Holiday post

I would like to wish happy holiday to everyone. Thank god. I finally have time to let my hair down and stretch my toes and sleep for 8 hours (or more) and rejuvenate and pamper myself for not doing any lesson plan. Haha 😛

My students have been sending me email and their blog’s URL. Now I know (from my student’s blog) that they are complaining because I give them too much homework. Haha. Gosh. How can I not love them when they are so smart and adorable?

My kids are nosy

They asks me nosy questions but still, cute.

Did you have a boyfriend? Of course, I have exes.

What’s your boyfriend name? Omark.

Is his handsome? His what is handsome? If you ask “Is he handsome?”, my answer is yessss!!

Gosh. They better correct their grammar before being nosy. Haha.

More free photos for the working Saturday here.

cuteness again

Last weekend’s event was aqiqah caremony for Nisha’s first nephew. His name is Nazrin B Najmi. He is Nisha’s clone. He looks exactly like Nisha, when Nisha was a baby.Enjoy the cuteness!

Alololoh pipi die tembum!!

Baru umur 14 hari dah pandai frown cam aunty dier

pose cuteness tak hengat. mata wink, mulut pout. oh chumilnye nisha’s clone nie!!

dear nazrin, may you be healthy, wise, kind, and be the best of mankind. ameen.

Kids say the darnest things

My pupils have good sense of humor. A boy sent me some jokes.

What do computers eat? Chips

Why did the dog go under a shady tree? Because it does not want to be a hot dog.

Where is the best place we can go to disco? San FranDisco

What do you call a bee that always grumble?Grumble bee.

What do you call a rich hare? Million hare.


Aku mimpi sorang lagi mamat yang aku turut sayangi. Buat masa sekarang dia tak boleh dihubungi kerana dia sedang berkelana mencari diri sambil hisap rokok murah.

Mimpinya, kami menghabiskan masa bersama secara damai. Shoe hunting, loitering at cafe and had small talk. It’s kind of weird because we’re never like that in the real world. We’re noisy. We argue. We insult each other. We rock!!

I was trying to get up from the slumber but I just can’t. My eyelids were heavy, so did my heart. I woke up with a fuzzy head. I woke up with a worrying heart. I felt uneasy. I felt something wrong somewhere.

I tried to contact a bunch of close peeps. I failed to communicate with him directly.

To the half, please take care of yourself. Please don’t get into trouble. Please don’t insult any Europe policeman. Come back safely and let’s have another fight.

Nuffnang gift ideas

They (Nuffnang kompeni laa) promote Nuffnang gift idea and urges me to give a gift to another Nuffnanger. I browse the items, beauty and health shelf of course, and found this (GINTELL eye massager).
eye massager
It reminds me of a Nuffnanger who had eye problem. Once upon a day, she had severe problem with her left eye and was required to take MC due to it’s severity.

I know she needs this since she’s a workaholic mom and she wears contact lenses. Being a contact lens wearer myself, I know that one needs to take extra care for the eyes. Can’t wear the lenses more than 8 hours, can’t wear lenses when there’s insufficient liquid or moisture in one’s eyes. Can’t wear lenses when one is sick, and the list goes on. (I know, I know, beauty is pain)
kakred eyes

So this product would be an ideal gift too Kak Red because it:
– Promotes stronger blood circulation
– Prevents the onset of near sightedness
– helps to reduce tension and fatigue
– helps to Prevent eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes

Wah. Prevent eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes? Can I have it as well? It would be extra bonus if this eye massager has the function like Cyclops’ (the X-men, not the Greek’s myth) eyes, will make a good weapon for people who ogles me, innit?
cyclops xmen

Oh cyclops, why are you so handsome??

sizzling stonegrill restaurant

If you’re a person who always complaint how your steak is done (too raw/bloody/overcooked/burnt), this is the restaurant where you can’t do so because you are your own chef 😉

We were eating at sizzling stone grill and I was so happy because it was worth it. Economically and gastronomically. We need to queue for about 10 minutes before we can get our own table. Imagine how packed it was. But yeah, good food is worthwhile to be waited.

from te tree

the concept is easy. You were given your stone and you cook your meat according to your liking. The idea comes from New Zealand where the stone will be heated to 400 degrees and it uses ‘dry cooking’. So, no oil, less fat and healthy eating.

what we ate

Stonegrill dining enables patrons to enjoy a meal freshly grilled to personal taste, whether it be rare, medium or well done. When a Stonegrill meal is presented at the table, diners simply turn over their Stonegrill selection, then cut and side-lay a portion or two, allowing these to sear and cook to their liking. Their meal remains hot and enjoyable, as the natural volcanic stone retains a “prime” cooking temperature for 30 minutes, allowing diners to eat at leisure, with every bite as hot and delicious as the first.

The absence of oils or fats and the quick searing of the product at a specific temperature, ensures a delicious and healthier meal, which is lower in calories than traditional cooking methods.

nom nom 😛

So the concept is from New Zealand but the volcanic stone is from Australia. Isn’t it unique? It offers ostrich meal and being super hungry I was, I took menu that offers variety and quantity. So we chose mixed grill (chicken, lamb and sirloin), fried rice (I like it better actually, haha!), mango juice and fruit punch. Total to be paid is RM50.20. Not so bad I reckon. In addition, I like the ambience and it’s interior. They build a platform which looks like tree house platform and underneath is children’s play area. It maximise the space and creates natural effect. So leave the kids while you’re having dinner with your loved ones. Haha.

From the top tree platform.

I really love this

This will be my raya shoes as well (hahah, really? are you sure ainee?)

Right. Shoes again. I’m sure Omark will complaint “hmpf, girls and their shoe fetish”. Who cares? So yeah, I bought this at Theme for half price. And guess what? Tazzy has the same pair but black in colour. Heheh. Great minds think alike huh?

early surprise :P

WARNING: I am thankful for the birthday wishes but mind you, it’s not my birthday yet. This is an early surprise from my other half.

my early birthday surprise. i was telling him that i would like to buy some cupcakes. and he was like “brape awk beli?”. coz he meant to do a surprise for me. hikhik. seb baek i can cancel my cupcakes order. the chocolate is rich and the cupcake itself is so good. i wish my birthday is everyday 😛

from far
the cupcakes
nearer view. look at cartman. he is hitler. lol 😛
cupcakes south park pwn j00
thank you dearest omark ^_^

Update: Read the cupcakes’ boss post. So sweet ^_^