“urm, sorry, i’m not going to enter your class today, cikgu S will. I’m not feeling well. But you can help me to pass up these books to 4 Ros. Thank you”.

Dear god, please allow me to be healthy for the sake of these kids. Now my heart knows why you’ve chosen me to be a teacher.

camping in ulu langat

this weekend i went to ulu langat campsite. Impian country resort. Near to Nuang mountain. since my cooperating teacher told me that we’re going to camp on friday, my heart beats fast, my eyes were sparkling and my enthusiasm is uncontrollable.

immediately after came back from school on friday (1230pm), I didn’t even had lunch. I straight away pack my stuffs (because I didn’t manage to pack earlier due to school workload). Very minimum and basic. I’m being a  minimalist. As I met my practicum mates, they told me “Aini ni rupa betul2 nak bercamping”. That’s because their style was so leisure. Haha. Macam nak g bersantai.

Then as we arrived at the resort, the river and the coldness greeted us. I took ablution. Guess what. The water source comes from the river. Cold and very earthy. Err, I just don’t know how to describe it. It’s just so refreshing.I was so sleepy when I arrived because I didn’t have a good night sleep before, but was awaken by the refreshing river water. So yeah. The water that comes out from the pipe is au naturale river water.

Night walk. I imagine i’d be an easy one. Just some walk in the forest. Na-ah. We gathered nearby forest at 1100 pm. Then we go into it, 1130pm. Was very dark. Never ever experience such darkness ever. This is not like blackout (TNB malfunction) moment. Flashlights are not allowed. Just use your senses. Legs and arms especially. Eyes are not functioning well that time. As we go deeper, the route is getting more difficult. Then I have a feeling it was not a night walk. We were climbing hill at night. Kids need adult’s help in order to climb tree root which is taller than them. Was hilly and slippery. But the kids were very very brave and strong. None of them freaked out or cried. It’s my first time climbing hill at night. Imagine the kids. They climbed hill, for the first time, at night, without any light source. Wow. I’m jealous. They’ve created world record I think.

We climbed roots. Hanging on a rope. Slide down our butts on bumpy muddy hill. My shoes’ sole even fell out. I was in a very dangerous situation when I climbed down. I will treasure that moment forever. Come to think of it, how did I do it? I never thought that I have a very very strong inner strength.Oh, we reached flat land by 130am. 2 hours of climbing a very challenging hill, in the darkness of night. Then the kids were waken up at 5 am. We only had few hours of sleep.

Saturday, laluan berhalangan. Or, shall I say obstructed paths? So, the kids need to go under thorny wires, climbed a wall, climbed 3 metres-90 degrees hill slope, then they need to climbed down backward, for half an hour, balancing on a hanging tree trunk and go under muddy water. We teachers even discourage them, not to do it, in case they can’t but these kids, hmpf. So strong and brave. Some of them did went back. But most of them took the challenge. Seriously, they are champion. So yeah. Nak show off sikit. I had bare-foot moment in the forest. Cikgu² laki cam tercabar je ngan aku. Haha. Kak Aniz had took the priceless-moment picture from the ground (cewah ala shoot saiful nang). Me with other cikgu laki(dak2 pompuan laen gi jaga stesen, derg tak climbed down), balancing ourselves kat atas tree trunk which is hanging 5 metres from ground, sambil buat gaya peace beruk. Coolness. Haha. Ada some cikgu yang jatuh pas tgkp gamba tp me, PK koko and cikgu from sabah tu managed to stay. Haha. *cool gler*Seb baek tak rebah tree trunk tu. haha. risau jugak kot² tumbang tbe2 sbb ramai2 naek atasnya. lol.

Those were the moments that i’ll remember forever. I’m not going to tell the bits where we had motivatinal talk, kem ibadah and treasure hunt yada². i think it’s my personal achievement that i will foretold my story to my grandchildren. Alhamdulillah nothing happened after my shoe sole tercabut. I was like cuak gile. Nak tanggal takleh. Nak biarkan pun bahaya. Hmm. Mujur Allah masih memberi sisa² peluang untuk bernafas di muka bumi ni.

nak pergi camping and climbing lagi!!!

I had priceless experience in my life ever.

A bit of sad news, I managed to dig out some story fromt the Indonesian forest guide that Nuang mountain is not clean nowadays. Only the resort’s river area is clean. What a shame. We Malaysians do not know how to take care of god’s beautiful creation.


arini sekolah aku cam tongkang pecah. awal pagi aku dah masuk kelas anggerik (kelas hujung la kirenye) untuk pendidikan moral. nak suruh wat homework, memang takde. cikgu derang memang jenis tak kasi homework kot. sebab derg ni mmg bkn jenis buat homework. kalau buat homework pun, homework utk kelas tution (ape kes wei cikgu KPM kalah ngan cikgu tution?).

maen la game word chain ngan diaorg. tapi ini first time aku maen game ni. aku pakai taram je. student kene create another word based on the last letter. example: red–>donkey–>yacht. ini untuk menguji samada derang leh eja betul ke tak. bahasa melayu ke inggeris.

al kisahnya, team boboi lawan team gegirl. maka adalah battle of gender berlaku. boys were cursing the girl then suddenly the girl whacked XXXXX with exercise book. As their species is harmed, all boys stand up for their friend.

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