Sejarah blog dulu

I deleted a few entries from my blogspot, trying to give more limelight to the new domain. was someone else’s last time. But yeah, it’s mine now. Lalala. Ingatkan nak beli blondebanjar, tapi nak taruk celah mana? Last time iyelah, I was a dedicated and disciplined blogger.

Perasaan melihat kembali entry lama, zaman world cup, masa zaman tengah bercinta, politik malaysia yang tak kebah panasnya, entry pengubat jiwa, entry ketika duka, entry yang menceritakan pengalaman, menulis ketika sedang marah, menulis kerana terilham, dan menulis kerana bosan.

Macam-macam perasaan bila skim (baca dengan laju) entry yang lama. Rasa diri ni bodoh ada. Menyesal ada. Tergelak ada. Rasa panas hati ada. Rasa cam ‘hek elleh, what are you doing nieh?’ pun ada. Macam-macam ada~~~ Tapi itulah. Past shapes what we are today. Sejarah itulah yang mengajar kita. Sejarah membentuk diri kita. Sejarah dan peristiwa menjadikan kita orang yang baru. Orang yang lebih bersemangat. Orang yang tidak mahu tunduk kepada orang lain. Orang yang belajar dari kesilapan (ini penting).

Yang lepas, biarlah. Pilihan aku juga. Kini aku tahu. Banyak peristiwa berlaku, melatih aku menjadi lebih kuat dan berpengalaman. Sejarah mungkin berulang? Mungkin. Namun ia bergantung kepada kita, bagaimana untuk mengendalikannya, agar di hujung kisah, sejarah itu sejarah yang berguna untuk semua. Insya Allah.

Of cake and drive

What is the reason you wake up everyday? Drives lets you sail the life. Sometimes you don’t even realise that it gets you going naturally. So the famous quotation “That’s why I let the fate takes me wherever it wants to go”.

Yesterday, unbelievably, I baked a cake. Devil’s food cake it is called. Laugh hard if you want to but it’s tempting once you saw it. Oh, it drives me good, after loose 22 years of baking instant mixtures. I can be jealous of Farah’s talent, bragging her delicious juicy chocolate strawberry cake (or is it strawberry chocolate cake? idk). I can be jealous of Nisa for entering cake competition and knowing the right weigh and right method of baking. I can be jealous of Alin who memorise the whole cake bible. But I don’t. After 22 years, I baked a cake from scratch although I failed miserably, but I’m proud.

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How to do interview

This is my nasihat for my adik-adik.

Do not brag of skills and knowledge that you are not sure of. In short, do not lie. Because after you are asked to do problem-solving demonstration and did not manage to do the whole thing, you will feel very embarrassed. Be honest and humble. Only empty vessels make most sound.

Secondly, never ever use Paint programme to crop a picture when you have superfast computer and Paintshop Pro.

Reason? Picture> Rectangle select> Copy> Open new window> Paste> Adjust size.



PMS (bukan program MSM)

I believe there are many medical notes about it. So, google it. Read it for the sake of world’s peace. So, the things that can help to reduce the symptoms are as such:


  • Eating a balanced and nutritious diet (cannot, sehari ada 3 open houses)
  • Eating smaller and more frequent meals (cannot! open houses means lotsa food)
  • Reducing the consumption of sugar and salt (cannot!! malaysian food got lotsa that)
  • Cutting out alcohol and caffeine (I just bought caffeine lipstick and drink teh tarik power root, so cannot)
  • Taking regular exercise (cannot lah! no time)
  • Supplementing the diet with vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and zinc (what’s that?)
  • Sleeping properly (lagi cannot!! dissertation means no proper sleep you know)

Then, how? Astaghfirullah. I don’t ask to be like this oke. It’s part and parcel of being a women. La taghdob. I know. But just can’t. Halp!!




Untuk maklumat mengenai PMS program MSM, sila lawat website ini.

Also, if it does not interest you enough, can read again my entry on it.

Sami Yusuf in Wembley Arena

His voice is mesmerising. His lyrics are touching. His songs are breathtaking.

He is famous for ‘mother’ song. It is sung in Arabic, Turkish and English. View the video here.

First time I heard nasheed artist performing at Wembley arena. Cheapest ticket price? It is 15 pounds ladies and gentleman. Probably I can see his tiny dot from afar. T_T

Alongside, there are Outlandish (yeayy!!), A R Rahman, Kareem Salama, Hamza Robertson and The Sound of Reason.

When? This very 21st October.

More details about the concert can be found here.


So, who wants to transfer some quids to my piggy bank 😉

I tak terima duit raya or duit elaun from Facebook free gift application oke (baek hati sungguh ghie² kasik duit elaun virtual die kat aku, hahah).

Raya aku dan ummah

Semalam aku beraya. Pun orang datang rumah aku beraya. Bob je belum lagi.

Semalam dilema mengambil makanan berlemak dan bersantan sangat pedih. Desert dan minuman bergula, aduh. Hancur program diet sebulan aku dalam masa sehari. Hilang segala healthy food nutrition yang aku consume selama ni, dalam masa sehari. Oh, betapa jangka masa sehari bisa membuatkan daguku berlapis (rasa tak nak pergi beraya oke!). Oh, lemak membina semula lapisan-lapisan pertahan di bawah epidermis. Aduh tensi!

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