Ramadan appeal for Darfur

Alhamdulillah. I’m alive and still kicking. Tonight, I can call what I had during iftar and after taraweeh a feast. Alhamdulillah. Came back to my own nest, the Darfur Ramadan appeal by Muslim Aid was on air. I was like, oh my god. I had all nice food and warm place to stay, and they? Astaghfirullah, I am so sorry my brothers and sisters. In this Ramadan I only think what should I eat for breakfast and iftar, thinking what menu etc; I have totally forgotten about other people. How selfish I have become. What have become of me? I just listened to 13th hadith. Did I learn from it? A saying goes “Do to others as you want others do unto you”.

hadith 13

Abu Hamzah Anas bin Malik, radiyallahu ‘anhu, who was the servant of the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, reported that the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, said:

“None of you truly believes (in Allah and in His religion) until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself”

[Al-Bukhari & Muslim]

Ramadan appeal for Iraq and Darfur–Sudan
Donation hotline (UK online):  02073774200
You can also transfer money to the account
Llyods TSB: Muslim Aid
Sortcode: 309421 Account number: 1211522
Send cheques or postal order to: PO Box 3, London E1 1WP.  


of feedback and criticism

Since I started my study in MARJON, I learn a lot about reflective teaching and learning. You can read more from Pollard and Tann’s book, “Reflective teaching in the primary school: a handbook for the classroom”.

This link will take you directly to the book in Amazon. LOL.

So, the book is our textbook. Ouh remind me to send all the library books by 2nd October. We were asked to write learning log. Like a diary. Well you can call it a learning diary as well. They won’t check your diary and respect your privacy but it’s me who didn’t write much. Hahah.

What do we write in learning log?

What we gain from the sessions. What we like and dislike. As short or as long as you want (er, am I allowed to say ‘as’ three times in here?). We were encouraged to be outspoken, challenge our knowledge and seek more. We no longer live in ‘spoonfeeding’ classroom. Studying in MARJON gives me more room to explore and vent. It’s not a crime at all. They appreciate it very very much.

Feedback form

By the end of the module or during the submission of an assignment, we are asked to write an evaluation form. If you don’t, by the time we are supposed to get our assignment mark, Michelle the INTED (International Education Department) secretary will say “those who haven’t write their feedback form will not get their results, thankyouverymuch!”. Omaigod, I thought they don’t care if I don’t send a feedback form but actually they count. PWN3D!!! So that’s how we help them in order to help us. We improve each other. If we don’t tell them what do we feel, obviously there’s not much room for improvement. They (INTED) want to know how much the module has helped us. Simple as that. Critical criticism is what I filled in. Take this note: bashing and critical criticism has a very big difference.

MARJON culture (or UK?)

Recently I made complaint regarding the MARJON website layout to the webmaster. Guess what? He replied me the very next day. Just like Royal Mail 1st class mail option. Hahah. He replied me with a thank you and tell me that my feedback will be forwarded to the web team. What a manly man.

Wonder what I wrote?


The quotation “simplicity is beauty, beauty is the art” is not my quotation. The credit will be given to c4f, who gives me support in improving my college website from disgrace. I would say my email is a bit harsh, like Cowell’s comment, but they’re fine with it I reckon.

I want to thank them for their supportive and warming email, as a reply for my fiery feedback email. It’s all about improvement. Well, who doesn’t want to?

Dengan nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani.

[1] Demi Masa! [2] Sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian; [3] Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh dan mereka pula berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran serta berpesan-pesan dengan sabar.

Ramadhan scenario

This holy month, Allah has eliminated one external factor that usually causes human inclined to do evil. So it’ll be just ourselves. This is the month to test one’s faith. Can’t blame the Satan anymore. This is our chance to know whether our heart is OK o not. Just us and our nafs (desire). May good Ramadhan practices will be continued along the way.

PS: I also recommend you to read a funny witty entry by uncle Eddie: Kursus tahunan bersama syaitonir rojim. A very witty sarcarsm.

first ramadhan

salam. peace. shalom. alhamdulillah. allah still giving me chance although i do mistakes and forget him. malaysian already started fasting. same day my mother celebrating her birthday. may allah bless her and grant her happiness. selamat menjalani ibadah puasa everyone!!

of malaysian flight blanket on eBay

I have no idea why on earth I stumbled this eBay item and makes me want to write about it. Someone is selling MAS’ flight blanket on eBay! You can check it here:


Starting bid is 2.99 pounds, postage 3 pounds. Bid will end in 9 days.

I reckon that thing is free and why on earth he/she is selling it? Let’s see who is going to buy it.

Perhaps one day I can sell my junks over eBay as well. *shrugs*

a month to party

i have the whole month

to party

the music is tadarus al-Quran

the dance is mass tarawikh

the feast is iftar jam’ie
the ecstasy is endurance

and it’s a great loss if I miss it.

Ops, I left my glass slipper.

Plymouth, 11 September 2007.  


I know this poem sounds controversial (for conservative people and those who don’t understand literature) but this is the way muslim party during ramadhan. we don’t do drugs. we don’t embarrass ourself by drinking.  we don’t harm ourself. we stick to healthy diet. we have our own way. the best way. yes, ainee loves paradox.

More explanation of Ramadhan by BBC, read here.

Ramadhan XXII

shahrul mubarokah datang lagi

ramai menanti

ada juga yang gusar hati

Ramadhan ini senggang masa yang dicari

Ramadhan ini makanan apa yang menanti

andai aku punya sisa nyawa

andai aku punya peluang kedua

biarkan aku hidup dalam Ramadhan sementara cuma

menjalani siang

menanti malam

leraikanlah aku dari nafsu

jauhkanlah aku dari belenggu

dekatkanlah aku dengan rahmatMu

kasihilah aku dengan rahmanMu

dan kemudian ambillah aku

kerana aku mahu menumpang sekejap cuma

kerana aku insan yang hina

Plymouth, 10 September 2007.

Today is my Caturday

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. Thank you for reminding me that my life is getting shorter. I would also like to commemorate this cute picture in this blog. Awww~bless*


Yes. I’m into catology now. I would like to do my master in catology. Inventing new catfood [catcake] is not a bad idea. Just make sure teh cat can eat teh cake. kthxbai.