Salam. Peace. Shalom. Recently Malaysia was shaken by the most tragic accident. 20 people died and 8 wounded. No wonder they barely survive. The bus looks like this when they get it out.


My goodness. Super Express bus is so super ah? Got 19 tickets for traffic misconduct some more. For full news you can browse Utusan, or just keep yourself up to date with TV3 news. Takziah, belasungkawa, condolences for the victims’ family. May Allah bless you all.

I am Trump

 I am Trump! I would like to know how far will I be lucky and I want to test my entrepreneurship so I play Monopoly. I am trying to learn how to be rich. What is in the mindset of Donald Trump and other successful entrepreneurs. For an hour, this is my achievement.


I just realised there is much more than playing  Monopoly.  This business, you don’t have to  think of its strategy. The business is much worth  than any business in the world.  It makes you become a zillionnaire, if you know how to.  Continue reading

Book review: Ayat-ayat cinta, verses of love.

Bismillah. In the name of Allah. Peace to be upon you. I hope you are blessed with the barakah of health and iman (faith). For a week, I was away and did not manage to access the internet. Alhamdulillah. I am at my hometown and managed to write an entry.

For those who are seeking to read good books this summer, I would suggest you to read this entry because I just finished read an Indonesian novel entitled “Ayat-ayat cinta” or literally means “verses of love”. The cover itself already interests me. I am not familiar with the author actually (Habiburrahman El Shirazy). So, somehow, I have judged the book by its’ cover. Ops! I wonder who is the owner of the beautiful eyes. Subhanallah! (All praises to Allah). Many have written reviews for this great novel looks like I’m the latecomer!, but still, I insist to write it so that I can find calm in my heart. Heheh. I have finished read other books but this is the one that makes me feel uneasy if I don’t write a book review about it. Continue reading